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    Timeless First Responder gift / discount?

    Does anyone know what the gift or % discount is? I am trying to figure out if I should compile something from the S&D vs. just buying new. The benefit from buying new: I can return for $10 if I am not happy w/ the shave for me. Vs. S&D: I can only sell on BST at some loss and wait...
  2. I

    WTB: RR Ti Halo handle

    If you have one that you don't use much. May also be interested in another Ti handle around 50 grams Thanks!
  3. I

    Wts / wtt

    Hello all, Too many things, need to clear a few. Prefer to sell but would trade all for a Leresche 77, adding cash if needed. Item #1 Vintage English pewter brush, some spots on the handle. It's a high quality silvertip - soft tips, not floppy but backbone and density cannot compare to...
  4. I

    SE Blade for C.V. Heljestrand?

    No experience whatsoever with SE blades and need advice: What "modern" blades will fit the Heljestrand SE? Where to get these blades? - I didn't see any on IB or WCS Is there a comparison of various SE blades, like we have for DE ones? I love the razor and want to use it more. It comes with...
  5. I

    I have some straights to give away

    Hello, I sold one razor recently and can't post these free razors in the BST so here they are. Before anyone gets too excited, I have to say that these are projects I never completed and I see them as practice blades for honing or other work (grinding, polishing, etc.) I will send them for...
  6. I

    PIF: creams +

    Went through my boxes and have items to PIF. First PM-er can choose to keep all, some, or nothing after trying. Only ask that you pay shipping on whatever you PIF from this for the next person. Items included are: 1 full tube of Speick cream - I am keeping one for myself :thumbup1: 1/3 used...
  7. I

    Greatest soaps with wood / leather / barbershop scents?

    Hello, I am in the market for a couple new soaps and looking for recommendations. Looking for things like leather, wood, grass, and traditional barbershop. What I like: Tabac and various vintage Yardley soaps, CADE ASB for the juniper scent, Acqua di Parma cream. For perfumes: Knize 10, Caron...
  8. I

    Ivory Simpson

    OK - fess up, guys: who snatched this precious from my fingers? I was pretty close but obviously not high enough, argh! Cheers Ivo
  9. I

    Stuff at Mall of America?

    My wife is going there on a business trip and I was wondering of there's anything interesting there (and in what store) - such as Czech & Speake, Knize 10, maybe Floris, Joris, heck, even Penhaligon - so that I tell her to pay a visit for me Cheers Ivo
  10. I

    Roger & Gallet Extra-Vielle

    I am trying this out and while the description is primarily citrus, to my nose, on my skin this seems much more green and fresh and soapy, and actually quite wearable by a youthful guy like me. One added advantage is that I don't think anyone else around me wears stuff like this I was...
  11. I

    New AS(B) needed - please help

    Hi all, Need help. I am kinda bored with what I have, which is a "normal" list: Trumper's Coral Skin Food Musgo Real L'Occitane CADE Lanvin Aprege Victoria Secret - 2 different Very Sexy for him sth (light and dark blue tubes) Nivea Sensitive skin JASON 6-in-1 I like: Something...
  12. I

    My Small Trio

    I have addded net only one brush for many months and am very happy with my small Trio :w00t: Plisson HMW 12 horn (this one feels a bit big, rarely used) Custom ivory + Rooney Finest (my favorite right now) Silver handle + some badger (unbleached? decadently soft and floppy, great with...
  13. I

    Not a single review of Rooney Finest???

    Hi guys I find it quite weird that there isn't a single instance of a Rooney Finest brush evaluation in the Brush Review section. There are several reviews for the high end Simpsons and a couple for Plisson. Since Rooney's Finest bristle is the highest grade hair from one of the top 3...
  14. I

    Simpsons in horn / ivory?

    Are there any Simpsons brushes with horn or ivory handles? I may be interested in a Super like this (but hate to think what an ivory-handled Super would cost :eek: ) Cheers Ivo
  15. I

    Tim Zowada updates

    Tim has some new material, not sure if you guys saw it Enjoy Ivo
  16. I

    Re-bristling services?

    Hi all, I know that Shavemac offers this service. Was wondering if any other of the top dogs do it too - e.g. can I get Rooney Finest or Simpson Super or Manchurian in my handle? I know that Lee Sabini does some other brushes... If someone can connect me with him regarding a re-bristle -...
  17. I

    How To: Straight razor daily blade maintenance and storage

    I am just going to throw some ideas, assuming others will contribute for a good compendium Cleaning after use & Maintenance Range is from a good wipe w/ TP to complex routines People also use Barbicide (never tried it) Wash w/ hot water (heat supposedly helps remaining water evaporate)...
  18. I

    Plisson HMW= soap / cream hogs?

    Since we are talking Plisson (and reading about the 2-band brushes I consider myself lucky to have a 3-band) I was wondering: Does your HMW (mine is a 12) seem to use much more cream / soap? Mine makes a fabulous lather, but I find it's a bit much and I lately reach much more often for a...
  19. I

    Down to 2 (4 actually)

    I have managed to reduce the number of my brushes to 2 "high end" and two "low end" and just wanted to share this - quite happy with my (self-imposed) discipline and boy, was this tough... SO currently: Plisson HMW 12 horn Matt A Super Silvertip ivory (18 mm overpacked knot) Burma shave...
  20. I

    Discussion Thread: 2006 B&B Finest Ebony Brush

    Initial review here Cheers Ivo
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