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  1. H

    Not a bad combination...

    It's all in the photos.
  2. H

    PayPal now requiring us to give our bank logins to a third party

    PayPal now has an official policy in place, using Yodlee's API to verify bank accounts and available funds. This wouldn't be so significant if it weren't for a few VERY alarming details, not the least of which is the fact that Yodlee is involved in lawsuits over the mishandling of user data...
  3. H

    FS Barber supplies, brushes and shaving soaps galore!

    In the first round of photos, I forgot my username and date so I took a couple extra photos with it. I hope that is sufficient. If not, I will gladly correct it. Thanks! I'd really like to sell these as three lots but if no one is interested, I'm pricing everything individually as well. Buy all...
  4. H

    Does anyone own every razor from one maker?

    I've been building a collection worth passing down to my sons and one line of affordable razors has me thinking it might be worth much more someday, due to the serialization and the stainless material. So I own most of the stainless razors from RazoRock and as I'm trying to decide whether or not...
  5. H

    Help me choose one!

    I posted a thread asking for suggestions for my next high end purchase. I got some great recommendations but then quickly realized most makers are out of a lot of stock, which led me to the Blackland Blackbird. Now I'm curious as to which one most of you would recommend.
  6. H

    FS 2 soap lots and a Gillette Fatboy

    All soaps are partially used, but all are at least 50% full (Lavanille and Devotion are both almost full) Prices include CONUS shipping. Will combine lots at reduced cost (please inquire). I prefer BTC (or Ethereum or BTT) but PayPal is also fine. If the prices don't make sense, please let me...
  7. H

    High end recommendations? Poll to follow!

    Hi all. I'm looking to expand my collection of high end / interesting / rare models. I've never been a collector until I got into this hobby and with the way this country is headed, I'm less inclined to hold dollars, and more inclined to increase my holdings in stores of value; one of those of...
  8. H

    Vector Open Comb (won't last)

    Y'all better hurry up lol
  9. H

    Advice on purchasing a laser boresight

    I pride myself on being an excellent researcher of products but this particular product has me stumped. From the $10 laser boresights all the way up to the $100+ laser boresights, the critical reviews are consistent; "laser is not accurate," "laser can't be seen past 25yds," and "batteries...
  10. H

    Ammo storage solution...

    I opened a spare IT cabinet and started loading it up! As an added bonus, besides keeping our friends' kids from chewing on .22s, it adds a layer of protection to my pistol safes I usually keep by the bed. Couldn't be happier!
  11. H

    New Kamisori from China - trouble dialing it in

    I just got my hands on what appears to be a disposable Kamisori made in China. There is no replaceable blade but even more interesting is the edge on this one. I've never seen a serrated blade! Is this normal? Has anyone ever shaved with something like this? Also wondering if I should hone it...
  12. H

    5 shot for self defense?

    I realize there are plenty of conversations online about this (many I've read), but I'd like to know what your thoughts are on this... I am fairly well stocked on buckshot rounds but I wanted to double my stash and the best I could do was 5 shot. The price was right so I pulled the trigger so...
  13. H

    Do carbon steel blades smooth out over time?

    I bought my first packs of carbon steel blades last week and I feel like the first shave was somewhat tuggy but acceptable, then subsequent shaves felt much smoother. I also palm strop it so I suppose that helps. Was just wondering if carbon steel blades smooth out over the course of several...
  14. H

    Valet Autostrop is kinda underrated

    After this morning's shave with an Autostrop, I decided that it is definitely underrated. I suppose it receives less fandom partly because blade selection is limited. I ordered some Kai Best Blades on eBay (carbon and stainless) because I intend to use these razors more often. While we're on the...
  15. H

    How did I do?

    Ordered today as part of my commitment to only order samples from now on :) I pretty much chose what sounded best to me, out of what was available. They were out of Declaration, Dr Harris and some others I wanted to try...
  16. H

    Kai Salon Select Premium Guard

    Has anyone ever used these blades? I have to say, for how difficult it is to find 50mm blades and other surgical blades, it amazes me that around the time these came out, I was able to get knockoffs almost immediately. Gotta tell you though... hard to tell the difference. What really piques my...
  17. H

    Geez Louise...

    Ebayers can be some of the most patience-testing individuals. I cannot tell you why your package is still at your local post office, despite eBay promising you a guaranteed delivery date. Yes, of course I mailed it. Check the tracking! Try do do something nice for people. Done. Promise. :sob:
  18. H

    Display cases and storage options

    I was wondering what everyone uses to store and or display their collections, particularly razors and brushes. I know a lot of guys only own what they can keep in their bathroom and I've seen just about every clever piece of bathroom shelving and cabinetry imaginable. But those of you who store...
  19. H

    Howcome no one told me?? (the NEW SC is perfect)

    Had my first shave with the NEW SC. I gotta say, this is the least fussy razor I've ever used. I mean the shave was just effortless and it was super close without even a hint of discomfort. Absolutely no feedback from Clubman. The NEW SC might be the perfect razor.
  20. H

    Shave BINGO? Other games?

    So I put together a list of shaving items (plus some categories, types, brands, and special words) that can be used to create BINGO cards. Then I thought, you could simply randomize the list anytime and use your own method for picking out a block of them, to do any number of things such as...
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