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Search results

  1. RILEY

    Old Spice A/S + Pre De Provence A/B = Heaven

    This evening I happened to layer Old Spice A/S with Pre De Provence A/B. The result was incredibly appealing IMO scent wise & my face felt fantastic. Sage & Clove appears to mix well together. I wonder what would mix with the peppermint freshness in Aqua Velva.? Since we Superlather our...
  2. RILEY

    Keeping The Swagger In Check

    Good Evening B&B, I just purchased a new bottle of Old Spice Cologne . Its the P&G juice in the plastic bottle complete with little red stopper. I love the scent of Old Spice & just had to have it to round it out with the Aftershave & Classic scent bodywash. However, I am not use to...
  3. RILEY

    Favorite "Oh No Your Not!!" Aftershave

    Topgumy got me to thinking as to what certain aftershaves (guilty pleasures) members have been banned from wearing due to disapproval from wives, girlfriends, mothers, co-workers, partners, roomates, other B&B members at gatherings :wink2: or maybe even the odd pet for that matter. You name it...
  4. RILEY

    Fireside Chat: Tonights Topic: Brut

    Pull up a chair, the fire is stoked, pour yourself a drink. Lets discuss Brut. Today I was sniffing some Brut A/B. The scent kinda grew on me. In the past, Brut's scent was the one drug store cheapie that I could not seem to tolerate. It just seemed to be over-bearing. However, I gotta say...
  5. RILEY

    Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut

    Coconut, yes, juicy Coconut I say :w00t: Fans of coconut should check out this fantastic moisturiser. I picked up a bottle of Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut (8oz) at Caper's which is Canada's equivalent to Whole Foods. I gotta say, this moisturiser is absolutely phenomenal. I am so...
  6. RILEY

    Major Announcement: Vancouver Find

    Stay tuned tomorrow for an announcement of a new source for a particular shave product & soap to add to our small and growing list of shave sources located right here in our small but fair city of Vancouver. I have a bead on place that apparently carries a much talked about line here at...
  7. RILEY

    Provence Sante A/S In Vancouver, BC

    Hello, Today I had the good fortune of stumbling across some Provence Sante A/S & Cologne. If anyone is interested you can find it at Hobbs Gifts. Its located at W. Boulevard on W. 41 St Ave (2129 W. 41 St Ave). They are carrying the Green Tea A/S & Cologne as well as the Verlaine. $23.00...
  8. RILEY

    TOBS Sighting In Vancouver, BC !!!

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I almost fell on the floor today at House of Knives located in Richmond Center. I looked in their display cabinet & their before my eyes was TOBS shaving cream. And here is the kicker ... reasonably priced. I scored a tub of Mr Taylors. Awesome scent. I had been hearing...
  9. RILEY

    TOBS Shaving Shop Aftershave Gel?

    Does anyone know if TOBS is still making the Shaving Shop Aftershave gel? Also, who has tried it & how do you find it? I would like to pair it up with TOBS Shaving Shop shave cream because the scent is simply ... captivating Thanks in advance :001_smile
  10. RILEY

    Old Spice Classic Scented Body Wash

    I tried the Old Spice Classic scented body wash this morning, and I can think of one word to describe it ... intoxicating. I was going to use the word WOW :w00t: but I wasnt sure if thats a word. Right now I am so pumped to use it again tomorrow, but I might not be able to wait, so I might...
  11. RILEY

    Respecting The Elders?

    I was just wondering why it seems that the most common razor finds in Antique stores or found amongst Lots on Ebay, are that of the old classics such as Gems, or Gillette New Improved? Are these beauties the ones that are merely left behind after being picked over? Which leads to my next...
  12. RILEY

    Stage Collapse in Camrose, AB

    This past Saturday a tragic event occured at the annual "Big Valley Jamboree" country music festival held in Camrose, AB, Canada with headliner Tim Mcgraw. A sudden thunderstorm moved into the area packed with high winds so extreme it toppled the main stage suddenly onto the crowd. The wind...
  13. RILEY

    What is Don Draper Thinking?

    Don Draper is thinking ... (B&B fills in the blank) :lol:
  14. RILEY

    Song of The Summer For 2009

    I can tell right now already its Black Eye Peas " I Gotta Feelin ". This is one is on a constant loop in my MP3. I cant get enough of it. It just makes me feel great. Its been produced as a great light, catchy & airy, fun song tailored made for the summer...
  15. RILEY

    Greatest Guitar Players Ever

    I am speaking strictly as a spectator here, as personally, I do not play guitar. I do however, respect and appreciate what this musical instrument brings to the table as far as setting the tone, mood, and emotion to the song at play. And behind this piece of wood with strings, is a true artist...
  16. RILEY

    Conan O' Brien & The Tonight Show

    How is everybody liking Conan as the host of the tonight show. I saw it tonight for the first time with Conan as the host and my impression is he will continue to be around for a long time. He is a natural & very entertaining. He has come along way since writing for The Simpson's. Green Day...
  17. RILEY

    PSA: Winners Shave Goods -Vancouver, Canada

    I just wanted to start a thread for grooming supplies in stock at Winners or HomeSense stores. As they have rotating shipments, every now & then you can come across some decent & useful mens grooming supplies they may have in stock. :w00t: If anyone is interested the Winners store on Robson...
  18. RILEY

    Atkinson's Lavender Shave Cream

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried it? and your thoughts on it :001_smile
  19. RILEY

    Mens Essentials

    Good evening everyone, I just wanted to spread the good news for anyone that may be interested that MenEssentials has free ground shipping for orders $25.00 & over until Sunday midnight May 17th, 2009. http://www.menessentials.com/oxid.php/sid/d403286b1e6821db8d66d4eac62db706
  20. RILEY

    Anthony Sun Care Kit

    I was just wondering what criteria everyone uses as far as chosing face protection in the summer. By criteria, I mean what do you tend to use as a daily moisturiser with sunscreen if anything for that matter? What brands do you like to use? Why do you chose them as your go to brand? Do you...
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