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  1. miner

    'E Pif An EE'

    "a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization" Hi Guys I fell into the dark side of "cart and gel" Now I don't have to do the school run any more and have extra minutes in the morning... I opened the den door, it has been closed for maybe 6 years !! Such amazing stuff Started off with...
  2. miner

    How to tame a Feather

    The Feather... With a Feather ofcourse... Some soap MdC.. And a Rooney GP Scuttle Some lather action Sweet as The Feather Razor is mild but that means you can do many passes without taking off a layer of skin.. This is the most amazing...
  3. miner

    I need some support - 1st straight shave..

    Have decided to jump.. Here in Oz we have a whole week of days off (Easter and ANZAC Day plus a 3 sickies!). Doesn't matter cos I won't turn up to work looking like an extra from an Elm Street movie on the 2nd May. First straight shave 2 days ago, using a Feather Artist, I have a couple of...
  4. miner

    Smooth bourbon

    Was wondering what you Folks sip Right now it's Woodford Reserve for me Anything else I should be considering?? Cheers
  5. miner

    A2 Flight jacket

    I've been looking for a decent leather jacket for some time, wanted something that was casual and formal. Went through the local shops and could only find designer stuff for lots of $$ or bike jackets, neither of which made me smile :thumbdown Then found this A2 flight jacket and...
  6. miner

    These boots are made for walking..

    Bought these 20 years ago, the photo was taken a month ago. They are amazing and have been with me on some great trips, South Africa, South America, Russia and Australia.. Check them out The Courteney Boot Company in Zimbabwe. Cheers
  7. miner

    Roo Wallet

    Looking for a wallet that will last forever Roo!! Check this out.. http://www.temono.com.au/catalog/leather_wallets.php?language=en&currency= Great wallets and Jarren will customise...Here's one he did for me Cards plus coins I have two and I'm about to get No3. (At...
  8. miner

    Goldridge Dubl Duck

    Never done this before but I picked up a Duck on the bay in need of some TLC So I watched the videos and set to it with the dremel then Norton 4000/8000. Took ages before it looked half decent. Then took it to a TM paddle, red Dovo paste first then some diamond paste (1MB then 1/2 MB)...
  9. miner

    Brush restoration Try No1

    Ok I recently got four old brushes and thought I would destroy one and try and fiddle a bit.. So here's what I started with.. Probably worth a fortune but wt...... Quick haircut, a few hours with the dremel and here what I have.. Bit more work required with the sandpaper...
  10. miner

    First straight shave Part 2

    Following on from Part 1 (http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=103235) the story continues.............. The strops arrived from TM. Sensational pieces of kit, I could frame the latigo strop and hang it on the wall, it really is a piece of art. So I gave the Quack 20 strokes on the...
  11. miner

    First straight shave Part 1

    Just about all the gear has arrived and I'm ready... Nice looking, shave ready straight specially prepared by Ambrose (thanks Mate). :thumbup: Only problem is - no strop. So I search the house and find something that may do the job.....:biggrin: Only problem...
  12. miner

    Only one brush, what would it be...

    Here's mine Shavemac Knot size 21mm, Loft size 50mm, D01 Silvertip Sweet as Lather you could eat... (With special thanks to my Mum and Dad, To my favourite suppliers Bernd at Shavemac, Gillette, Penhaligons and Lori at Georgetown Pottery for the gear And to Jim at Vintage Blades and...
  13. miner

    TOBS Soap vs Cream

    Need some advice here please. I am just about through a tube of TOBS Sandlewood cream and love the stuff. I just like the smell, not sure if it is truely sandlewood, but I am hooked. I have some soaps that give me a better lather so I am wondering if the TOBS soap will give me a better lather...
  14. miner

    Just cracked 100 posts, THANKS B&B

    I've got a few happy pastimes: watches clocks and now shaving And so I've subscribed to forums that provide info on those things that I do to keep me sane. Of all the forums, this one, B&B, has to be the most informative and useful. I have picked up so much really good stuff from you...
  15. miner

    Just discovered soap... Goodbye cream

    I have just received a bowl of Penhaligon's BB soap via Vintage Blades and with help from copperhead (:thumbup1:). I had my first shave this morning using soap and what a product to start with. The lather was sensational, thick and slick and smooth and all those other yummy superlatives you...
  16. miner

    Smooth bourbon

    This has probably been posted before but here we go again... Next to the Wife and Kids etc I love a smooth easy sipping bourbon Current favourite is anything by Woodford sweet as for my Oz taste Any of you experts care to comment?? Cheers
  17. miner

    Going to Fairbridge

    This weekend I am not going to shave I am going to camp In a tent (oh no) and I will see Tin Pan Orange http://www.tinpanorange.com/ and JB http://www.myspace.com/jonathanbrain Sweet :biggrin: Any one else from WA going?? Cheers
  18. miner

    Tonight I'm listening to this....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RygLzY2xOVA Leonard Cohen and The Webb Sisters are amazing.......... Enjoy
  19. miner

    PIF T&F Smellies Oz only

    G'day I recently received a sampler from T&H, amazing cream, oil and a bunch of cologne. So I have 7 samples of cologne to send on... anyone want them?? Free postage in Oz First pm gets the lot. :wink: Cheers
  20. miner

    Any one tried this....

    When I was a lad, my cousin trained to be a hairdresser. Part of her training involved shaving a balloon with a straight. What do you all reckon? Will it help? All I know is it makes a spectacular mess when the balloon gets nicked.:biggrin: Cheers
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