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  1. baojunzm

    A puzzle that has been bothering me for a long time. Could any gentleman answer that?

    I have recently purchased a lot of JNAT, but I have a problem. Since the JNAT is excavated from the mine. Are they radioactive or toxic, just like many other minerals found in nature? Maybe I'm thinking too much:confused1
  2. baojunzm

    Black Friday is around the corner. Will razor vendors be offering discounts

    I've got my wallet ready:c1:
  3. baojunzm

    Optimized my gold dollar

    I optimized my GD888 and now it becomes easier to hone,easier to grip. :c10: But the blade is shorter
  4. baojunzm

    It's time to buy a Wacker razor

    I spent half a year improving my honing skills with 4 gold dollar razors. And bought a TI le Dandy razor last week. Now I want to choose a Wacker razor,Can anyone recommend me a good one? I mean ‘Easy to use, not just good-looking’ many thanks~!:c1:
  5. baojunzm

    Which is the best SR for beginner?

    Hello everyone, I've just mastered how to use feathers DX, and I practiced sharpening a knife with Gold Dollars. Now, I want to buy a 'better' razor. But which supplier's which products are best for beginners? Revisor, Dovo, TI or what? My budget is about $150. Could any handsome gentlemen...
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