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Search results

  1. Slock

    Cold water splash to close the pores.

    How cold does the water have to be to close the pores after a shave? I live in Florida and the water isn't that cold coming out of the tap. Its summer now and its running about 78F, 25C. Its warm enough when I do water changes for the tropical fish tank I just run it straight out of the cold...
  2. Slock

    Danish PSA for wearing bicycle helmets is the best Viking movie in 63 years

  3. Slock

    Dad Joke

  4. Slock

    DE razor geometry. A system for measuring aggressive razors.

    I have been trying to wrap my head around DE razor geometry regarding aggressive and mild razors. I realize that there is a lot of emphasis on using blade gap to rate the aggressiveness or mildness of razors. Some razors even state their blade gap in the razors name. The razor lives in a three...
  5. Slock

    Need a new brush. How about one with a cork handle.

    Mantic59 has a review of this new brush from Pacific shaving Limited edition. The handle is cork it floats. They say cork is very water proof and anti- microbial. I like the handle. This is a synthetic brush. They wanted to make a brush that was sustainable. Asking $39.99 I'm mulling over if I...
  6. Slock

    Victorian Humor: Straight Blade Story

    I found this on Kristen Holt website. I guess this goes for humor back than. She has a lot of stuff about Victorian shaving. I even found an bay rum recipe from the 1880s. Victorian Humor: Straight Blade Story . Transcription of the little story from Chetopa Advance of Chetopa, Kansas on April...
  7. Slock

    Wild looking razor. What is it?

    I was looking at vintage razors on Etsy and stumbled across this wild looking razor. The site said it was an unusual 1920s Gillette old type ball end. I don't think its all Gillette. The plate says perfect patent pending. What is this razor used for?
  8. Slock

    Good Buy

    I recently purchased a Gillette new LC razor. I showed it to my wife, and she asked if it was used. I'm thinking she was going to criticize the razor. I said it was used and it was vintage from the 1930s. She looked at further and said, “Hey this is nice they don’t make things like this any more...
  9. Slock

    La Supérieure Dulci Tobacco Shave Cream By Wholly Kaw. I'm tempted.

    Wholly Kaw a well liked shave soap maker is debuting a shaving cream. Sharpoligist has a write up about it. I think a good point is made the producer of the UK shaving creams are all by one producer which pretty much uses the same formula with a tweak here and there for different companies...
  10. Slock

    Joe Namath sells Noxzema shave cream with a band razor?

    Joe Namath and Farrah Fawcett selling Noxzema shaving cream. Is that a band razor?
  11. Slock

    Shaving soap sample SAD

    I have discovered that it is also possible to get too much shaving soap samples. Of course, I bought the samples with the intention of finding a soap with a good scent and good performance and later buy a full container. Then I wait until I use some existing soap up. Then I pursue the shaving...
  12. Slock

    Gillette Bleue blades

    I received these blades with a Gillette slim adjustable I bought from a well known auction site. I don’t know anything about them. Are they good blades. Are they collectible? Or should I use them and enjoy them? Thanks for the info.
  13. Slock

    Fine Santal Absolut Substitute

    I recently discovered the Fine Santal Absolut . It is my favorite aftershave. I just learned it is discontinued. What would a good substitute for Santal Absolut be?
  14. Slock

    Newbie product assessment.

    This is my take on the products I’ve used so far. I started shaving with a DE about a month ago. Preshave: I have only used the American shaving company preshave oil so far. I know some think this isn’t really necessary, but I think it helps a little bit. It has argan and Jojoba oil which I...
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