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  1. geneaut

    Brambleberry Melt and Pour shave soap

    I was doing some cleaning this past weekend and ran across some old melt and pour soap I'd 'made' many years ago from stuff I'd bought at Brambleberry. The recipe was something along the lines of 3 parts Brambleberry shave base to 1 part Brambleberry goat milk base. I scented it with some spicey...
  2. geneaut

    First Impression: Walgreen's 'Store brand' DE blades made in Germany

    OK. I was in Walgreen's the other day and these somehow made it to the register with me despite being ridiculously over-priced at $5.79 for 10 blades. I bought these solely for the purpose of trying them out to answer a few questions I had: 1. Are these rebadged Personnas of some type like they...
  3. geneaut

    Starting new adventure: Indian Gillette Wilkinson Swords

    I’ve been using the Chinese Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades for a little over a year, and I found them to be adequate blades at a good price point. Recently I noticed a good deal on their Indian cousins on Amazon and decided to try them out. They arrived today and I took a few pictures. I may...
  4. geneaut

    In praise of the Gillette 7 O'clock Indian Black label blades

    I have a complex history with Gillette 7 O'clock blades. When I first dabbled into wet-shaving I was initially drawn to the idea from a cost savings aspect. As such, I avoided most Gillette blades out of hand. Then one day an internet vendor dropped a free blade sample of the old Gillette Blue...
  5. geneaut

    Does anybody add extra scent to Clubman ?

    I like to add witch hazel to Clubman so I have some smaller 3oz containers pre-mixed with 70/30 Clubman/WH blend ( plus a dash of glycerine ). While nice on the face it 'mutes' the Clubman to a certain extent so I started thinking. The wife has been working from home lately and invested in one...
  6. geneaut

    Revisited an old friend: Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum

    I have one tuck of these beauties left and decided to treat myself to one of them today. A beautiful shave in my SLOC. These always were one of my favorite blades, and today's shave reminded why. I'm aware many people consider the GSBs at least the spiritual successor if not the right out...
  7. geneaut

    The rarely discussed Derby USTA blade

    I've seen a few threads discussing these blades before. There is always some debate whether they are rebranded Derby Extras or Derby Premiums, or are they their own blade. I don't know the real answer, but I know I got a very good shave with one this morning. One nice enough to prompt this post...
  8. geneaut

    Surprisingly nice first shave with a Lord Classic Super Stainless

    Have you ever purchased a tuck of blades just to round out an order? I recently purchased some blades from Connaught and just to get the order total to a round number a grabbed 2 tucks of Lord Classic Super Stainless blades. They've lived in my shave den storage for a few months basically...
  9. geneaut

    Loving the ease of the Feather Popular

    A few months ago I decided I wanted a mild shaving and inexpensive travel razor so I did some research and settled on the Feather Popular TTO. I have to say I was very happy with my purchase upon getting it and using it a few times. It was extremely mild ( as I had gleaned from many reports )...
  10. geneaut

    First use Asco Super Stainless ( Orange label )

    I started up a ( new to me ) Lord Asco Super Stainless blade yesterday. This is a blade that I basically ordered to round out my purchase to an even $20 so it was purchased blind and in small numbers. I generally like to do a 'first use' in my Gillette Slim at a setting of 3, so that is how I...
  11. geneaut

    First Use: Super Max Blue Diamond Titanium Coated

    Super Max Titanium 1 by geneaut posted Aug 8, 2019 at 9:12 AM I recently ran across these blades in a well-respected internet-based British shaving storefront for a good price so I took a leap of faith and purchased 100. They arrived last night so I took them for a spin this morning. What did I...
  12. geneaut

    Mixed Witchhazel and Barbasol Pacific Rush

    I hit the Dollar General Friday to pick up some Yardley's soap bars, and also to check out the Barbasol Pacific Rush I'd read about in the reviews here. As I was shopping I saw a bottle of witch hazel, so I picked it up as well ( and the Vi-Jon Brut clone DG carries ). Being a tinkerer I...
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