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  1. Alex_Kinzor

    Gillette Silver Blue: This happen to anyone else?

    Right so I've been going through my samples and decided to use a Gillette Silver Blue--I ordered two from tryablade and got maybe a half dozen or so from a recent pif. Anyway my first shave it was sharp but pretty rough, the second shave was smoother but still rough and still sharp. My third...
  2. Alex_Kinzor

    Looking for advice on a new brush

    Okay fellows, I think my cheap brush is starting to show its cheapness. Over Xmas my mother procured at Wally World a Van der Hagen Shave Set. It comes in the orange package, and includes a shave soap (of indeterminate odor), a clear plastic brush stand, and a "apothecary" mug. Included with...
  3. Alex_Kinzor

    Just set myself up a sampler pack.

    Well, while I'm still relatively new to the wet shaving game (considering there are guys here who've been shaving like this for 50 years) I've started my quest for the perfect blade, or at least the blade that makes me happy. Its a good thing that I found B&B or I wouldn't have even thought to...
  4. Alex_Kinzor

    Alex_Kinzor's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Alexander What are your nicknames/aliases? Alex Where do you live? Florida What is your age (or) generation? 1979 What are you in the real world? A vaper, casual gamer and misanthrope What is your favorite shave setup? I've not been doing...
  5. Alex_Kinzor

    Hey Y'all from Florida

    Hey y'all. I'm Alex, and I'm a wet shaving noob. While I've shaved since I was a teenager and I'm in my mid-thirties now, I picked up a Van den Hagen safety razor on a whim and found it to be better than the three blade disposable monstrosities I used to use on my face. (I still use them on...
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