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Search results

  1. Alex_Kinzor

    What razor/blade did you use today

    I'm probably going to shock everyone here. Dollar Tree Brand DE Razor with No-Name Dollar Tree brand blade (1), I used a stick of Arko someone gave me. Decent shave actually. The Dollar Tree Brand Razor was my replacement for the VDH TTO I bought a couple years ago. The knob for opening that...
  2. Alex_Kinzor

    What's your soap for today?

    I've been shaving with the fat quite a bit recently. I was noticing that my skin was feeling dry and I was getting sweat induced post shave irritation at work. The fat cleared it right up. Probably my other soaps were too drying.
  3. Alex_Kinzor

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Treet Black (Carbon Steel) [1]
  4. Alex_Kinzor

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Ming Shi 2000s/ Treet Black Carbon Steel (1)
  5. Alex_Kinzor

    Central FL meet ups or clubs or events?

    @slybrewguy I live in NSB. Been down here so long I may as well be a native. And yeah I go sometimes to Little Drug Co. usually after I've been to the dentist and the anesthetic is wearing off--it is often the closest pharmacy and I want to fill that prescription. That cashier probably...
  6. Alex_Kinzor

    Central FL meet ups or clubs or events?

    Hey Slybrewguy. I'm in NSB. I'll have to see about picking up a puck of Williams (if they still got it) next time I'm at the pharmacy you've mentioned. (I remember my grandfather using it back in the day, and want to try it--at least once, though it seems I prefer the softer Italian type of...
  7. Alex_Kinzor

    Why are shaves after “a few days off” so much better, smoother, easier?

    I find that for me shaving every other day is best. That being said this past week I was quite ill and didn't shave at all. When I shaved once I was feeling better (unshaven about four days) felt like one of the best shaves I've ever had. My particular theory is that for those who prefer to be...
  8. Alex_Kinzor

    Favourite Tank

    I'm still using that TFV4 with the rta deck (actually had to buy replacement parts for it as I broke both glasses and the build deck failed after two years of daily use). Since my last post I bought an Ijoy Combo II (though I think I may buy some of the other build decks, the one it comes with...
  9. Alex_Kinzor

    Face wash or bar soap?

    Normally I don't use much soap or anything to wash my face. I've found hot water and friction from a wash cloth work best for me for cleaning my face. When I do use a soap I generally use Ivory soap but I only do that before I shave, and when I shower I wash my face, head and whole body with...
  10. Alex_Kinzor

    Pre and post care for shaving your head

    I shave my head, with a DE, twice a week. I don't do much as a pre-shave except wash my scalp with ivory soap (like I do my face before shaving), and make sure to get the scalp ready with a really hot wet towel (like I do with my face). Post shave, some witch hazel.
  11. Alex_Kinzor

    what kind of hair cut do you gents get?

    Fully shaved head for me. I rocked a mohawk for years when I was younger (and miss that) but male pattern baldness stole it for me. I think the "skinhead" look is the retirement program for older punk rockers though.
  12. Alex_Kinzor

    How many uses before your bath/shower towel gets laundered?

    Face towels/wash coths are used once then washed. Bath towels are used twice then washed. More than that and I run the risk of the towel mildewing. I live in Florida and even with AC running most of the year it is pretty humid and towels have a hard time drying completely without the aid of a...
  13. Alex_Kinzor

    How often do you get a haircut

    Once or twice a week for me, but I shave my head myself so it costs whatever a decent lather with shave soap and derby blades cost (seriously my face hates those blades but the scalp doesn't mind them, and it seems I get a free tuck every time I buy a razor).
  14. Alex_Kinzor

    What's your soap for today?

    Razorock Emperor
  15. Alex_Kinzor

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Razorock DE1, Gillette 7 O'clock Sharp Edge (Yellow) [2--3 if you count my head shave separate]
  16. Alex_Kinzor

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Razorock DE1 (Just bought it--my VDH Weishi knockoff started feeling sticky in the TTO mechanism and I wanted a three piece), 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge (yellow) which are my go to blades if I can't find a Ladas around the house.
  17. Alex_Kinzor

    Making time to shave in the mornings

    Well as to your strategy if it works or you, continue. Though like others have said, I would do a two pass shave in the morning, but it depends on how your beard is, and if you're useing a brush and soap rather than canned goop it takes the same amount of time to build a lather for a one pass...
  18. Alex_Kinzor

    Why do they do it?

    For me, I'm similar. I tend to gravitate toward shave gels if I use anything canned (which is quite rare) but I find more enjoyment out of shaving using a brush and soap. As for turning the bathroom into a day spa after a 12 hour shift, well for some people that might not be the way to go...
  19. Alex_Kinzor

    How often do you guys shave?

    I typically shave every third day. Face and head both.
  20. Alex_Kinzor

    Cuts, Nicks, and Weepers

    Pretty much this, but I would also add that a weeper can be caused by skin imperfections. Even at 38 I still get the occasional pimple (I work in a really greasy environment being a chef) and thus far almost all weepers I've had have been he result of running over a pimple with the razor.
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