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  1. phelix

    Question for Silver Star Users

    Have you found a better performing blade regardless of price? I've kind of settled in on this blade and wanted to see if I should broaden my horizons a bit. Want to keep the clutter to a minimum so don't really want a sampler, prefer to get feedback from the good folks on the BnB. Thank you in...
  2. phelix

    It's the Simple Pleasures

    After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I was able to carve out enough turf to house a lean but effective arsenal in the never-ending war against facial based follicles. Wood bowl - Murphy and McNeil St James Gate M&M Triskele and Gael Loach Unmarked bottom tub is Stirling Orange Chill...
  3. phelix

    A Few Words about What the Puck

    I preface this post with the following acknowledgement, price/value is probably the most personal,YMMV aspect of this or any hobby. That being said, I felt compelled to write a few words about the What the Puck line from RR after this morning's shave. I recently joined the leap year restraint...
  4. phelix

    Silver Star or Lord Platinum

    I purchased 100 Silver Stars recently and they compare nicely to the GSB and Israeli reds already in my rotation,especially since they are less than half the price. I now want to take a good look at the other lord offerings, and the lord platinum seems to be the most mentioned. Can someone with...
  5. phelix

    Where to buy MdC in the US

    Hi Folks, I wanted to know where to find MdC in the US at this point. Very recently there was a US seller on the bay that had every scent and size but it looks as though their supplies were limited as there are very few items items left. There appears to be an UK seller but they are asking for...
  6. phelix

    Tough Choice Ahead Need Help

    I guess this is a one soap/deserted isle type of question but is unique due to my self imposed purchasing constraints. I currently have 2 x Stirling(bay rum/baker st) soaps and balm sets, 1 PDP, and 1 Viking Tree of Life (I really like the performance and scent) and have room for 1 more soap in...
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