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  1. G

    Expensive soaps?

    I hear this a lot, “MdC is cheap to use, because it lasts a long time.” Well, for Arko August I cut up two sticks of Arko in my Marvey mug and have been using it exclusively since (I’m a 3017er) I’m reasonably certain that I’ll shave at least through Easter with these same two sticks. (I puck...
  2. G

    That Windsor feeling! My journey with the Windsor from Above The Tie.

    I acquired the Windsor Pro SB90 when they became available and I’ve since gotten rid of every other razor. This is “ The one” and only.
  3. G

    Expensive soaps?

    If I ever waste that kind of money on soap, I’ll commit myself. I am perfectly happy with Arko, Cella (brick) Williams and for a special treat, Tabac.
  4. G

    They Don’t Understand

    I do this for me. I couldn’t care any less about what anyone thinks.
  5. G

    RIP Rush Limbaugh

    We’ll see him again in the new world.
  6. G

    Haslinger question

    I don’t see a whole lot of difference between most soaps. There’s some stinkers out there like MWF but for the most part all soaps work fine.
  7. G

    Why Artisans don't make shaving creams?

    Maybe they don’t want to invest in the machines needed to fill tubes.
  8. G

    Lathering Preference

    I lather on top of the puck in my Marvy mug, leave full brush in the mug after using. Couple of dribbles of water next time a few swirled and thick rich lather appears almost instantly, soap lasts forever as a side benefit.
  9. G

    What are the most un-fatted artisan soaps you have ever used?

    Arko, tabak, cella, Williams that’s all you need to know about soaps.
  10. G

    What did you learn from your last shave?

    Synthetic brushes are far, far superior to naturals.
  11. G

    PIF: Arko Shave Sticks

    Who ever wins ( not in btw) will get to experience the greatest shaving soap ever created.
  12. G

    Arko scented detergent

    sometimes people get off track. Here it happens allot.
  13. G

    Green Cella Scent

    I must be a Neanderthal, to me I just like a smell or I don’t. Notice the use of the term smell instead of scent, yep Neandertha.
  14. G

    How Many Soaps?

    I deserve nothing but the best, so it’s 1, Arko.
  15. G

    My first Arko experience

    The only soap better then Arko is, there isn’t anything better.
  16. G

    Arko Saved My Life and How I Learned to Face Lather

    If there is a soap better than Arko, God kept it for himself.
  17. G

    SV 70th Anniversary is sublime!

    For $50.00 a soap!!!! It would have to work as my butler too.
  18. G

    Revisited Van Der Hagen Deluxe - Garbage!

    You don’t need to go any higher. Van der Hagen, Arko, Cella, Tabac, it doesn’t get any better. Some snob appeal sure, but for whisker removal, this is as good as it gets.
  19. G

    Hmmm, ARKO: Like going through an industrial carwash

    Why don’t we talk about the insanity of paying $30.00 - $40.00 for some slop claiming to be based on rat fat and lizard lard that is probably Arko pounded into a jar?
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