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    surgical vs marine stainless steel

    Almost all stainless steel DE razors that mention the type of stainless steel used say it's marine grade. How is this different from surgical grade stainless steel? I see some straights mention they are made from surgical grade stainless steel.
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    MdC and benzoin

    I came across a bunch of threads that mention the use of benzoin in MdC shave soaps. Do any of the MdC scents not use benzoin? Also, why is this used and why is it not mentioned in the ingredients?
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    how to remove soap buildup from razor head?

    My AS-D2 head has quite a build up of soap scum (see attached). I've looked at some of the articles on cleaning razors and they seem quite involved and require a scrubbing brush, etc. Is there not something that would dissolve the soap? I have tried soaking in hot water and then scrubbing...
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    FS Plisson shave cream -- new, never used

    $20 includes shipping in CONUS.
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    how often does your sink clog?

    I've lived in the US for close to 30 years now, but I've been experiencing clogged sinks only since I started wet shaving, previously in an apartment and now in a house. Do certain shaving soaps make the sink more susceptible to clogging? Is it due to low flow faucets that don't generate enough...
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    FS Mühle Sophist Ironwood Shaving Brush with STF

    Muhle Sophist Ironwood Shaving Brush with Synthetic Silver Tip Fibre. Knot size 23 mm. Overall height is 110 mm. Brand new, never used. Asking $100 including shipping within CONUS.
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    FS Acqua di Parma travel brush

    Acqua di Parma travel brush. Synthetic Loft: 48mm Handle: 35mm Overall height: 83mm (Specs provided by the AdP store.) Includes plastic travel tube and the original box. Attached picture shows size in reference the Plisson Synthetic. The story: Bought a couple of months ago, used < 10...
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    How is was this image even approved by Gillette's marketing?

    Taken from here: https://gillette.com/en-us/products/razors-trimmers-and-blades/fusion-proshield-razor It's like the beard is not even getting shaved by the razor.
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    Gillette does it again -- Gillette Guard -> Gillette Guard 3

    Looks like the Gillette Guard was Gillette's attempt to get India to move to an inexpensive cartridge razor, but now they're about to release the Gillette Guard 3 with a sensor strip and 3 blades which they claim has shown to be better in studies. Next up, Gillette Guard 5 with 5 blades and a...
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    considering an open comb for the first time

    I'm here to ask for recommendations for an open comb razor. Here's the story why I am doing that. A couple of days ago, I decided to use my Gillette Guard (GG) that had been sitting around for a while. I found that I actually got a closer shave than I normally do with my AS-D2 + Gillette...
  11. A

    acqua di parma and sensitive skin?

    I recently got a sample of AdP cream. The scent is strong and pleasant, but just like St. James of London creams: The scent lingers forever, even after the shave, and this starts to bother me. It causes a bit of burning and irritation, eventually causing my skin to peel. Also, just like SJOL...
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    new L'Occitane brush

    Who makes this brush and why is not available in the US? https://nz.loccitane.com/shaving-brush,26,1,1845,737462.htm Seems to be available in most other countries.
  13. A

    MdC Agrumes

    I have been using MdC exclusively for almost 2 years, first with unscented, then with original. I had previously tried a sample envelope of Agrumes and from recollection I thought I would like it. Unfortunately, after < 5 uses, I find myself always going back to the original scent. Hence I’ve...
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    a tale of 3 zimmerli boxers

    I bought 3 zimmerli boxers at different times. I'm attaching pictures of two of them. First, none of them say "Made in Switzerland". Second, they were all worn and washed the same way, and yet there is a difference in how the material at the leg openings have wrinkled -- from none to very bad...
  15. A

    rotating soaps

    I'm a one soap/cream/blade guy. If I buy a new soap/cream/blade and l like it better than what I'm currently using, I stop using the current one. If I don't like it, the new one goes on BST immediately. So, you guys who rotate -- how do you convince yourself to keep the lesser ones around and...
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    FS antica barbieria colla shaving cream used approx 5 times - $40

    After all the rave reviews of ABC shaving cream, I decided to give it a try. I used it about 5 times and decided it is not for me. (I find slickness and cushion is lacking compared to MdC, my regular soap.) I tossed the fancy packaging, so all I have is the jar. Picture shows exactly how it...
  17. A

    antica barbieria colla capsicum and menthol lotion

    I recently ordered ABC's shave cream and they sent me a sample of their capsicum and menthol lotion. I incorrectly thought it was an aftershave lotion and used it as such. Amazing scent. Now that I look it up on their website, I see it's actually a hair lotion...
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    modern razors that copy Gillette's designs?

    Are there any modern razors that have copied the Gillette Old Type or Gillette Tech? I like the thin heads on those razors. The AS-D2 that I'm using looks close to the Tech, but the bar looks a bit thicker.
  19. A

    antica barbieria colla (ABC) first time use comments

    I have been using MdC for the last 2 years and have been quite happy with it. But seeing all the rave reviews of ABC, I decided to buy one and give it a try. I ordered directly with the ABC store along with their almond shampoo. Ordered June 20. Shipped June 23. Arrived July 1. I shaved with...
  20. A

    Bank ATM rant

    What is it with ATMs nowadays? The notes come out without all being aligned the same way. Today, I got a $20 bill all patched up with tape. I took it into the bank and asked them to replace it and they refused to do it because I didn't have an account with them. Seriously? There used to be...
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