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    FSOT Feather Artist Club DX For Sale/Trade for N1 or Newer REX Ambassador

    Feather Artist Club DX Razor for sale for $175. I will trade straight across for a REX Ambassador date code N1 or newer in equal condition. I will trade for a Supply The Single Edge 2.0 Alloy + $122.50 (must be the set with all 3 shave settings and in equal condition). All items are...
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    I'm a 5 year DE shaver who is 8 straight razor shaves (AC DX) into a 60 shave commitment, and I have the following to offer: (1) All 8 shaves have been extremely consistent-I've drawn blood every time, and (2) I have a feeling that SR shaving is going to be to DE razors, what DE razors were to...
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    Newbit check in and shave soap curing question

    Hello all After a year of DE wetshaving, I'm hooked and have been accumulating some quality tallow soaps (and other "non-vital" shaving supplies). From reading on line, some artisan bath soap sites suggest letting a fresh bar of artisan soap cure for 4 or more months before use. Do fresh...
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