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  1. G

    Heavy razors.

    What is the obsession everyone seems to have for heavy razors? I‘ve been using an ATT aluminum razor for the last several years and just love it, talk about zero pressure.
  2. G


    Used once. Will trade for a nice puck of soap.
  3. G

    FS Karve C.B.

    I have a 3.5” C.B. with a B & D sb plates and a B oc. $100.00.
  4. G

    William vs. Arko

    I’ve been using modern William almost exclusively for the last couple years. Just for giggles I cut up a stick of Arko I had floating around into my mug and lathered it as I do Williams. I lather on the puck or soap pieces in this case and don’t rinse out my brush and leave it in the mug between...
  5. G

    Got my Calypso

    Had my first shave with my just received Calypso R1 this morning, what can I say, it was great. This feels very light but moves around your face like a sports car and delivered a irritation free BBS just like it's heavy S.S. brother but with a very nimble feel. Me likey!
  6. G

    Mug Lathering

    Why don't more people mug lather or at least try it for awhile? Man does it work great.
  7. G

    Williams may not be the greatest soap.

    But when the great get together, Williams is in charge. Another great BBS irritation free shave today.
  8. G

    The greatest soap on Earth: Tabac

  9. G

    WTT, ATT S1 & S2 base plates & slant cap

    I would like to swap my ATT S1 and S2 base plates and slant cap fo a H1 base plate and a standard cap.
  10. G

    WTB Razor Rock Stealth

    Anybody looking to sell a Stealth? I have a Standard that shave s okay and a RRBBS that I love but would love to complete my aluminum sweep.
  11. G

    Is it over?

    Well, since joining up with this fine group I've bought 18 d.e. razors, 12 str8's,10 brushes and enough soap to shave a Mammoth. When all is said and done, Mikes soap, any boar brush, a Poli Silver, Med. prep or Astra blade and a Weber are all I want or need. Now what?
  12. G

    I think I want to thank you guys

    I've been fooling around with straights for 8 or 10 months on again off again (by that I mean try to shave a few strokes and quit for a while try a pass and quit). Didn't think it was for me. I just couldn't get past the over the top cool factor so 3 weeks ago I went all in and started shave...
  13. G

    For the Arko lovers

    After my workout this morning at the gym, I realized I forgot to refill my soap case, so I showered using my Arko shave stick, it was heavenly.
  14. G

    Noodlers flex pen

    Got mine today. Inked it with Black Swan in Austrailian Roses. So far, no big whoop. I guess I expected too much.
  15. G

    Merkur 45

    I'm still loving mine. How are the rest of you doing?
  16. G

    I've become a "Boar Monger"

    Got myself, my First two boar brushes awhile ago and am breaking them in. Wow! Why did I waste so much money on Badgers for? I think I'm on to a new AD, BSBAD.
  17. G

    Advice from Futur owners

    I'm using a Merkure Slant now and love it. The RAD has me by the short hairs.Is the Futur as aggressive as the Slant?
  18. G

    What a shave!

    First off it should be known that I usually shave in the evening without a shower first so most of my shaves are less then ideal, but real good considering. Well weekends are different and today I was able to shave after my morning shower using Tabac soap, Astra blade and Merkur slant razor. Oh...
  19. G

    What would have become of us?

    Thanks to the internet, we have a wonderful new healthy hobby and a way to get info on and products to support this group. Don't tell me we have to thank Algore for inventing the internet.:blink:
  20. G

    Wow that was close

    I almost committed blasphemy, I very nearly called Proraso soap crap. That is until this morning when I learned how to make lather with it. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and not liking the lubrication I wasn't getting so I figured if a little is good allot has to be better and when I...
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