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Search results

  1. xmacro

    What's the point of points?

    The sharp, pointy end of the razor - what's it good for? To be clear, I don't mean a razor that has the blade extending all the way to the end - this isn't rounded tip or bust - I mean a razor that has a sharp point on the toe - a spike or square toe. A 90 degree or less angle that creates a...
  2. xmacro

    Recommendations for new scales?

    Apology to mods if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it. I'm looking to acquire some NOS Japanese straights, and I value the steel and the blacksmith's craft more than the cheap plastic it comes with, so I'm looking for something a little more premium, to reflect the age & value of...
  3. xmacro

    WTB Japanese hitachi steel - straight made of white/shirogami #1 - western style

    Already have a kamisori made of aogami #2, so I figure I'd put a feeler out for a big brother so it's not lonely. Looking for a western style NOS or just new. If you don't have one to sell yourself, I'd also appreciate a recommendation on where to look for one, whether its a website or a...
  4. xmacro

    Reputable ebay sellers for straights

    AframesTokyo isn't updating their stock quite as quickly as I'd like, and I'm getting tired of waiting, so I guess it's off to the bay. Can anyone recommend some reputable sellers? I'm looking for Japanese hitachi white #1, which seems ripe for fraudsters and liars considering the premium...
  5. xmacro

    Odd request - looking for western style Japanese razor; where to look?

    Currently have an asymmetrical kamisori from Japan, and would like to get an accompanying razor - forged in Japan, but in a French/folding style with symmetrical blade - but not sure where to look for such an oddity. More specifically, looking for new/never used, white steel #1 or #2, or Yasuki...
  6. xmacro

    New Kamisori owner - how do I sharpen this beauty? (Oddly shaped toe, atypical blade)

    9 years since my last post. It's been awhile, BBers! Background: DE shaving for the 10+ years I've been gone, finally took the final step into straights. Totally new to honing, but wanted to start out with style so I got a kamisori with a nice damascus on it - a Shigeki Tanaka from Japan...
  7. xmacro

    Hardwater DE shaver - Razorock [soap] trumps all (yes, even Tabac and TOBS)

    There, I said it. I've had hard water all my life (honestly don't like the feel of soft water in the shower - feels like the soap never comes off), and Tabac and TOBS lather admirably (with quite a bit of work though). But razorock soap? Like nobodies business - whips up in an instant with...
  8. xmacro

    First shave with razorock

    Got Napoleon's violet, saw a cube, and was wondering what the hell I just wasted $10 on. Mushed the cube down, and started lathering - AMAZING!! This stuff jsut gave off TONS of lather - moreso than Tabac or TOBS - just an amazing soap. I'm a believer :D
  9. xmacro

    Shaving brushes - why just badger

    What if other animals were used? Bear? Wolverine? What kind of difference would there be between a badger and it's cousin, the wolverine? And how cool would it be say that you shave with a brush made from wolverine or bear? Just thinking out loud here, feel free to chime in :)
  10. xmacro

    Just tried blade buffing for the first time

    Anyone who's seen mantic59's vids knows this, so I won't go into much detail - suffice to say, it's AWESOME!! Today while shaving I started out washing my face with warm water and soap to clear the dirt off, then I used some TOBS Lavender (wonderfully thick and rich; feels like a paste if...
  11. xmacro

    What are melt/pour soaps?

    I've never heard of these until I came onto B&B, much less used them; what are they? How do you use them for shaving?
  12. xmacro

    What's your desert island soap?

    You're stranded on a desert island - no idea what the water will be like (eg - soft or hard) and you have a single silvertip badger brush, and you MUST shave everyday or monkeys will kill you for trying to imitate them. What would your "one soap" be if you could take any from your collection...
  13. xmacro

    Opinoins on Mama Bear soaps

    So I've bought Tabac, Proraso, TOBS Lavender and have a thing of Col. Conk that I got when I ordered an Onyx bowl from WCS - what are the opinoins on Mama Bears soaps? Any good? Any negatives? Any "must own" scents? I use a Silvertip badger, if it makes any difference
  14. xmacro

    Break-in period for a new silvertip?

    So I just got a Savile Row 3824, and it's been producing a very underwhelming amount of lather - almost non-existent, whereas my Edwin Jagger Best Badger produces plenty. Is there a break-in period for silvertip brushes, or is this the way it's gonna be? It should be mentioned I've used this...
  15. xmacro

    West Coast Shaving - Deal of the day is Everything blade sampler

    FYI for those who like to try different blades: https://www.westcoastshaving.com/Deal-of-the-Day_ep_51-1.html Deal expires at 3am, EST
  16. xmacro

    One Fountain Pen to rule them all - what would yours be?

    I got a challenge for you FP fans out there, with conditions: If you could buy one FP, without consideration to price, what would it be? The conditions: - No price limit - It can't be expensive just because of the materials used (eg - diamond encrusted ballpoint is still a ballpoint) - It...
  17. xmacro

    Need some ink bottles

    Need 3 ink bottles - I like the look of the new TWSBI bottles, but not the price. Anyone know of any similar bottles?
  18. xmacro

    TWSBI ink bottles

    Expected to hit US shores after Oct. 20, be available in 6 colors, and cost $25 per bottle (FYI - colored 540 pens are expected in 1.5 - 2 months), according to their facebook page, but here's a pic of it Linky links for info on Vac 700, etc: http://www.facebook.com/TWSBI...
  19. xmacro

    TWSBI 540 leaking

    Is this normal? I have a TWSBI and I use it a lot, so I twirl it around in every direction when I'm working on the computer, writing notes, etc - I turn it around every direction with the cap off when I'm working. Oftentimes I notice that it spills drops of ink on my desk (thankfully not my...
  20. xmacro

    Help me decide - 24, 26 or 28mm knot size?

    So I have a badger brush now - 21-knot size EJ Best Badger, and wanna move up to a silvertip Savile Row, but I'm not sure of what size to get. I want something nice and big, so it's either gonna be a 24, 26 or 28-size knot. I know that in the end, it's personal preference, but I'd like some...
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