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  1. mretzloff

    Are brown shoes with a gray suit appropriate for an interview?

    I have Googled this and have found varying opinions. This leads me to believe that it might be best to stick with black shoes just to be safe. Thoughts?
  2. mretzloff

    How does one get started playing golf?

    I have never played golf before, but almost all my colleagues and those above me at work do, so I think it might be a good idea to take the sport up. I have done some Googling, and it seems like the best way to start is getting a used set of clubs and taking some lessons to set a good...
  3. mretzloff

    Suggestions for santoku for $200 or less?

    I am helping my mother find a santoku for $200 or less. Any ideas? The only requirement is that it is a Japanese knife. Thank you for any help.
  4. mretzloff

    What is your favorite bit loafer (that is not from Gucci or Ferragamo)

    I am looking for a bit loafer, preferably one made in the U.S.A., but that is not a deal breaker. If Gucci and Ferragamo's loafers are like most other designer clothes, you are paying a premium for the name, so I would like to avoid them, but I am keeping an open mind.
  5. mretzloff

    Do any of you own stationary bikes?

    I am looking to purchase one, but am not sure where to start. Any advice would be appreciated :001_smile For the sake of this thread, let us assume that riding a "real" bike, running, joining a gym that has bikes, etc. are not options. EDIT: It should be recumbent.
  6. mretzloff

    My trip through the Black Forest

    First off, I apologize for the iPhone pictures. I have a nice Cannon at home that I mostly use for product pictures, but I did not take it with me. Hopefully you can enjoy the pictures anyway :tongue_sm I took a trip to Frankfurt, Germany in May because my grandmother was sick. Some good did...
  7. mretzloff

    BBC America's Orphan Black

    Has anyone watched this show yet? It is very good. If you get BBC America, I would highly suggest taking a look. Here is season one's trailer (the show is in season two now):
  8. mretzloff

    How does one repair an umbrella?

    This must not be a popular thing to do since Google returned some pretty useless articles :thumbdown I have an umbrella that used to belong to my grandfather. The umbrella, a Knirps, is no fancy Swaine Adeney Brigg, but it has a lot of sentimental value to me. I noticed a small hole in the...
  9. mretzloff

    Please help me find a quality cutting board

    After some searching through the Mess Hall and hefty Googling, it seems like the best cutting boards are end-grain. I found them at all different price points. I found this tamarind end-grain cutting board for $35, while The Board Smith sells several that cost well over $500. I am looking for a...
  10. mretzloff

    Best way to cut up a chicken?

    A few weeks ago, Whole Foods had organic chicken on sale, so I bought 21 :lol: I need to start eating them now. Would you suggest getting a boning knife (if so, please suggest one), or is a chef's knife good enough? I plan on cutting the chickens up before cooking them. Any help would be...
  11. mretzloff

    Lost on deserted island for seven years

    A friend of mine shared this story on Facebook. I found it interesting, so I thought I would share it here.
  12. mretzloff

    Free paper at Staples

    Use this coupon to get ten reams (5,000 sheets) of paper for free at Staples after rebate (can be mailed in or completed online). Enjoy!
  13. mretzloff

    House of Cards: SPOILER ALERT

    Anyone start watching the new season? Anyone finish it yet? I am five episodes in. I will not spoil anything, but so far, it is much better than the first season.
  14. mretzloff

    What are your favorite pies?

    I am a big fan of pumpkin, but am looking for ideas for Thanksgiving.
  15. mretzloff

    How long should a quality shoe last before needing to be sent to a cobbler?

    As the title says, how long should a quality shoe (e.g. Allen Edmonds, Alden, any of the top British brands) last before needing to be sent to a cobbler?
  16. mretzloff

    What does smart casual mean to you?

    When someone says "smart casual" or when an event's dress code is smart casual, what does that mean to you?
  17. mretzloff

    Is a taste for gourmet coffee an acquired one?

    I must admit, I have ignored The Café for quite some time. I finally ventured in here and, as Badger & Blade normally causes one to do, started looking into better coffee. I used to drink pre-ground coffee in one of those big tins from the grocery store. In the past month, I have tried many...
  18. mretzloff

    Anyone else enjoy uncured bacon?

    I recently discovered this. Most stores do not cary it. I found it at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. It is noticeably chewier than "normal" bacon, but renders a lot more fat and tastes better, in my opinion.
  19. mretzloff

    Has anyone used Allen Edmonds' recrafting service?

    Like the title says, has anyone used Allen Edmonds' recrafting service? If so, how pleased were you? I could have sworn there was a thread about it here, but I cannot find it :001_huh:
  20. mretzloff

    Epicurean cutting boards?

    What does everyone think of these as everyday cutting boards?
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