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  1. bbarton713

    WTB Schick Hydro-Magic

    I bought or traded for one of those razors 8-9 years ago on this forum and it is my daily go to razor. I’d like a spare. Does anyone have one in great shape looking for a new home?
  2. bbarton713

    Schick Hydromagic

    Good evening! I've had a hydro magic for a couple/few years and when not using a straight it is my go to razor. It has started to show signs of wear and I'd like to get another one before this one goes to the razor den in the sky. I'd prefer as close to new/unused as possible but I'm also open...
  3. bbarton713

    Sure felt good

    After a long break as I recover from a broken wrist I finally was able to hone a razor and use it to shave today. I picked an easy one, my Brian Brown custom, and it didn't disappoint. I enjoyed using my Schick Hydro a lot during this time but I'm ready to get back into a straight razor routine.
  4. bbarton713

    Rolex Lemon?

    My wife purchased a Submariner, new, for me as a wedding gift in 2007 :001_wub:. While still in warranty I sent it back because it was gaining around 30 seconds a day. They went it back to me and things went ok for a couple of years but then it started losing time to the tune of a couple of...
  5. bbarton713

    Straight Razor on TV

    I was watching Impractical Jokers and they were talking about their eyebrows. One of the guys, Murray, said he trimmed his with a straight razor. I can't imagine trimming my eyebrows and if I did a straight razor would not be my first choice to do it. However, I did get pretty excited that...
  6. bbarton713

    Waiting for the arrival of.

    My 50th birthday present, a Brian Brown custom razor. My bday isn't until Valentine's Day but it will be here this week. Damascus steel, round point, 6/8-7/8, light colored horn. i can't wait to shave with this one!!!
  7. bbarton713

    Checking in

    I haven't been around B&B much lately but still make daily use of my fountain pens. I mostly use my Pilot Vanishing point and fill it from one of the many Ink Drop samples that I accumulated this year. I think I got off cheap in terms of ADs with this aspect of my life but who knows what...
  8. bbarton713

    2010 Custom Boar Brush

    I love this brush and I am so glad that I bought it. It devours soaps and I've used it with creams too. The tips are so soft on my face and it has frequent use in my rotation. I was taking a SOTD type picture and looked at the bottom of the brush to see how to spell Semogue and realized that...
  9. bbarton713

    It takes a village

    To hone a razor, at least for me. I had an awesome shave today with my Le Grelot razor. I've received a lot of help and advice from gents on this forum and I just wanted to encourage anyone that is having troubles to reach out to gents that have a great reputation on here for getting an edge...
  10. bbarton713

    A bad idea.

    Pushing out your bottom lip area with your tongue as you're putting the blade to that area. Nice little straight line cut that was shallow but bled forever.
  11. bbarton713

    Can we get some order, please?

    Ok, I've been accumulating, I admit it. What I need to know in order for honing and stropping to make sense is how things fit and the order to use them. I have a single Jnat stone, Jyunsyou Koppa, a Swatzy barber's hone, a TM strop with linen, a balsa strop with Chromium .3 on one side and...
  12. bbarton713


    A new AD, bunches of questions. What is a JNAT and how much should I expect to spend?
  13. bbarton713

    New Nib!

    The 1.1 italic cursive nib finally is in stock at the Goulet Pen Company so I'm going to give it a try. I love the 1.5 but it is a bit wide for everyday use, for me, and so I'm hoping the 1.1 will give me the same look but not quite so much of it. And one other thing...the Ink Drop from the...
  14. bbarton713

    So...I got linen

    Where does linen fit into the stropping routine? Do you always do it before/after you use the razor or is it something that is done once-in-a-while?
  15. bbarton713

    Setting the bevel

    I'm more than happy to admit that I have no idea what that means. Does it mean at the most macro level that lapping films are not enough and that you have to invest in a rock of some sort to do bevel setting?
  16. bbarton713

    Grelot Fever

    If I decide I just HAVE to have one: 5/8 round tip hg, what is the average price to pay? That's if they make a model that matches what I said.
  17. bbarton713

    Received the Ultimate Frag PIF

    Rick (rickboone1) and I have been chatting and he asked me if I had tried some different fragrances or not. As a young man I wore what my dad had in the bathroom, Old Spice for daily wear and Canoe if I was going on a date. I went through a Brut phase in college and used that and Old Spice over...
  18. bbarton713

    Found at the antiques mall

    I stopped by the local antiques mall today and found this straight. I got it for $32.40, including tax, and think I got a good deal. Anyway, I cleaned it with a soft toothbrush, soap, and hot water. I'm thinking I need to get some metal polish to really shine it up. I'm also going to try...
  19. bbarton713

    Paco Custom arrived!

    I purchased paco664's first custom that he's ever sold from his shop. It arrived today and I'd had to lie if I didn't say my hand shook a little with anticipation! In fact, I forgot all about the razor that I sent to him that he offered to hone for me at no charge (and it looks like he...
  20. bbarton713

    Brush Shampoo

    I really like washing my hair with a shampoo bar and figured that since it left my hair squeaky clean without any residue that I'd use it on my brushes. I can't believe the difference it made in how they look and they're all still drying. It cleaned out all the residue from the soaps and...
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