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    What is this razor blade?

    I'm going over my box of razor blades and came open this one, see image below. I'm also checking all my orders to see if it was mention anywhere on the receipt but came up empty.
  2. I

    Butterfly style razor blade that is mild like Merkur 34C

    Let's say one day I decide to buy a butterfly style razor. One that is easy to use and feels comfortable like a Merkur 34C. What would you recommend?
  3. I

    Recommend some Fruity/Citrus scent shaving soaps

    I do not have any soap. All I have are these shaving creams: Proraso white C.O. Bigelow Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Bowl, Jermyn St (Only product that I have that has a nice sweet scent to it) I have extra PayPal and wanted to spend them on about 3-4 Fruity/Sweet/Citrus smelling shaving...
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    Anyone here prefer to just use their face to lather?

    I do have a nice Captain Choice Lather Bowl, but many times I like to just lather directly on my face and skip the bowl/mug.
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