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  1. SirChangalot

    Newbie steward in the newbie forum.

    Hey everybody. I thought it fitting that I introduced myself as I have been appointed steward to this forum (along with @Graydog ). If there are any questions you need answered or otherwise anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to contact me, either via PM or through mention. Also...
  2. SirChangalot

    Where to buy Vulfix boar brushes?

    I am looking for the boar versions of vulfix models like 37x and 223x series. Have they been discontinued? Thanks in advance.
  3. SirChangalot

    Poll test

  4. SirChangalot

    Cella AS vs. Proraso red AS

    What are you guys' thought about these aftershaves. Do they have staying power? What about the scents? Are they "old man" scents, or relatively neutral? Thanks in advance.
  5. SirChangalot

    Kent Infinity Silvertex?

    What do you think about this brush? I have a Semogue 1470 and a Simpson Special in best. I really like the Semogue, but I would like to skip the soaking step. The handle on the Kent is very good looking, and if the fibers are as soft as on the Semogue I think I might get one. Any help is...
  6. SirChangalot

    Take a break.

    ... and listen to Schubert's "Ellens dritter gesang" more commonly known as "Ave Maria". This beautiful masterpiece is quite commonly performed and you will probably have heard it before. Do you have a piece of classical music that you like to listen to? If so, what? Sorry if there already...
  7. SirChangalot

    Inquiry about the dimensions of DOVO 5/8 and 6/8 razors

    I have an SR in desperate need of scales and have found the DOVO scales to be reasonably priced and relatively good looking. But before i buy I wanted to know the exact dimensions of a DOVO 5/8 and 6/8 blade, just to make sure my SR will fit. Thank you for your assistance.
  8. SirChangalot

    Best cheap hone for touch-ups

    Basically the title says it all. I'm a student on a budget so I was looking for an "inexpensive" solution. I have been looking at coticules, CNATs and Yellow lakes. I know there are Thuringian, Arkies and many other hones out there, but they seem very expensive. I would like to keep this under...
  9. SirChangalot

    Question about Llyn Melynllynn and Dragons tongue

    What are you guys' thoughts about these welsh slate hones? They are dirt cheap and I was wondering if i could use one of them as a touch-up stone.
  10. SirChangalot

    Question about Hugo Köller Solingen

    Does anybody know anything about this manufacturer? Were their razors any good?
  11. SirChangalot

    WTB Straight razor

    I am looking to buy a straight razor (shave ready). This will not be my first, but rather my second SR and as such I do not have very much experience with them. I was looking for a used Ralf Aust, Revisor (Current production or vintage), DOVO or any other straight as long as the blade is...
  12. SirChangalot

    Petersburg Products International

    I have heard it said somewhere on this forum that PPI has a production run of a few blades at one time, and after a while they will retool and then start producing another bunch of blades. I have also have it heard that PPI has restarted production of a few "discontinued" blades and if my first...
  13. SirChangalot

    Picked up some Feather FHS-10 blades for my 1912

    The reviews on this blade were too good for me to pass up. I recently despined a GEM SS and fitted the spine back on the blade, so i know it can be done. Wondering what you guys' thoughts are on this blade.
  14. SirChangalot

    Thinking about getting a fountain pen.

    Been thinking about stepping up my pen game. Wondering where to buy fountain pens and which ones are good for a beginner's budget (i'm a atudent). BTW i picked up a jinhao x450 for next to nothing. Thanks for any help.
  15. SirChangalot

    DOVO vs. Ralf Aust vs. Revisor

    Looking for my next razor. The only one i have is one of Larry's sight unseen razor. It's a 5/8 half hollow Pribyl bros. magnetic razor. I was first looking at the Dovos availible from norwegian dealers, as i was at first unwilling to deal with costums. But then Ralf Aust seems to get a lot of...
  16. SirChangalot

    Dovo Mother of pearl question.

    I was thinking of picking up a DOVO MOP mainly because i think it might be the most beautiful modern production razor (in my price class). Do i have to worry about the gold wash coming off, or the gold wash on the spine coming off after honing? Thanks in advance.
  17. SirChangalot

    Will the merkur plastic travel case fit a flare tip/black handle superspeed?

    Basically I think the plastic case from Merkur looks great and the price is right, just wondering if it will fit.
  18. SirChangalot

    Taking the plunge.

    I have ordered a sight unseen razor and a poor man strop kit from Larry at whipped dog. This should set me up for the beginning right? Anyway i have been poking my head around in the local antique shops and they seem to have a fair selection of vintage straights. I saw a Giesen und Forsthoff and...
  19. SirChangalot

    Looking into shavettes.

    Basically i was looking into a cheap and reliable shavette. Got any tips? I'm a student so please dont suggest i get a feather AC :laugh:. And sometime i will get straight razors, but my budget can handle only one rabbit hole at the time. thanks in advance
  20. SirChangalot

    Vito's one kilo block

    https://www.tvbshaving.com/shaving-soaps/Vitos-Extra-Super-Shaving-Soap-1000ml basically is this stuff any good? It's awfully cheap
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