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  1. Chevyguy

    Schick M-2 Adjustable Injector Is Not Cutting

    Hey Guy's, I just picked up a Schick M-2 Adjustable Injector off Ebay. I got it cleaned up and put a new Personna Platinum Chrome in it and started shaving this morning. Guess what it won't cut my whiskers. I've tried various settings and still no go. The razor looks ok and the adjuster moves...
  2. Chevyguy

    PAL Adjustable Blade Adjuster Inoperative

    Hey guy's, has anyone figured out how to take one of these PAL adjustables apart without destroying it. My safety bar adjuster won't work anymore, the dial just spins and the blade won't adjust in and out. How do you tighten up the blade tension?, my blade moves around and the razor won't shave...
  3. Chevyguy

    Blade Buddy/Razor Pit Blade Sharpeners

    Good Morning Gentlemen, Have any of you guys tried the Blade Buddy, or the Razor Pit, silicone sharpening pads to extend the life of your cartridge blades?. I've been using a silicone kitchen hotpad for the past few days on a worn Fusion cartridge that I had and have found that it does shave...
  4. Chevyguy

    Classic Lucky Tiger Brush Cream

    Got to digging around in my shave den and found my Lucky Tiger brush shaving cream this morning. It's been a while since I've used it and it's thickened up a bit, so I added some distilled water and gave it a good stirring. It now has the same consistancy of my TOBS Almond SC. I don't remember...
  5. Chevyguy

    Trig Silver Edge

    Just curious as to the shave quality of the Treet Trigs, and wondering if many of you guy's have tried them. Anybody try them in the new R41. Clayton
  6. Chevyguy

    Ebay Razors That Arrive With A Blade Loaded

    Hello Gentlemen, I just safely unloaded a Gillette Blue Blade from a 56' Superspeed I recieved off Ebay, sure am glad I treated it like it was loaded right out of the box. What is it with Vendors that they can't unload them. On a side note after the 56' is cleaned up here in a few minutes...
  7. Chevyguy

    M-3 Power Settlement

    Hi Guy's, I finally recieved my $15 check for turning in my old broken down M-3 Power razor last spring. Has anyone else recieved their check yet?. I know a bunch of us filled out the form, I had totally forgotten about it until today. Clayton
  8. Chevyguy

    Is Wendy OK?. Tornado In ST. Louis.

    Does anyone know if Wendy and her family are ok after the tornado hit in Missouri?. Is her house ok?. Clayton
  9. Chevyguy

    Tre'ville Pure bristle Brush

    I just got done cleaning a Tre'ville pure bristle brush that I got off Ebay. It was made in West Germany and has a red and white handle. It's model number is 300V. Have any of you ever heard of this brand of brush?. I'm gonna try it out tomorrow morning with the Palmolive shave stick. Clayton
  10. Chevyguy

    Just Scored Some Vintage Williams

    Hey Guy's, I just recieved a brand new still wrapped up in the box vintage puck of Williams. I believe it is of 1975 vintage. There was a Bicentennial advertisement on the box and inner wrapper. After I rinsed off the dry outer thin layer the soap became very slick and lathered very easily in my...
  11. Chevyguy

    Aqua Velva Plastic To Glass Transfer

    I want to transfer my ice blue from the plastic bottle to my glass bottle. What is the easiest way to minimize spillage. Thanks guys. Clayton
  12. Chevyguy

    Braun Syncro Shaver

    Just picked up a braun 5493 syncro shaver with the 5301 clean and charge station off ebay. I've heard good things about the braun and thought that I'ed try it for a month. First two shaves have been smooth and irritation free. Second shave I shaved my head, and my face, and found my head to be...
  13. Chevyguy

    Majic Jack

    Has any of you tried the majic jack?. The UBS plugin that allows you to connect your landline phone to the internet so that you can make or recieve local and long distance phone calls for $20 a year. Of course you have to lay out $46 to purchase the plug in. It includes the shipping and the...
  14. Chevyguy

    Barbasol With Lanolin

    Just used the yellow can of barbasol with my 41' ranger tech and a shark super chrome. Followed it up with a cold water rinse, a touch of witch hazel, and a splash of aqua velva classic ice blue. I got a close comfortable shave that was almost bbs, and my face feels great. Wonder if my dad got a...
  15. Chevyguy

    Erasmic Shave Stick

    Just bought a Erasmic shave stick from Best Grooming Tools. Says made in England on their website. Did I luck out and get the old formulation that has tallow in it. Clayton
  16. Chevyguy

    Schick Tracer FX

    At the time that this razor went on the market I was using an atra. I didn't switch razors till the mach-3 came out. Research tells me schick designed and marketed this razor to go up against the gillette sensor. With it's flexible cartridge how did it compare?, did it give a good shave?, does...
  17. Chevyguy

    68' Super Adjustable Disassembly

    I have a 68' super adjustable that needs cleaning inside the handle. It would not twist open very easily when I tried to open the silo doors. Being that these have plastic handles and parts is it possible to disassemble them?. Clayton
  18. Chevyguy

    Lucky Tiger Brush Shave Cream

    Hey does anyone know where I could locate a tub of the sandahls lucky tiger brush shaving cream?. Seems like I've checked everywhere and I can't find it. All I can find is the brushless, or liquid lotion versions. Last tub I bought I went through the electric shaver shop in Falls Church...
  19. Chevyguy

    Gillette Atra Reintroduced

    Gentlemen, Gillette has brought the atra back into the marketplace. In my quest to compare the fusion, and the mach-3, I decided to throw the atra into the competition. Atra was my second razor after the trac-2 that I got from my dad, used it up till I switched to the mach-3. Found this...
  20. Chevyguy

    What happened to Kyle

    Hi Guy's. Haven't seen Kyle on the boards for a while, anybody know what happened to him. Have a safe labor day holiday everybody. Clayton
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