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  1. VintageBlades

    Mike's Natural soaps available at Vintage Blades LLC

    Thank you very much for the mention. We are very pleased to be able to offer these fine products. However, I do have to point out that you are incorrect about our pricing. There is no difference between the Vintage Blades pricing and either Mike's or Mathew's on their products. Now given...
  2. VintageBlades

    Morris & Forndran Blonde Badger

    Hey guys. I recently got the same picture from Lee, but candidly wasn't so sure how the multi-band "chubby/stubby style" brushes would go over. I am much more of an old school purist I guess. Anyway, I have an opportunity to stock these brushes sometime in the near future. So, the question...
  3. VintageBlades

    The Official Rooney Stubby XL 2 Band Discussion Thread

    Stayed tuned. Lol. No promises, but I am working on it. Before anyone asks...no, i cannot take pre-orders or hold a brush for you. Again, no promises. It is the holiday rush period over there but I am trying to get a few, key word "few" more made to arrive before year end. PS - Hope this...
  4. VintageBlades

    New Rooney XL: The sawed-off shotgun of the brush world?

    Ha! The 2Xl's are almost gone. We are down to four (4) as of the time of this post. I have asked Rooney to do another run for me. But those of you who follow my site know that it took me months to restock the Emillions. So, we will see. As to the 3XL's, candidly I made an posting error on...
  5. VintageBlades

    New Rooney XL: The sawed-off shotgun of the brush world?

    These brushes are a Vintage Blades exclusive, at least for now.
  6. VintageBlades

    How is a brush supposed to fit in a brush stand?

    Thank you for the kind words Dema. You should know that, with the exception of our acrylic drip stands, all of our brush and razor stands are designed to hold the shaving brush at what I call the "waist", or the narrowest part of the handle near the base when inverted. We will continue to list...
  7. VintageBlades

    US retailers willing to ship to Canada?

    To publicly state that because that we have decided not to ship outside the US means that Canadians don't matter I feel is being a bit harsh. This is a business. My goal, particularly in these times, is to stay in business. That is the best way that Vintage Blades can continue to serve its...
  8. VintageBlades

    Where can I get a Rooney Brush

    The 3/1 Ivory Supers are sitting in Louisville waiting for Fish and Wildlife clearance. They should be here on Monday at the latest.
  9. VintageBlades

    Rooney Brushes Now at Vintage Blades

    Yes, much to the dismay of our Canadian member, in early 2009 we stopped shipping to Canada. You now have a number of fine Canadian retailers that we not on the scene when we started our Canadian shipping program; and candidly we just were no longer getting sufficient volume from Canada to...
  10. VintageBlades

    Dovo shaving brushes

    That is my understanding.
  11. VintageBlades

    Rooney 3/2 Finest in Faux Horn

    Be forewarned, these guys from Texas need to be watched carefully at all times. :lol: However, they do have excellent taste in shaving brushes. :thumbup:
  12. VintageBlades

    Straight Razor Newbies

    Paul, Don't worry. Believe me, having to deal with you guys on a daily basis, I have very thick skin. :lol: My background, in addition to 30 years in the militarily (active and reserves) included a ten year stint involved in contract negotiations with the federal government. So, I am used...
  13. VintageBlades

    Dovo shaving brushes

    The handles are ok, but an odd shape that fit few standard brush and razor stands except where the handle and the knot meet. The brush knot is of a good grade of silvertip badger, fairly dense, with a knot size of 22mm, and a loft of 56mm. Overall though, the brush feels a bit floppy compared...
  14. VintageBlades

    Straight Razor Newbies

    Now, my feelings are really hurt. I'm taking my ball and going home.
  15. VintageBlades

    Straight Razor Newbies

    And now you make a great point. There is nothing that you have offered to those new to "the game" with which I find fault. I know all of us appreciate what you are doing on the Wiki front. Now if you would just be willing to let me forward some of the questions that Erin and I get on a daily...
  16. VintageBlades

    Straight Razor Newbies

    Just a counterpoint on your first strop purchase. Yes, I'm a vendor and want you to spend your money, but this perspective has nothing to do with profit margins. While I am in 100% agreement on the recommendation of the razor (see my website where I make recommendations), I feel the strop is...
  17. VintageBlades

    Rooney Finest Available Again!

    Just to clarify, the Rooney Finest grade is no longer available in new production brushes. Any brushes remaining in the supply chain are from lots produced in late 2007 or the very early part of 2008. Lee Sabini, the owner of Rooney, made the decision not to use a lesser grade of hair in...
  18. VintageBlades

    Rooney 3/2 Finest in Faux Horn

    Well, I did tell you it was a big Motha. Ha! Glad you like it. Enjoy!!!
  19. VintageBlades

    How is a brush supposed to fit in a brush stand?

    I feel your pain. As a vendor who has struggled with just this problem for years, this is why we are very careful to specify on our site specifically which of the brushes that we sell fit each stand. This particular stand is extremely limited as to what it will accommodate in both the brush...
  20. VintageBlades

    Rooney Woes

    Sorry. You need to deal with the vendor from whom you purchased the brush.
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