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  1. Suzuki

    Pelikan 140 Questions

    I am thinking of getting a Pelikan 140 and wondered what folks had to say in terms of overall impressions, size compared to other popular pens and thoughts regarding nib choice. Thanks in advance for the input!
  2. Suzuki

    In Praise of the Sheaffer Triumph Nib

    While there's lots of discussion about vintage Parkers (especially the 51) in the NIB, there is precious little about vintage Sheaffers. Leaving aside the whole Sheaffer vs. Parker issue (you'll often find that folks have a preference for one or the other), I think folks just getting into...
  3. Suzuki

    Parker 65

    I have just come into posession of a Parker 65 - it was manufactured by Parker for the UK market and is based on the later versions of the 61, with the key difference being that it has a very nice gold open nib that is very similar to that used on the later Parker 75. It is the nib that makes...
  4. Suzuki

    TGN Knots

    Gents - I'm considering having a custom brush made - what are your views regarding the TGN black badger and finest knots. I'm looking for a soap/face-lathering brush and prefer smaller knots. I'm especially interested in hearing from folks who have both types of knots or have a good...
  5. Suzuki

    Omega vs. Semogue Boar Brushes

    Its clear that there are lot of fans of both Omega and Semogue boar brushes and I think it would be interesting to see how gents who have brushes from both makers compare them. One of the reasons I'm starting this thread is that I'm a fan of the boar brushes (although I'm not getting rid of...
  6. Suzuki

    Tale of Three Razors

    Ok guys, before you ride me out on a rail, let me explain. Over the past few months, I have been traveling extensively and flying carry on only, which necessitates the use of a cartridge razor. So, in the interest of science, I have been testing the various new cartridge razor offerings that...
  7. Suzuki

    Acquisitions February 1 - 6

    Let's see the goods for the first week of the new month!
  8. Suzuki

    Anyone Use Soapnuts?

    I was reading about using soapnuts as a laundry soap and a for general cleaning purposes and am intrigued. Anyone here ever use these things for their laundry and if so, what is the good, bad and the ugly?
  9. Suzuki

    Caffeine Clips: Show off your tea/coffee acquisitions ~ December 2009

    Haven't posted in the Cafe for a while, but happened to have some tea/coffee goodies arrive. The first is a Kyocera manual coffee mill: These sell for about $75 - $80 plus shipping stateside, but I got this one for about $45 all in courtesy of a friend who sent me one from Japan...
  10. Suzuki

    Acquisitions October 12 - 18

    Let's see the goodies for the week!
  11. Suzuki

    Acquisitions September 21 - 27

    Let's see the purchases for the week!
  12. Suzuki

    Acquisitons September 14 - 20

    Let's see the haul for the week!
  13. Suzuki

    Acquisitions August 31 - September 6

    Let's see the goodies for the week!
  14. Suzuki

    Acquisitions August 18 - 24

    Let's see the goodies for the week!!
  15. Suzuki

    Acquisitions August 3 - 9

    Sorry for the late start - let's see the goodies for the week!
  16. Suzuki

    Acquisitions July 20 - 26

    Let's see the goods for the week!
  17. Suzuki

    Acquisitions July 6 - 12

    Let's see the goodies for the week here!
  18. Suzuki

    Acquisitions June 22 - 28

    Let's see those scores for the week!
  19. Suzuki

    Acquisitions June 15 - 21

    Let's see the goodies you got this week!
  20. Suzuki

    Acquisitions June 8 - 14

    Show us the goods for the week!
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