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  1. Juanmosey

    Minora blades how are they?

    I see a guy from Clifton, NJ, sells them. Cool lion on the box. Every time I see or hear of Clifton, NJ, I think of Tony Clifton.:laugh:
  2. Juanmosey

    Generally, how are La Quinta hotels?

    The commercials from a few years ago were pretty funny. Pets stay free too.
  3. Juanmosey

    Questions about Gillette Barber Fresh foam.

    1. Is the scent very strong to the point of too strong? 2. Is see it contains glycerin and sorbitol. Does that seem to make it better than the regular Foamy?
  4. Juanmosey

    When someone goes into a nursing home

    they call it title 19 in CT, here in NM I don't think so. How far back do they want tax records and what other records (bank records?). Going back how many years?
  5. Juanmosey

    Does canned foam still work after 2-3 years when unused?

    I just bought a can of white Noxzema from Ebay. FYI I bought the Italian version a few days ago and didn't care for it at all.
  6. Juanmosey

    Groomatorium castile soap--it's like Dr. Bronner meets Chuck Norris

    I have enough oil on the the skin of my face to open a Jiffylube. Today after washing my face with this soap I literally threw away my orange face scrub. This soap give a strong peppermint kick and washes away all dirt and grim buildup with zero residue. Haven't used it in the shower yet. I've...
  7. Juanmosey

    How long did it take to get your tax refund...

    When you filed electronically?
  8. Juanmosey

    Question about hair brushes.

    I guess I want military style which holds in the palm? What do you recommend? I'm talking good price point as I see one on Amazon for $94 but I can't spend that.
  9. Juanmosey

    Pro-Shave is back on Amazon

    Price is high but it fluctuates. I use it for a preshave and it works for me at that. When it hits $6 buy it. Amazon.com: Pro-Shave Shaving Cream, 8 Ounce: Beauty
  10. Juanmosey

    Revisited the Fine Marvel after a year

    It was like a whole new razor. Used a 2x Gillette Yellow and lots of face prep. Razor is much better on the neck than my Super Speed. Didn't seem as aggressive this time around but I did not push it. Love the way it looks and feels. Highly rec for experienced shavers. Also shaving every 3rd day...
  11. Juanmosey

    Don't laugh bought Arm & Hammer Essentials body wash from Dollar Tree

    After using Dr. Bronners for years. Cleans, washes off and hydrates without feeling greasy. I swear it even softens my beard for a shave. Best $1 item in the store.
  12. Juanmosey

    Kai is similar to which Russian Gillette?

    Having good luck with Yellows now. Have used a few Russians in the past and Lab Blues/Med preps.
  13. Juanmosey

    WTB Italian version of white Noxzema canned shave foam

    Anyone taking a trip to Europe? I believe you can bring it back in your checked luggage. I'll pay up to $20. All I ask is you send it before I pay. I'm not a crook. Ask BigJ.
  14. Juanmosey

    Paid just over $30 for Fine Marvel razor at Beautyways.com

    Had to get something for $1 to get free shipping ($35) then the promo code knocked off 10%. I returned one last year for being too aggressive but I think I can handle it now. Great looking razor very retro. They say almost as aggressive as the R41.
  15. Juanmosey

    Question about cleaning my 1967 black handle Super Speed

    Could a local jewelry store clean it with a ultrasonic? Is there a place to send it to who specializes in razors? Is it worth the money? Works fine but could use a cleaning.
  16. Juanmosey

    Anyone every order from Carthery?

    The reviews are not very good except for a few. Doesn't ordering with PayPal offer protection?
  17. Juanmosey

    RIP Leon Spinks

    I remember watching him in the 1976 Olympics in the common room at RAF Bentwaters. He was exactly a month younger than I.
  18. Juanmosey

    I emailed Barbasol asking if they could bring back Noxzema

    The returned email said he'd pass it on. Wouldn't be a hoot if they did.
  19. Juanmosey

    Who's best to call for a tax question?

    The IRS won't pick up the phone and most of the people at places like H.R. Block don't even know what the standard deduction is. One online tax calculator only taxed our Social Security at 15% ( should be 50%???). I have a gut feeling that's not right.
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