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Search results

  1. Quietville

    1000th post PIF

    Congratulations on 1000 posts jmallen! I hope you enjoy the goodies xXClockwork!
  2. Quietville

    jmallen5 is a Bad Man...

    Haha, I know that feeling all too well Price.
  3. Quietville

    1000th post PIF

    Very generous of you and a great way to commemorate 1000 posts. That's quite a lot of posts! I'm 23. The thing I enjoy most about the art of fine tobacco is the camaraderie and relaxation. Smoking a nice cigar is the only thing that I know of that you can do in a crowded, noisy tavern or in...
  4. Quietville

    Tobacquistitions! Post Up Your Brown Leaf Goodies!

    I had my first one - the APC... wretched. It made me want to consider never having another cigar.
  5. Quietville

    Anyone interested in sampling Thompson Brittany pipe-tobacco cigars?

    I'm going to have to withdraw my interest. I hate to do this but I have an interesting story that I will post in a new thread as to not derail this one.
  6. Quietville

    Recent college graduate curious about smoking

    @Spike I've been living on the south side for 4 years, and I'm 22. It's funny that the younger neighborhood spooks me. Haha. @Dan I think you like Fuentes.
  7. Quietville

    Recent college graduate curious about smoking

    Mostly I think the neighborhood. There's a bunch of head shops in the area with bongs and other things out openly displayed. Right next to Blue Havana neighboring it across the alley is an "adult" type store. I don't know. I'm sure there's no reason to be intimidated or apprehensive. I think...
  8. Quietville

    Anyone interested in sampling Thompson Brittany pipe-tobacco cigars?

    Another thing to consider is sending tobacco over state lines. I would be interested in this if it's okay with the B&B community... and of course law enforcement.
  9. Quietville

    B&b bl pif?

    I stand corrected. Thanks. So, are you interested?
  10. Quietville

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Girlfight It was okay... very predictable.
  11. Quietville

    What are you listening to?

    I can't stop thinking about 9/11. So this is what I've been listening to...
  12. Quietville

    Reflections on September 11, 2001 and the Future World Trade Center

    I was in 7th grade history class when this happened. I live in a city that is 7 miles from school and the first attack had happened while we were in-transit to the school. When we arrived we were told to stay in our classrooms and watch the TV until further notice. I was watching live when the...
  13. Quietville

    Change One Letter Word Game

  14. Quietville

    Any Audiophiles?

    I'm going to try not to sound snobby or elitist. I AM an audiophile, but I like LIVE music. Nothing beats sitting in a CSO concert... nothing can reproduce the way those chords lock in and the low rumble of live string basses. Mmmmm
  15. Quietville

    vintage simpson: going on ebay (please explain)

    Guys, rules are rules and we are gentlemen here, I'm sure. It doesn't matter if the rules are just or right, it matters that this is a "private" forum which we are privileged to be a part of. We should respect the rules whether we like it or not. If the rules are infringed on accident, no harm...
  16. Quietville

    Recent college graduate curious about smoking

    I've been there. I didn't like the vibe. I'm a little scared and intimidated by it honestly. I should visit by myself though and check it out. I wanted to stop in there last Saturday (Sept. 3) on a trip to The Alley with my S.O. but I was broke. I'm also still kind of broke. (hence why I went...
  17. Quietville

    Best soap you ever used

    Mama Bear's Toasted Coconut. I feel dirty.
  18. Quietville

    what do you use to scoop cream out of the tub?

    Okay here's what I do. I fill a bowl with the hottest water on tap, stick my brush in a ceramic bowl from Wal-Mart, I hop in the shower and when I'm done I shake out my brush. Then I dump out the water in the ceramic bowl and refill it with fresh hot water. After my ceramic cup overfloweth I...
  19. Quietville

    B&b bl pif?

    I do want to work something out, but I figured I could gauge interest first.
  20. Quietville

    B&b bl pif?

    So many acronyms! Anyway, Someone pointed me in the direction of puff.com and I caught wind of a noob PIF where guys who have been there for 6 months or less receive and pass along cigars to each other. I've never smoked a cigar in my life (I have 8 RP's in the mail though!) and I was...
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