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    Captain's Choice Aftershave USPS SNAFU PIF

    Congrats to the winner, and TY to woodwzrd and captain pre capsize. What a great PIF!
  2. W

    Captain's Choice Aftershave USPS SNAFU PIF

    I'm in. Thanks for the generous PIF. I've had many shipping disasters over the years, here is the latest.
  3. W

    The Beagle- A Group Buy Brush

    My first Shavemac - Butterscotch fan
  4. W

    What are you listening to?

    Helene Grimaud
  5. W

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    Well, I paid the invoice today and went with WR1 SB .80 with a Darwin handle. My original order was for SB .86 with WRH7, but when I received the confirmation email last week, I changed to the .80 blade gap, and the Darwin handle. Then for the next 5 days, I second guessed my decision...
  6. W

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    That appears to be the direction I'm headed. If you have one, you are user; two you have a set; three - face it you're a collector.
  7. W

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    Lol, You guys are killing' me, man. I've read every word of every thread on every forum concerning Wolfman blade gaps, and it still seems like a crapshoot to me.
  8. W

    What's your cheapest/best bang-for-your-buck part of your shaving routine?

    Currently, razor blades @ around 10 cents each. Historically, a Norelco triple head electric razor that I got as a gift while in high school and used throughout college. 5 years of daily shaves, $0 spent.
  9. W

    DE Blades - how many years supply do you have?

    For the first six months of DE shaving I was using witch hazel as an aftershave, and then I discovered aftershave.
  10. W

    DE Blades - how many years supply do you have?

    I have 14 DE razors, 47 tubs of soap, 52 bottles of aftershave, 7 brushes, 2 lathering bowls, 1 bottle of Thayers witch hazel, and 800 razor blades. Two and 1/2 years ago I was shaving with cartridges and bar soap in the shower. Thanks, guys.
  11. W

    WTB High End 7 Day Set

    Listing seen on Reddit a few days ago.
  12. W

    Way too much soap

    I'm going to end up willing all my soap to my heirs.
  13. W

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Glad you finally found one; it's a stunningly gorgeous handle!
  14. W

    Free samples - feedback sought

    I'm in.
  15. W

    Lather Bowls - Lets see em.

    I got this ceramic bowl from a guy named Doug Smith Pottery on Etsy, for $24. I like it because of the concave lip which keeps the lather from spilling over. I can whip the brush around like nobody's business without spilling a drop. At first there was a bit of annoying clinking from the...
  16. W

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Here's my lvl 2 collection. As far as handles go, it's a matter of personal preference, and I prefer the lighter shorter handles. As gorgeous as the Stinger is, I found it too heavy and cumbersome. Mine ended up rolling around in the bottom drawer, so I traded it away.
  17. W

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Ordered a copper Maze and brass Twin Helix. It does look like the end of an era.
  18. W

    WTB Charcoal Goods Level 3 OC Baseplate

    I have 2013 r41, copper gen 1 lvl3, SS gen 2 lvl3 (both CG are safety bar). In my experience the gen 1 lvl3 is equivalent to r41. The gen 2 lvl3 has much greater blade feel than the other two.
  19. W

    I just found a 1959 Gillette Fatboy found for $10! Not joking!

    In 1959, this was a $2 razor. Adjusted for inflation that translates in to approximately $18 in 2020 dollars. So you picked this beauty up for a little more than 1/2 price of original cost. Not a bad for a used razor, lol.
  20. W

    Any changes in you shaving routine since all the sheltering in place?

    I wander into the bathroom and slap on some more aftershave a couple times a day.
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