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  1. Slash McCoy

    Preserving the finish or etch when honing

    Some guys will lay a finger on the blade while honing, and slurry on the finger will make a scratchy smudge looking mark.
  2. Slash McCoy

    Preserving the finish or etch when honing

    I don't worry about it. But if I did, I would apply a layer of tape to the hollowground area.
  3. Slash McCoy

    Starting to hone my own

    If you are still having trouble with your bevel, you might have a look at this post: https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/setting-the-bevel-with-the-burr-method.516373/post-11297869
  4. Slash McCoy

    Setting the Bevel with the Burr Method

    I should point out that feel is not the only way to detect a burr. If you have a good loupe, you can easily spot the burr and also you can easily spot places on the edge where the bevel is not set. You need some magnification and also a VERY BRIGHT CONCENTRATED LIGHT SOURCE. You are not really...
  5. Slash McCoy

    My first hone

    Shaving your arm is not a good test for a razor. That is how you test a pocketknife. Try sweeping the razor over your arm but instead of touching the skin, pass it about 1/4" above the skin. If it lops off the tip of a hair or two at that height it is definitely shave ready. If it gets a bunch...
  6. Slash McCoy

    What are your thoughts on desiccant packs?

    When I send someone a razor in the mail I always include a dessicant pack. It and the razor are sealed up in a ziplock bag. Just a bit of healthy paranoia. They are cheap. Really cheap. Cheap enough that i don't bother recycling the ones i get in stuff I buy or is sent to me. But yeah you can...
  7. Slash McCoy

    New Straight Razor Reco

    An Aust would be good, yeah. Do a web search if you want to get the best possible price. You might also think about a Dovo Bismarck. www.thesuperiorshave.com is a known vendor on this forum that usually has Bismarcks for sale and he hones everything he sells.You could also keep an eye out for a...
  8. Slash McCoy

    Are these stones worth the risk?

    Damage the razor? If the stones are lapped and used judiciously I don't see any harm coming from them. Anyway he has a perfect guinea pig in the worn out beater razor that comes with them. $25. If I had time on my hands I would jump right in there and snag that myself. Or maybe not. I got enough...
  9. Slash McCoy

    Are these stones worth the risk?

    Well, if the worst ripoff you ever get on stones is $25 you are doing pretty good. I am sort of wondering if the two on the left aren't coticules. If you have it to spare, I wouldn't blame you if you went for it. You will get your money's worth in entertainment value at least. You will spend...
  10. Slash McCoy

    Where to buy?

    You are right to be wary of fleabay sellers. The vast majority do not even shave with a straight razor. Many don't shave at all, at least not their faces, being that they are women, or men with full beards. They don't have a clue about what makes a razor shave ready and wouldn't know how to...
  11. Slash McCoy

    Noob which GD?

    The 208 is very popular. I like the P81 better. Less heavy lifting needed, to make it shave. I do not care for any of the "W" series models. Recently I received a couple of 300's in stainless steel and they seem rather nice, and like the P81 they have no stabilizer. I am also partial to the 800...
  12. Slash McCoy

    The 2021 Gold Dollar Modification Competition Is On

    Looking forward to seeing this year's entries.
  13. Slash McCoy

    @Slash McCoy or other Method Honers

    Everything is explained in the threads, including the reasons for each step and every specification. You are not using a modified Method. You are doing it the way you want to do it. The Method is at its core, a very arbitrary and dogmatic canon that is either followed, or not followed. That's...
  14. Slash McCoy

    Lacking trust in budget strops, burned twice.

    Have you tried ScrupleWorks? For Larry's Whipped Dog strops, you won't find an ebay or amazon listing. Go to www.whippeddog.com. You can buy from him with complete confidence as he is a known and trusted member here of long standing with a solid reputation. Since you have presumably stropped a...
  15. Slash McCoy

    Made a noob mistake - what to do

    The Invisible Edge is well known here, OP. Do a forum search before you buy. Like every business, there have been both good and bad experiences. Everyone has an off day once in a while. I will say this though, their Dovo Bismarck with white pearlescent scales is listed at a fairly good price...
  16. Slash McCoy

    Made a noob mistake - what to do

    Only members can view, apparently. Many folks do not use facebook and do not have a facebook account. I am not a facebook person. I'm in quite enouhg stuff already without adding snapchat, facebook, tick tock, tumblr, and the like. If the seller in question only operates from his facebook page...
  17. Slash McCoy

    Made a noob mistake - what to do

    I have never heard of any Pakistani "razor" being any good for actually shaving. In the same price range, Gold Dollar and Gold Monkey, both made in the same factory in Ningbo, China, can be made to shave rather well, by someone who knows what he is doing. And I am not aware of any other Chinese...
  18. Slash McCoy

    Lapping film, try it.

    Everyone uses AlOx film. Diamond costs too much and it lasts longer, but not long enough to be worth the money, and it is practically impossible to get in full size sheets. I use type 26M from nanolaptech.com or 261X type from 3M.
  19. Slash McCoy

    How To Use a Pasted Balsa Strop

    Yeah it sounds like you are applying a bit too much. That's okay, not a dealbreaker as long as you wipe it down thoroughly with an old tshirt. You could in theory have about 10% of "enough" and it still be enough. But having 10% extra would be just about as bad as having 10X the proper amount...
  20. Slash McCoy

    How To Use a Pasted Balsa Strop

    When you say spread thinly, I don't think you are quite getting the idea. You do not need complete universal coverage. you MUST NOT have a layer of paste. Just sort of dot it around, and rub it in. Then wipe with an old tshirt to clean off your excess. The 50% paste works fine. Dot dot dot dot...
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