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Search results

  1. wormspank

    Presoak Synthetic?

    When I first started using brushes for shaving, I had a cheap badger hair brush. I would presoak it in warm water for several minutes to soften the bristles. I then moved on to synthetic brushes. I still presoak them, but as far as I know, it's not needed. Am I the only one that does this...
  2. wormspank

    Razorock Black Hawk V2: pain from lack of pressure?

    Today I used my Razorock Black Hawk v2 for the 2nd time. The first use seemed to really tear my head up. Although I didn't suffer any major cuts or nicks (I used a fresh Feather Pro blade), my head and face were sore during and after (for several hours in fact). There seemed to be quite a bit...
  3. wormspank

    What scents a soap must or must not have?

    I know scents are subjective, but there always seem to be some that are present in a majority of soaps (e.g. patchouli, oakmoss, sandalwood). My undiscerning nose may not be able to pick out the individual elements, but I can tell when something is too fruity for my taste or is what I consider...
  4. wormspank

    Worth upgrading from the Razorock G37 Slant?

    I own a Razorock G37, and love it. It provides a great shave compared to any other razor I've owned, which isn't many; of those, none have cost more than $20. The only con I would say, is that the head is smaller, allowing the DE blade to stick out a little on the sides. This can be slightly...
  5. wormspank

    Can you really tell what's in a scent?

    I have read and watched lots of soap reviews, and it seems typical for reviewers to state what they smell off the puck and while lathering. I hear things like "Right off the puck I'm getting hints of xxx and yyy with mild undertones of aaa and BBB." Now this is not to berate them, nor call...
  6. wormspank

    What am I doing wrong?

    I just received and tried my Feather SS and Kai Luffy clones. I also tried my unused Razorock Black Hawk V2. I had a Feather Pro from Try A Blade which I switched between the three. I have to say, I was more than disappointed. No matter which razor I used, it seemed to do nothing but tug and...
  7. wormspank

    FT Want to trade for PAA Sangre de Drago aftershave & shave soap set

    Hello. I would like to trade the following items for a lightly used or unused set of PAA Sangre de Drago shave soap and aftershave : Barrister and Mann Seville soap - lightly used twice Southern Witchcrafts Autumn Ash soap - lightly used twice Yaqi 24mm Tuxedo synthetic brush - brand new, never...
  8. wormspank

    Ariana and Evans not processing orders until 04/19/21

    Per the Ariana and Evans website: "We will not be processing orders until after April 19th for new orders placed on April 7-18th. We will be installing new larger capacity vats for cooking soaps (increasing speed of turnaround times), inventory control, accounting and family time. If you...
  9. wormspank

    Razorock Black Hawk v2 versus G37?

    Hello fellow shavers. How much more/less efficient and smooth is a Razorock Black Hawk v2 compared to their German 37 slant? I am thinking of using it for head shaving, as well as, for shaving my face.
  10. wormspank

    WCS Classic Collection Razor 84S same as Merkur 34C

    Hello fellow shavers. I was thinking of getting a Merkur 34c, but already own a WCS Classic Collection Razor 84S. Are they basically the same (at least the head)? I'd rather not purchase a razor that's almost exactly what I already have.
  11. wormspank

    Something similar to the Terror by B&M?

    I am really interested in The Terror balm by Barrister and Mann due to it's synthetic methanol. The synthetic form seems to lack the odor, while remaining cold throughout the day. Does anyone know of any other balms or aftershaves that might contain synthetic methanol? If you've tried The...
  12. wormspank

    Thayers Witch Hazel on sale

    Hello everyone. Currently, Thayers Witch Hazel is on sale at Target: $2.00 off regular price (in-store only) 20% off regular price for skin care (online and in-store) Both discounts can be used together if you purchase them in-store.
  13. wormspank

    Alum block, aftershave, or both?

    Hello. Currently, I use an alum block after shaving my head and face. I then apply aftershave balm (Duke Cannon Ice Cold). This combination works for me. The alum block seems to tighten and tone my face and the balm helps me moisturize/hydrate it after the alum block. I'm wondering if I...
  14. wormspank

    Script like the Declaration of Independence?

    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any worksheets or the just a sheet of all the letters and numbers of a script that resembles the wording in the Declaration of Independence. I love this style and would like to attempt emulating it. I admit that I'm new...
  15. wormspank

    Are Astra blades still a top choice?

    Hello everyone. Are the Astras still a top choice for a razor blade? I've read people saying that quality has severely declined since Gillette bought the company. Previously, they were known for their sharpness and durability. I'm looking for something that's sharp and smooth, but at a good...
  16. wormspank

    Similar Scent Profiles?

    Hello. I'm looking for some shaving soaps that have a great scent (I know that's subjective) to try out. Currently, my favorites are: Declaration Grooming: Massacre of the Innocents Catie's Bubbles: Connecticut Shade Of these, I like Massacre of the Innocents the best. The Connecticut Shade...
  17. wormspank

    Balm or Splash Recommendations?

    Hello. I have been using Duke Cannon's Ice Cold Aftershave exclusively since I started wet-shaving (only about 5 months now), and I really like it. The scent, in my opinion, is quite pleasant, and I like the menthol kick. I feel that it does help moisturize my face and head after I shave...
  18. wormspank

    WCS Classic Collection Razor 84S?

    Hello. I recently bought the WCS Classic Collection Razor 84S to replace my Bali butterfly razor (Viking Revolution Chieftain clone). The razor is a bit more solid and heftier with, what appears to me, to be a larger gap and more blade exposure than the Bali. The blade angle also seems to be...
  19. wormspank

    Shavette suggestions

    Hello. I'm currently using a safety razor, but want to learn to use a shavette. I think, for the immediate future, it would be best for me due to my budget constraints (when compared to a straight razor). I know the Feather is the most highly recommended, but beside the price, it uses longer...
  20. wormspank

    Which to buy?

    Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to DE shaving and want to find a good, but economical brush. I currently have a cheap Van Der Hagen badger hair brush, that seems to lose hairs every time I shave. At the time, I wanted to test the waters, so I didn't do a lot of research into brushes. That was...
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