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    Dull blade?

    So today was my 9th shave with a shavette and I totally butchered my face. Nicks everywhere and covered in razor burn. I was doing tremendously well (I think) on #6-8 after I ditched the free Derby blades. 6 and 7 were with Astra SP blades and 8 and 9 were with Feather SS. Yesterday went well...
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    Astra SP - No nicks!

    I've only got 7 shavette shaves under my belt, but my last two shaves were a great improvement. I had been using the Derby blades that came included, but just started using a sample pack. I feel like the Astra blades were less smooth, but I don't have much experience to go on yet. Either way...
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    I Survived My First Shave But . . .

    I survived! Gosh, I was really nervous. I've only used cartridges and bought a "Utopia Care" shavette which came with Derby Platinum blades. I almost wished I'd got a DE instead, but it was kind of fun. I ended up with 3 cuts. The first was on my lip near my nostril and was more of a slice, but...
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    What makes DE blades "right" for you (me)

    Hi all, I've been reading tons of advice about trying DE samplers to determine the right blade. What exactly makes blades different? Is it the sharpness, grind angle, or something else? Does the same apply for a shavette? Thanks, Steve
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    Hi from MA!

    Hi all, I've not even shaved without my Gillette yet! I'm waiting on a cheap (with good reviews) shavette from Amazon. I've been curious about DE and straight razors for a while, but just decided to take the leap after watching all kinds of videos for the past two weeks. Plus, who wants to pay...
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