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Search results

  1. EllisAndrews

    Favourite everyday shaving soap

    Hi gents, Interested to know what's your favourite everyday shaving soap under £10?
  2. EllisAndrews

    Best beater watch

    Hi guys What's the best beater watch for everyday wear? What do you recommend for something that's cheap and hard wearing?
  3. EllisAndrews

    Minoxidil for beard growth

    Hi gents I'm thinking about using minoxidil to help fill in my beard, has anyone used this? What are your experiences?
  4. EllisAndrews

    Derby usta Vs Derby premium

    Hi gents Just curious as to which Derby is the better blade Derby usta or Derby premium? How do you rate them in terms of sharpness and smoothnes?
  5. EllisAndrews

    Soap with best slickness and post shave feel

    Hi gents What's the best affordable shaving cream or soap you've used for slickness and post shave feel?
  6. EllisAndrews

    Proraso super formula film

    Hi gents Does anyone know if the new proraso "super formula" leaves a residue film on razors like the old formula did?
  7. EllisAndrews

    Best blade in Fatip Piccolo

    Hi gents Just out of interest what's the sharpest and smoothest blade you've used in a Fatip Piccolo?
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