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  1. taffy

    Moved, swmbo digging her heels in!

    Well our new house was built, we sold our old house and last Friday moved into a shinny, brand new, untouched house. I packed all my shaving gear securely, banned anyone from touching it, and it all arrived the few miles to the new house safely. Here the problems began, I have been told that my...
  2. taffy


    What mirrors to you folks like to use for a shave. Is it the small round portable ones, the ones that have one side magnified, a basic mirror hung on the wall or a mirror thats on your bathroom cabinet. I use the latter, i bought a nice big one a few years ago, mirrors on both doors with plenty...
  3. taffy

    Ok, heres a daft one.

    Scales, there to protect the blade, add some balance and make it look darn pretty:001_smile, BUT, could you have a safe and comfortable shave if the scales were taken off the razor. I know one of our highly skilled members here turns a few gd's into a japenese style straight, but as i see it...
  4. taffy

    Ok I am a saddo, is anyone else on here one as well?

    How many other folks on here have down loaded the "shave me" app on thier i phone, please tell me I am not the only saddo on here!
  5. taffy

    Anyone here got one of these?

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/aceshaving/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562 They seem very cheap!
  6. taffy

    Anyone know this stone?

  7. taffy

    Yet another gd question?

    Are gold dollars and double arrows the same manufacturer, i think i read somewhere on here that they are, i see loads of gd's for sale, but not many da's?
  8. taffy


    I understand this means hairdressing? so my questions are: i have seen a few of these razors on the bay and various places, what the differance between this sort of straight, and a normal straight, and can you use them to shave?
  9. taffy

    Shave oil.

    Has anyone on here ever used a shaving oil to shave with a straight, not talking about a pre shave oil, but a shaving oil? now i have in the past tried a shaving oil with a de, but found it clogged the razor to much, and i sort of think that shaving oil will not have enough of a cushion for a...
  10. taffy

    Edwin Jagger pre shave lotion.

    Anyone on here ever tried this stuff?
  11. taffy


    Another question on this i hear you moan:001_smile reading a post on the honing page today where california cajun made me think (cheers for that:wink2:), he says he has not been able to get the hht when he is honing, sooooooo, how many of you out there use razors which have not passed the hht...
  12. taffy

    Expensive hones!

    For those of you who may own one of these hones, for the question lets just say a japanese natural stone, which i have seen on certain sites selling around $700, are these stones that good a finishing stone as the price tag? or, are they much much better than say a coti? if i splashed out that...
  13. taffy

    Of interest to uk members!

    If you got a savers extra near you they are stocking the following: Denim shave cream £1.20, 3 different denim a/s £1.80, all the brut range in a/s and deodorant, palmolive shave stick and old spice pre shave face wash>
  14. taffy

    Remove scales or not?

    Do you guys remove the scales on a razor your cleaning up, or not, pretty short question:001_smile
  15. taffy

    Lets have a go i say!

    Well my vintage stock of razors to restore has built up to a sizable pile, 22 i think:w00t:so you would think thats enough for a while, so what did i do this weekend, popped into a local shave and smoke shop, just to have a look at the new dovos you understand:001_smile and what was there...
  16. taffy

    A question for the gem experts?

    I have one gem, a gem g bar 2, got it on the bay uk, was hardly used and a bargain, now i mostly use straights, but do like to use my de's/singles a few times a week, as i enjoy using them, so my question is, simples:001_smile what is regarded by you gem experts as the best gem razor?
  17. taffy

    Are us lot wierd?

    Watching a film with mrs taffy last night, and in one scene a bloke was quickly packing a overnight bag, and threw in a straight:001_smileso i said "look, a straight razor", mrs taffy replied "yes, and hes odd as well and the weird one in the film". Do you think we are looked on as odd and wierd...
  18. taffy

    Differance in creams!

    Do you find this, example, i can pick up palmolive cream here for very little cash, so i use it now and then and always think how good the stuff is, i ususally have 2 soaps and 2 creams in my shaving cabinet, so a few weeks ago used up my speick, and threw in a palmolive as i have not used this...
  19. taffy

    Lather question?

    Do any of you find that when using a straight, you get better results with a slightly thinner lather? I dont know why, but i do:001_unsur
  20. taffy

    Unamed razors, grr!

    Aint it fustrating, finding a old de with nothing stamped on it, leaves me thinking, who made it, what country it came from etc, just picked up 2 like this, so fustrating that i will never know nothing about them:cursing:
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