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  1. media

    Old Spice Talc

    Does anyone know if they stopped making the Indian Old Spice talc? I cant seem to find it anywhere anymore. Thanks! Nick
  2. media

    New Turntable

    This questions directed toward those turntable fanatics. I am looking for a decent turntable. I would like automatic preferably, but not entirely necessary. I have only used vintage pioneer turntables for the past 15 years, but would like to branch out. I sold my good automatic tables...
  3. media

    Indian Wilkinson Sword

    Has anyone used the blades listed here? Are they similar to the German ones you can buy at Wal-Mart here in the States?
  4. media

    The Boxee Box by D-Link

    Just curious if there have been any early adopters of the new Boxee Box by D-Link and if they would like to share their thoughts and experiences with the box. I have been using an apple tv with boxee installed for the past few months. I like it and it works well, but it doesnt do HD...
  5. media

    Vintage Williams - Did I pay too much?

    I just won this auction for a dozen cakes of williams. I figure they will last me a while and bought them because it looks like they were stored well. Did I pay too much? comes out to $58 with shipping. It looks like it's about $5 a puck. I am curious to see if they still have the scent!
  6. media

    Palmolive Power of Nature Aftershave

    Anyone ever tried this? Tell us a little about it please!! Scent? Performance? It has sparked curiosity since I saw it for sale at vintagescent. Thanks in advance.
  7. media

    Giving up on vintage?

    Lately I've been thinking about selling all my vintage razors on the BST. I was thinking about purchasing the Merkur 12C and making it my primary razor. Of course I would have to keep an injector for my SE needs. Has anyone else had this feeling? I'd like to stick with one razor for the...
  8. media

    Apple TV

    So, I just bought one of the old lame Apple TVs off ebay for a grand total of $60 shipped. Why buy an old piece of hardware like that, you ask? Well, I plan to hack it. You can load Hulu+, Netflix, Boxee, and xbmc on it. attach external drives for movies, music, and pictures you have saved...
  9. media

    QED Sandalwood

    Looks like it's back! Stock up while you still can!
  10. media

    Buying in bulk

    Does anyone know of a good place to buy DE Blades in bulk, like around 1000-3000 blades? Instead of worrying about blades being discontinued, I'd like to just buy enough to last me forever. Thanks,
  11. media

    Pet Flea Medication questions

    Our dog recently picked up some fleas outside. When we noticed them on him, we immediately gave him a flea bath. Within a week, the fleas moved back. So I started looking online at better alternatives and it came down to Frontline or Advantage/K9 Advantix. Is anyone familiar with using...
  12. media

    Dove Soap

    Anyone else use it once and a while as their shaving soap? I do. I find it works just as good as most soaps and lathers really well. Lather that stays. I just used it again tonight and it leaves my face feeling great. Good in a pinch, or just for fun.
  13. media

    Razor ID Help

    I recently won this item on the bay. Is this razor in the wrong case? I cant seem to find it on mr-razor.com I just want to know what year this set is from. Thanks in advance.
  14. media

    Aqua Velva Mouthwash?

    I googled Aqua Velva and read the wikipedia article out of curiosity. It's pretty interesting for being only a few paragraphs. Here's what it says: So people were actually using it as a mouthwash in the beginning? I cant imagine how it must taste. I guess Sailors were drinking this...
  15. media

    Ogallala Wiener Wash

    I am just curious if anyone has used this on their pet? I want to get some for my dog (specifically a wiener dog) and was just curious how well it worked. He likes it when I use Bay Rum aftershave, since he tries to lick my hands when I pick him up in the morning. Match made in heaven...
  16. media

    Astra Superior.... Which One?

    I see there are two varieties. Astra Superior Stainless...and Astra Superior Platinum blades. Is there a difference? Which should I get? Why? Thanks!
  17. media

    Losing the bowl

    When I started wetshaving about a year and a half ago, I used a bowl to lather soaps/cream. I think it was good to learn this way. Now I face lather everything. If Im using a soap, it's a no brainer. When using cream I just put a dab on the brush and go to work on my face. The bowl now...
  18. media


    I was just checking to see if anyone has used these. A coworker in my old office swore they were good. I have smoked regular cigarettes for almost 10 years now. Terrible habit and Im tired of ash in my car and the smell on my clothes. Im thinking this would be the answer to eventually...
  19. media

    NOS Schick Injector Blades

    I just bought a box (a dozen sealed packages of 5 blade carts) of NOS Schick Injector Platinum blades. They look pretty old by the packaging design, about 15-20 years. The condition is great. Are these good to shave with or did I waste my money?
  20. media

    C&E Reformulation

    I went to the outlet mall in Northern Georgia tonight. Noticed they had a Crabtree and Evelyn Outlet store. They've got a sweet deal, buy 2 get one free on all shaving gear. I picked up the Nomad EDT and a bowl of Sienna, got a bowl of Sandalwood for free :thumbup: I had heard discussion...
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