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  1. B

    Gilette rubie,pretty good blade,smooth

    Had first shave yesterday with this one,very smooth blade,in my merkur 33c,no nicks at all,bbs shave in 2 passes,any opinions on this one
  2. B

    Treet carbon steel blades

    Tried these,and theyre the worst blades i ever shaved woth,worse than derby extra.Just plain uncomfortable,rough and many weepers..i was all bloodied up,and that never happens to me with any other blades or razors.Did one pass with these,and i had like 7,8 weepers,that i neeverrrr get with 99,9...
  3. B

    7 o clock permasharp stainless

    I find these blades excellent,even though there arent many fans of them on forums.Smooth and sharp,zero cuts or irritation and takes down few days beard with no problem.Ill get more of these,got 2 packs with some cheap razor,never used them untill a week ago.Excellent blade.
  4. B

    Silver blue in merkur 33c works veeery well...

    This combination is very smooth and sharp,no nicks at all and bbs without any problems.Takes few days growth without problems.Im starting to like 33c more and more with sharper blades like personna,silver blue and feather.
  5. B

    German Wilkinson sword in more agressive razors pretty good...

    I used German wilkinson sword in merkur 33c long time ago,and felt like these blades were too mild and not sharp enough.Tried it in more agressive razor today and its very good,bbs shave without any nicks very smooth.
  6. B

    Merkur 33c...im coming back to this razor

    This is one of best razors i have ,very efficient,not agressive and gives bbs every time without nicks or cuts.All blades work in this razor,but the sharper the better,silver blue or feather.Very smooth shave every time.With more agressive razors i have to watch more and use medium and low...
  7. B

    Best blades if you shave every day,and best ones if you shave 2,3x week...

    I can shave with voskod or astre ss and sp blades every day and get no iritation at all and bbs every time,but gilette silver blue,feather and some others 3,4xweek with a day or too in between shaves ,otherwise my face burns and do not get as close of a shave.Any comments welcome.
  8. B

    Persona med prep overrated...

    I just tried med prep blade,and first shave is little rough.Do not find it smooth at all,but got very good shave no nicks at all bbs.Tried persona labs and its probably same blade.Is it going to smooth out after first shave?
  9. B

    Are supermax blades underrated???

    All supermax blades i tried are from pretty good to excellent,and last as long or longer than most popular blades here on forum.They also perform way better . All comments welcome!
  10. B

    Voskod blades......give amazing bbs shave

    I got some voskod blades,and used it couple of times,they give excellent bbs shave,but could be just little smoother.I was expecting it to be little smoother due to all the reviews from forums,it is smooth but not as my favorite supermax super platinum,and maybe also less smooth than astra...
  11. B

    Who likes Parker 99r...One of best razors i used

    I just started to get used to parker 99r,getting excellent shaves with it,some adjustment of technique was needed for this razor ,but i think its some of best for price.After you get used to weight and use light pressure and touch,shaves are amazing,bbs every time without nicks.In begining i...
  12. B

    Supermax super platinum

    This blade gives bbs shaves every time,without nicks or razor burn in any razor,while still plenty sharp and very smooth.One of best blades i tried.
  13. B

    Parker 99r vs 87r?

    I have parker 99r,while its good razor,its little heavy and agressive,depends on blade in it.Is 87r less agressive?I was thinking of getting 87r too,as its copy of gilette super speed....im not sure if i need 87r,or i should be looking for vintage superspeed?
  14. B

    Should i buy Fatip Picollo???

    I need something more agressive than merkur 33c,but not too agressive.Have parker 99r,its agressive,but do not like the weird angle it shaves at .Would fatip picollo open or closed comb be a good compromise?
  15. B

    Shaverboy blades,are these repackaged supermax super stainless???

    Printing on these looks the same as on supermax ss...could they be same blade?
  16. B

    Starting to shave with Feather blades again...

    I just got amazing irritation free 3 pass shave with feather blade in merkur 33c.I guess light touch is a key,as i had problem with these blades in past,next shave should be even better...
  17. B

    Merkur 15-25c open comb,closeness of shave???

    I have 25 c from Merkur for few years and have been using it occasionally,its open comb,very efficient in taking down weeks,or couple weeks growth,but i cant really get as close as shave as with my other razors.I get pretty good shaves ,dont get me wrong,but never as close as with merkur...
  18. B

    Starting to like sharper blades after your technique progress...

    I am starting to like sharper blades more and more,as my technique probably improves and start to find astra sp little dull.....any similar experiences?I got very good shave with astra sp,but gilette silver blue shaves me better,and also astra ss feels sharper....im not getting any cuts or...
  19. B

    Astra ss,how many shaves?

    I had 3 excellent shaves with it,and today shaved,had terrible shave with it,was tugging,pulling but finished it somehow.My face is burning lol.First 3 shaves were with beard growth 2,3 days each.What are your experiences with this blade?first 3 shaves were excellent.I can usually shave 5,6...
  20. B

    Supermax super platinum

    I just ordered 100 of super stainless green yellow and 100 of super platinum.Have tried super platinum long time ago and remember it was pretty good.Any experiences with it?Should be good blade along with ss.
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