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    RazoRock Hawk

    A Merkur Progress set at 3.5 with an Astra SP blade is my go-to. The weight of this razor seems ideal. A Gem G-bar was too light/mild. Do you think I will like the Hawk V2? The light weight has me hesitant. Thanks in advance...
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    Supply....Whats the secret???

    Practice and experimentation with angles, etc. For me, it was much like learning to wet shave all over, but with a quicker learning curve... I received a Supply razor about 3 weeks ago. I have been a DE wet shaver exclusively for 6+ years, so thought the transition would be simple. The...
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    FSOT Feather Artist Club DX For Sale/Trade for N1 or Newer REX Ambassador

    Feather Artist Club DX Razor for sale for $175. I will trade straight across for a REX Ambassador date code N1 or newer in equal condition. I will trade for a Supply The Single Edge 2.0 Alloy + $122.50 (must be the set with all 3 shave settings and in equal condition). All items are...
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    My inability to Tech

    I can't get a decent shave with a Tech. My view: They are too mild and light for me, regardless of blade. I'm a Progress set to 3 kind of a guy...
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    Vote: How many times do you use a double edged blade?

    3 and done, unless it gives me a reason to toss it sooner...
  6. C

    Merkur Futur or the like for new razor?

    You'll know it when you find the right one..
  7. C

    Merkur Futur or the like for new razor?

    A Merkur Progress was the first DE razor that worked well for me. I recommend it. Are you getting enough suggestions???
  8. C

    #1 Blade?

    Scribe another tally mark beside Astra SP...
  9. C

    What did you learn from your last shave?

    That pre-shave oil may expand the soap possibilities for this sensitive skinned wet shaver...
  10. C

    Should I even attempt shaving with a double edged razor?

    I'll answer your question with a question. Do you want to wet shave? If you want to, you can (and should, in my opinion)...
  11. C

    New Guy Checking in!

    My two cents: Don't give up during the learning curve, and you'll be glad you didn't. Enjoy the ride!
  12. C

    Why Is Your Shaving Equipment The Best?

    Because it gives me the best performance/satisfaction combination I've had to date...
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    What's your soap for today?

    Arko, for the first time in months. It is usually drying, so I used a pre-shave oil, which I rarely do. Great lather, great shave, and great post-shave feel. Pre-shave oil may enable this sensitive skinned wet shaver to explore more soap options than I thought possible...
  14. C

    Proraso soap or cream

    I agree with the prior 3 comments. Performance: Same. The cream is quicker/easier, but the soap provides the satisfaction of loading the brush. The soap should last longer/be a little cheaper per shave, as it is more product and less water.
  15. C

    Upgrade from my starter DE razor?

    I own a Rockwell 6S, Parker Variant, and Merkur Progress (Mergress, actually). You won't go wrong with any of them. The Progress was the first razor I was truly satisfied with after trying a 34C, 37C, Fatboy, and two other vintage Gillettes. The Variant and 6S came later. The beauty of an...
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    What Soap Do You Consider The Best Value?

    Proraso gets my nod for the best combination of value/performance.
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    Help me pick out and find my first DE...please

    I don't think you can go wrong with a Rockwell 6C or 6S. The Merkur Progress satisfied me for several years after being disappointed with several vintage and modern razors that "everyone" suggested. If you're patient, I think most people would be satisfied with one of these choices. However...
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    Sharp blade with mild razor vs mild blade with aggressive razor

    Merkur Progress @ 3, or Rockwell 6S @ 5, with an Astra SP either way.
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