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Search results

  1. gwav64

    What's your favorite summer shaving soap?

    Mine are LaToja and Speick.
  2. gwav64

    Anyone using unscented or minimally scented soaps?

    Hello all: I am trying to get away from scented soaps. I've read that it's better for the skin. I have sensitive skin and have noticed that some creams and soaps irritate my lips if I get lather on them (my lips actually swell up and ache a bit). I am not buying any more scented soaps and am...
  3. gwav64

    Recommendations for cream with good skin care qualities & light scent?

    Hi folks: Just looking for creams with the best skin care attribute. I have tried the following creams: Proraso (green), GFT coconut, TOBS lavender, TOBS sandalwood, and Salter's wild rose. These creams are ok. Just looking for something to try that will make my face feel awesome...
  4. gwav64

    Loving the "cheap" soaps!

    I really love using the cheap soaps, such as Arko, Palmolive, and Godrej shaving round. I like the different scents and am very pleased with their performance. I haven't tried VDH, Williams, or the Colonel Conk yet.
  5. gwav64

    RazoRock [Boston Tea Party]

    Anyone else a fan of this stuff? It has a very pleasant scent (from green tea), lathers easily, gives a close shave, and leaves the skin feeling great after the shave. I wish I had tried this Artisan Shaving Soap line earlier in my wet shaving journey. It is "croapy" and reminds me of Cella.
  6. gwav64

    Shaving soaps with the best skin care...?

    Which shaving soaps do you find provide the best skin care or aftershave feel? I like MWF and Mike's Natural Soaps.
  7. gwav64

    Lab Series Skincare For Men [Razor Burn Relief Ultra]

    Is anyone else a fan of this stuff? I like it because it's gentle, has no fragrance, has some soothing ingredients, has skin-identical ingredients, has antioxidants, and has cell-comminicating ingredients. In other words...it's full of great things for your skin!
  8. gwav64

    Soap & Geography: name the best soap(s) that a country produces...

    I thought it might be fun to list what members think are the top soaps by country of origin. For me, right now: Italy--Cella Great Britain--MWF Spain--La Toja Your turn....
  9. gwav64

    Truefitt & Hill [West Indian Limes]

    Working on the T&H sampler pack and the West Indian Limes stung my face a little bit. I got some of the cream on my lips and I could feel them go a little numb. Has anyone else had this issue? I hope I will not have this reaction to all of the T&H creams! I had a similar reactions to TOBS...
  10. gwav64

    Help & Tips, please, for face-lathering Kiss My Face Moisture shave...!

    Hello Gents: I need some suggestions for face lathering KMF...should I just rub a thin layer on my face and then create lather with my brush on my face? What have you found to be the best method? Also, have you found it more ideal to face lather or bowl lather KMF? Thank you!
  11. gwav64

    High praise for West Coast Shaving!

    Just some high praise and kudos for West Coast Shaving for providing good customer service and putting the customer's satisfaction and happiness first. They accepted return of a razor purchased from them and used...and one that I discovered much later had an issue that was "borderline to what...
  12. gwav64

    Do you own more shaving soaps or shaving creams...and why?

    I own many more shaving soaps than creams. I like shaving sticks and I like to face-lather and I find this easier to do with pucks and sticks. I like the variety of scents you can find in the shaving soap world. I also like lighter scents in some of my soaps. And I believe that soaps last...
  13. gwav64

    You are forced to thin your shaving cream herd to 3...which ones?

    I started a similar thread in the soaps forum. If you are forced by natural or man-made (or SWMBO?) mandates to thin you shaving cream herd to 3, which ones do you keep? And why? This a theorhetical question and no shavers or shaving creams will be hurt by providing your answers below...
  14. gwav64

    Mike's Lily of the Valley vs. Mystic Waters Lily of the Valley...

    I have been shaving with Mike's Lily of the Valley (strong powdery smell) and just purchased Mystic Waters Lily of the Valley soap. Of course I cannot wait for the Mystic Waters to arrive. Can anyone comment on the scents of both soaps? Thank you! I will post some thoughts on the two at a...
  15. gwav64

    You are forced to thin your soap herd to 3...which ones?

    Let's just assume by either natural or man-made mandates, you must reduce your shaving soap herd down to 3 soaps only for life...which ones make the cut? And why? For me, it's: MWF: love the scent, lather, and how it makes my face feel after the shave. Arko stick: like the scent...
  16. gwav64

    Movies or TV shows featuring DE/straight razor shaving...?

    Hello my brothers! I was watching the movie "Frantic" (with Harrison Ford, 1988) and was pleasantly surprised to see him bowl lather and shave with a straight razor. This happens within the first 15 minutes of the movie. What movies or television shows have you seen where an actor shaves...
  17. gwav64

    Cyril R. Salter Shaving Cream [Wild Rose]

    Just had my first shave with Cyril R. Salter wild rose shaving cream. On the label, it's noted as a luxury shaving cream...and I can see why. I face lathered with my Semogue 803 and it produced the thickest, most cushioning lather of any shaving cream I have tried (TOBS Lavender, TOBS...
  18. gwav64

    One week, one product

    Hello All: I decided, having nearly 20 (in total) creams and soaps, that I would re-dedicate myself to giving each product fair use. So, I have decided to shave with one product for a full week before moving onto another. I just received a bunch of new soaps and creams and haven't even tried...
  19. gwav64

    What are your favorite soap scents, regardless of performance?

    I love the scents of MWF, La Toja shave stick, and Pre de Provence. I do like Arko, too.
  20. gwav64

    Mitchell's Wool Fat (MWF) thread

    I thought it might be a good idea to start a MWF thread. It's one of my favorite soaps. Great, protective lather and nice, clean scent. It seems to last forever. I just love how soft and smooth my face feels after shaving with MWF. Please share your stories or lathering techniques or love...
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