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  1. TheKman

    I think I might be a Rye man.

    Fair to say I've been an enthusiastic whisk(e)y drinker since I came of age, though mostly interested in Scotch Whisky with the occasional Bourbon/Irish/Canadian/other for good measure. However, I have had something of a revelation of late. In Australia we make far fewer whisky's than the lands...
  2. TheKman

    Stirling G&T Rocks - too much eucalyptus.

    This is the first Stirling soap I've tried and I'm finding the scent over powering. The eucalyptus and menthol is so strong it makes my eyes water, not to mention the extremely cold sensation. So, it performs really well and I'd like to keep it, what can I do?
  3. TheKman

    Warm water + hand soap + glycerin = good prep

    The quest for the perfect shave prep has inspired lots of experiments recently and I've kind of settled on a process that seems to work really well, so I thought I'd share. Tiny bit of background, I seem to suffer with allergic reactions to quite a few scents and hot water is also bad news for...
  4. TheKman

    Stirling Soaps locally?

    I've been interested in the Stirling Lanolin soaps range, but can't find a local retailer for love or money. Do I really have to get them from the 'states? As an alternative I'm open to other Lanolin soaps as the few I've tried (including Washpool Farm in QLD) are all top performers. What say...
  5. TheKman

    Timeless Bronze .38 Review and Analysis

    There have been a few reviews of the Timeless Bronze already and some users in the CONUS have had these for some weeks now, however, I received mine yesterday after a torturous two week journey to the Great Southern Land. Thanks for nothing USPS item tracking service! So, what will follow is a...
  6. TheKman

    Skipped the WTG pass. Nice.

    On a whim yesterday (because I was late for work actually) I skipped the WTG pass and went with across and against with some light buffing hoping to get a reasonable shave in a short time. To my surprise it was not only faster, but more comfortable and almost as good as a full 3-pass with...
  7. TheKman

    Birds of a Feather (AS-D2)... What's your favourite combo?

    So I'm just rediscovering the Feather AS-D2 after a prolonged absence and realising that the improvements in my prep, soap and post-shave have made this razor far more viable that I'd previously thought. Until this week I'd almost dismissed the AS-D2 having compared unfavourably with more recent...
  8. TheKman

    DIY Travel Brush Tube

    I thought I'd share with you the travel brush tube I made for a Simpson Wee Scot. All PVC parts from the plumbing section of the local hardware, press fit together. KISS! That is all! Total cost $7.48 + 15 minutes of my time. Though I just realised I should probably drill some holes to...
  9. TheKman

    Shavelation for fragile skin

    I've told my story a couple of times here, suffice to say that I have fragile skin and the last year has seen my beard grow coarser and faster, inspiring my membership at B&B. Thanks to the membership here I've managed to settle upon the tools I need to achieve long term comfort in my daily...
  10. TheKman

    When has a quality product repaid you in a surprising way?

    I'm all about 'appropriate quality', a term which dictates many decisions in the Engineering professions. I have a personal mantra when it comes to most purchases which goes like this: "You'll remember the quality of a product, long after you've forgotten the expense." Read it any number of...
  11. TheKman

    Rockwell 6S users - scraping versus cutting, what plate do you use?

    So the no.1 plate seems a little pointless for me, I've been using the 2-4 plates most regularly. Most recently I've found the two plate seems to produce a little more irritation than expected, while the three and four plates produce the smoothest overall result. What I don't yet understand is...
  12. TheKman

    Do we need to pander to the 'southern hick' croud?

    I travel outbound on the Westgate Freeway on the way home from work and every evening I laugh when I see the Holden Colorado billboard. If you haven't seen one it has a catch phrase "The best of both worlds" and pictures two utes, one on each side, being loaded or unloaded from the rear. I'll...
  13. TheKman

    Anybody tried Washpool Farm Shaving Soap?

    Been doing some research into shave soaps containing Lanolin and found this: Wet Shaving Soap - Lanolin Unscented - Men's Grooming - Face, Bath & Body - Washpool Farm Soaperie Queensland producer, very short ingredients list... could be a great option for my rather fragile face. Anyone tried...
  14. TheKman

    Barrister's Reserve Spice. Does this seem right to you?

    A Barrister and Mann "Barrister's Reserve Spice" arrived today and the bouquet is quite something. However, it doesn't look right. Notice the mottled consistency and discolouration? I did find a review on youtube that looked to have exactly the same appearance. Maybe this is expected? If you...
  15. TheKman

    Most protective soaps for fragile skin?

    In attempting to find the most comfortable DE shave experience there have been several revelations since the beginning of this year. Chief amongst then has been finding the right razor for me, then the right blades, then the correct prep routine and post shave routine. It's time to start finding...
  16. TheKman

    How do *you* use Alum?

    It has several different uses (little hint, Google 'How to use Alum', eye opener!) but I suspect most of us use it as an astringent post-shave. While on a holiday at sea I noticed that the general condition of my skin improved and suspected the sea air and fairly constant sea spray leaving a...
  17. TheKman

    Cut yourself lately? My son won't... ever.

    I'm sure we all exercise a basic level of caution with our blades. In attempting to demonstrate how sharp the blades are to my 10 year old son, and how to properly handle them, I accidentally dropped a blade... and instinctively tried to catch it! I think the cursing and blood made an...
  18. TheKman

    Neck irritation following diet change.

    G'day folks, Very quick history; When the Timeless 0.68 SB arrive a few weeks back I experienced a revelation of smooth irritation free shaving. A month ago I also stopped eating animal products in favour of a whole-food vegan diet. It seems I may be experiencing the first negative consequence...
  19. TheKman

    New to straights, but not blades. What to start with?

    Hi Folks, Being fairly new around here, please excuse my etiquette if this thread is misplaced. Essentially, I'm trying to work out where I should start when it comes to selecting a straight razor. I should start by telling you what I know, and what I don't know. Working with a wide selection...
  20. TheKman

    Which blades in Timeless SB .68 for sensitive skin.

    Hi All, I received my Timeless a couple of days ago and had experienced a revelation in smoothness on first use... awesome. Now, I'm attempting to find the blades that best suit it, and me. My face has lots of mild acne scarring and some sizeable moles which has made choices quite difficult...
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