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  1. xmacro

    To scuttle or not to scuttle

    Shaved DE for 9 years without a scuttle, just face lathering off the puck, so there's definitely no need for it. That said, I brought out my old Dirty Bird scuttle from the back of the closet when I got into straight shaving, and there really is nothing quite like a nice warm brush full of...
  2. xmacro

    What Did You Learn From Your SR Shave Today?

    500,000 grit. Jump is so big I don't think it actually does anything, TBH. The razor still tugs a bit even after a fresh hone; planning on introducing a 1->0.5->0.3->-0.1->0.05 progression, to see if that fixes things
  3. xmacro

    What Did You Learn From Your SR Shave Today?

    Somewhere around 10 shaves; blade is a bit dull & pulling hairs, despite just being honed recently. Probably due to terrible progression, I jump from 1u to 0.3u then 0.05u. Really gotta fix that gap. So I couldn't go too fast without ripping hairs out, had to slow down and had one of my best...
  4. xmacro

    Paper as a strop

    Could use your hand too; IIRC, there's some history using the palm of ones hand as a strop
  5. xmacro

    How long until aha?

    The day I learned to let the weight of the razor do the work instead of pressing down is the day I stopped cutting myself with any DE blade; even feathers can't bleed me once I lightened up. Weight. Of. The. Razor. If it can't cut, either the blade isn't sharp enough or you need more lather
  6. xmacro

    Do the soaps we use clog our sinks?

    Drano seems to solve all my problems; that stuff just dissolves organic matter AFAIK
  7. xmacro

    New with a twist

    Honestly, if its info and how-to's you're after, use the search bar. There's a decade plus of info on these boards from decades long straight shavers, many of whom have stopped posting as the years have gone on. The glory of Badger and Blade is that it's a tremendous repository of knowledge...
  8. xmacro

    Come to Papa!

    Looks great; love the clipped toe, very reminiscent of a kamisori
  9. xmacro

    What Did You Learn From Your SR Shave Today?

    Learning that I really, Really, REALLY hate sharp points. I want very much to lead with the toe of the blade - lay it down to make first contact and establish where I want the blade to be, follow with the body making sure the angle is right, then start shaving - but the sharp point just digs in...
  10. xmacro

    Neck ATG issue

    Feather blades :devil2:
  11. xmacro

    Ten Minute Straight Razor Challenge

    YEESH! What's with that guy, just grip it and rip it. Still a total newbie and it takes me 2 strokes to get down the cheek with a SR whereas a DE just takes 1, but wow, just get on with it already
  12. xmacro

    Neck XTG - Any ideas?

    N -> S first pass with a little E and W to get the hollows around the underside of my jaw; second pass S->N and touchup any places I missed. I've given up on BBS on the underside, a DFS is enough for me
  13. xmacro

    What did you hone today?

    After maybe 8-10 shaves my Cape 2000 started to tug and needed a re-hone. Since I set the bevel on a stone and recently came across Slash's advice to always hone in-hand, I figured I might've set the bevel wrong, so went back to the 1k stone to set the bevel, then 5k. After that, went to the...
  14. xmacro

    Straight Razor for Legs?

    Little experience myself, but supposedly wedges and near wedges have a higher degree of forgiveness than hollows, full hollows, etc, at least on faces, so I assume it'd apply to legs as well. Obviously a nice rounded dutch point as well would help
  15. xmacro

    Looking for a straight razor

    As a general rule, most all ebay and etsy blades labeled "shave ready" are not, and will either need to be honed yourself or sent out to someone else. Honing's not that difficult to learn, and not too expensive if you stay away from stones and just buy lapping film or a pasted balsa strop -...
  16. xmacro

    GD Jnat/1u Film shootout

    Now I'm wondering how it'd feel if you took it onto some 0.5, 0.3, or 0.1u lapping film . . .
  17. xmacro

    BBS vs DFS

    One with the grain, one across it, and I'm done. BBS is nice the first few times, but that last against the grain shave makes it take longer, and increases the risk you get a bleeder. Plus it leaves my face feeling a bit raw and makes the next day's shave less pleasant. So just 2 for me, DFS...
  18. xmacro

    Pre-shave stropping

    Sometimes I strop right after a shave, about 50 laps; sometimes I don't and just strop before the shave next time. Can't really see it making any difference however you do it
  19. xmacro

    Absolute beginner

    Oof, really did a number on that straight, didn't you? It's fixable, but it'll take a steady hand. My recommendation si either send it out to someone like Doc to fix it, or write this one off as a learner and keep going - knives need pressure on stones, razors don't - the lighter the better
  20. xmacro

    Straight Razor market dying out?

    It really doesn't cost much to keep a website running. $10 for a domain name per year, Wordpress templates are free, maybe $100-$200 per year for a license for a ready-made plugin that can process credit card transactions, depending on the site.
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