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  1. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Maggard’s New Wesite

    Wow, that site is a huge upgrade. Beautiful presentation now.
  2. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Scuttle feedback sought

    We are at the front end of developing a scuttle and I wanted to solicit ideas from you all. Here are a couple of popular ones and for good reason - Dirty Bird Pottery and Georgetown Pottery. We want ours to be unique in some fashion which is where you all come in. Help me out if you like. I...
  3. Captain Pre-Capsize

    In Transit, Arriving Late

    "In Transit, Arriving Late" has been my life for over a year. Emails throughout the week replying to inquiries. Crazy. Much worse this past three months than ever before.
  4. Captain Pre-Capsize

    New release as of today

    No one answer applies to everyone, of course. I have found with our customers that skin chemistry plays a role. If they are a current or former smoker plays a role. Personal preference is all over the spectrum as well. Not easy to find a scent strength level that most prefer but we try. The...
  5. Captain Pre-Capsize

    New release as of today

    Hot off the presses - find out more here: All Products — Captain's Choice - https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all
  6. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Green stuff in my Captain’s Choice copper bowl - What do I do?

    Feel at liberty to load up and lather on. You may choose to buff it a bit with some 3M Scotchpad type item. The more you polish, the brighter it will get so that you know. This is not the first time so no worries, it will be fine. When it happened some time back we added this to the listing...
  7. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Rare double strike copper lather bowl

    I just employed random.org and out of the four of you it selected #1. So @Adjustingtolife is the one selected. Thank you for each of you who expressed an interest. We do keep our eyes open for them and will do this again if one is found. ~ The Captain
  8. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Rare double strike copper lather bowl

    Oops, forgot to mention - thanks. It is the Standard copper bowl.
  9. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Rare double strike copper lather bowl

    We had one of these a while back and now have another one. It stirred some very real interest on the part of customers. They loved the aspect of our logo being double struck, indicating hand made. Our recent shipment had another one so I had our employee set it aside. If anyone is...
  10. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Summertime means NATO time.
  11. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Buy one, get one FREE!

    @South Dakota Guy, @SterFry, @Peterv1 I have a deal for you three. Since you missed the sale let me extend that price to you three alone. Buy one other item in our store at the normal price. Then choose one of our lather bowls and I will honor that sale price of $14.95 for you. Jot me a PM...
  12. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Jokes that make you groan

    Nine years running with 56,000 views is crazy.
  13. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Shipment of new releases is inbound!

    Yes, it is the sample that we were collecting feedback on. It is not a blend where other fragrances were added. It is a straight up almond fragrance that is fleeting but luscious!
  14. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Vintage bench restauration

    You attention to detail does not go missing. All of the screw heads are oriented N-S-E-W exactly. So if you have that level of detail then you know the rest is done to world class standards. Very nice work there!
  15. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Shipment of new releases is inbound!

    They are officially here and we are already filling orders.
  16. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Shipment of new releases is inbound!

    These two are due to arrive today - check them out here: All Products — Captain's Choice - https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all
  17. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Watch Ya Wearing

  18. Captain Pre-Capsize

    For the man who’s shave den has everything.

    And when you are done trimming the hedges in the yard, then what good is it?
  19. Captain Pre-Capsize

    The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

    We landed on a motivator that may be helpful. "It is time to paint the inside of the closets." That is the project and in order to do so... the closets need to be emptied, right? Three piles - donate, dispose of, keep. Works like magic and highly recommended.
  20. Captain Pre-Capsize

    FedEx is destroying its own brand and maybe more

    For the past year (since covid) now I spend time answering emails from customers asking where their order is. These are all USPS orders. Just this week alone, five inquiries - mainly orders that were shipped three weeks ago. USPS tracking indicates "In Transit." In the past eleven years I...
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