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    Newbie question on EDTs

    I received a small 30ml spray bottle EDT in a trade, and it occurs to me that I don't really know how to apply it? Do you spray it directly on your face, or neck, and how much do you use? Also, do you use EDTs on top of aftershave, or instead of aftershave? Any help, would be appreciated.
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    Newcomer question

    On my face the hair grows down, so WTG pass would be downward, and XTG straight sideways. My question is what to do for ATG for the check plane and upper lip. Its awkward shaving up, and the razor drags somewhat, but the shave is not that close if I just keep going WTG again? What do you all...
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    Pretty New DE Shaver

    I'd been shaving with disposable razors for many years, but switched to DE once I stumbled upon this shaving forum earlier this year. Lurking up till now, glad to be here.
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