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    Which Scotch to try next?

    Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban is nice. It's port barrel aged so you will get some fruit notes although it is different from the sherry character. Glenmorangie Lasanta is sherry barrel aged and also good. It may be a touch cheaper than Macallan 12. I'm not at all a fan of Glenmorangie Original but...
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    First AOS in store experience

    Went in one in vegas and the staff was polite but clearly drinking the koolaid over the quality of their products. I couldn't figure out what blades they were selling. Just carts.
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    Matching Socks

    In a professional setting your socks should match your pants but if you can't then your shoes. If you want to throw in some color then a pattern is a good opportunity but you should gauge the conservativeness of the environment for how much color is acceptable. In more relaxed settings you can...
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    New Watch - What Do You Guys Think?

    I think that is a hygrometer. I'm pretty sure he's not using that watch to measure the specific gravity of liquids. :laugh:
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    What are some good Irish Beers

    Many people are surprised that many Irish drinkers have surprisingly tame tastes and international brands are the most popular beverages. Craft beer has had a rough go at expanding options in the market. One problem Irish craft brewers face is that once Ireland gets a taste for more than...
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    Having a Difficult Time with Beans and Need Recommendations

    While I enjoy lighter roasts in a drip machine I do not really care for it in a french press. I think it makes the coffee too acidic and the flavors turn harsh. So for my preference I would not try using the lighter roast in the press unless you are blending it with another bean that is much...
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    Aging your own spirits?

    Nothing illegal about it. You aren't distilling anything. You definitely need to use oak designed for food purposes only. Homebrewing products are great options because they are specifically designed for submersion in alcohol. They are also typically charred or toasted which is what you need...
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    How about the "shirt without a tie" look?

    Suit with no tie is primarily an evening/weekend look. The problem with wearing it to work is that you look like you maybe showed up with a tie on but you got relaxed and off comes the tie in the middle of the day. Then you risk looking like you've already mentally checked out. It's a weird...
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    Drinking the bottom shelf

    It's truly bottom shelf if it only comes in plastic bottles no matter the size. Vodka can be tricky because it's so driven by marketing. Many of the top shelf products are middling products at best with great marketing but there's also trashy vodka like smirnoff that's not top shelf but...
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    What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

    Home roasted blend of Brazilian Sumatra and Tanzanian peaberry on drip.
  11. R

    Tequila choice

    Don Julio is solid tequila. Unfortunately the hype on tequila makes it more expensive than what I'm willing to pay for something aged under four years, especially when it is as expensive or more expensive than many 12 year old single malt scotches (at least locally). Cazadores is a decent...
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    Cost of a shot of Maker's Mark at a restaurant survey

    I'm always surprised when I order whiskey neat that bartenders and wait staff don't know what that means. If I just say the name of the spirit I never know whether they think I want ice, a chilled glass, a shot glass, or some other nonsense. I just want a pour in a lowball at room temperature.
  13. R

    Anyone still do cartridge shaving?

    I take my old fusion when I fly with only carry-on luggage. Otherwise I take my DE. I also have a few cans of gel by my cart shaving days. I always take those traveling because it's easier than packing the brush, soap and bowl. Eventually the cans will get used up and I'll contemplate options to...
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    Mechanical Engineer Interview suit

    Lots of guys make the mistake of buying a black suit as their first suit. That is a big mistake. Black is most appropriate for ceremonies and after 5pm. It's too formal for business. A courtroom is about the only business place where it really makes sense (unless you are clergy) to wear in a...
  15. R


    In addition to wyeast, I would not hesitate to use white labs products or several of the lallamand/safale dry yeasts. There are some new liquid yeast labs on the market but I haven't given any of them a whirl.
  16. R

    "No brainer" razor/blade combo

    My Merkur 23c and Personna Blue is all I use.
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    What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

    Brazilian Sumatra roasted at home to city+ in drip machine. Tomorrow: same thing.
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    High West "Bourye" Whiskey

    That's interesting. I really enjoy the high west double rye, which is a blend of the 16 year old rye and...I think 6 year old rye.
  19. R

    Almanac Tequila Barrel Noir Beer

    Had it and loved it. You have to like tequila though, obviously.
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