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  1. Bit2

    $100,000.00 razor

    I apologize if this has been posted earlier, but did anyone see this in the WSJ? I guess we won't see these on the B/S/T! JB
  2. Bit2

    Bull Mastiff Atra

    My new Bull Mastiff Atra!! Bob, at BRW, does an excellent job. I sent him an aluminum handled Atra and he used his ingenuity and talent to make me the first BULL MASTIFF ATRA!! Shaves great! I'll be shaving left handed for a month or so because of getting my hand casted. I am having...
  3. Bit2

    Happy "Pils" Birthday to me!

    Just received my stainless Pils for my birthday on the 23rd. First shave will be Friday AM. What a nice heavy razor. JB
  4. Bit2

    Synthetic Shave Brush $8.00

    If anyone is interested L'OCCITANE has their synthetic travel brushes on sale. Regular price is $40 US now on sale for $8.00. John
  5. Bit2

    Bit2's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Username: Bit2 What is your real name? John What are your nicknames/aliases? JB or Bit2 Where do you live? Ohio, USA What is your age (or) generation? End of the Baby Boomers What are you in the real world? Civil Servant. Customer Service...
  6. Bit2

    Almost a year, My Shave Den & Storage

    I have been at B&B almost one year and I wanted to post pics of my shave den & storage system: First the pics of my razor and brush rotational storage system. Starting on the top shelf (both shelves are made from cedar tie racks) from Left to right: My home made brush, Rudy Vey are the...
  7. Bit2

    Wall Street Journal article....

    Now the Wall Street Journal has an article on DE shaving Here There is a video on the WSJ home page as well. Guess our hobby is hitting main stream. First Mantic59, then Money Magazine now the WSJ. John
  8. Bit2

    Thank you!

    I asked for the blade review section to be alphabetized and a few days later, BANG, it was done!! Thanks to all involved. Phil, mistakenly called Jim, I will honor my word and renew a contribution by weeks end. Thanks B&B!! John B. GOLD contribution made!
  9. Bit2

    Razor Blade Review Section...

    Why is it that the only section that is NOT alphabetized In the REVIEWS are the Razor Blades? Frustrating indeed when looking up different blades. I had PM'ed a MOD last fall and the reply was that it would get done. Any news on this front? Anybody else frustrated with that? John
  10. Bit2


    A friend of mine is going to India for a week or two for work in June. Anything I should look at him bringing back to the states?, Shaving wise that is! I am not sure what is available for DE & SE shaving. John
  11. Bit2


    It does not get much praise but I had a 2 day beard growth and thought I'd give the GEM Single Edge Razor a try once more. My technique has improved and I picked up a couple new 10 packs of GEM stainless steel blades at Walgreen's. WOW, A BBS shave. It did take about three passes but it was...
  12. Bit2

    My brush attempt

    I have been working on some restore brushes and two made from scratch. Here are the two made from scratch. I know some of you will hate the hook idea, but as my photos show it does not interfere with it's use and I hang my brushes to dry after each cleaning. The stubby is made from...
  13. Bit2

    New Cooncatbob Razors

    Fellow Members, Cooncatbob has come out with his new Black Anodized Aluminum Bull Mastiff Razors. I ended up buying one Black Anodized Aluminum Bull Mastiff Razor in XL and one Traditional Bull Mastiff Razor in XL. Below is the New Black Anodized Aluminum Bull Mastiff Razor in XL with...
  14. Bit2

    Gillette ID Please.. So I don't have to bother Asylumguido with this one.

    What am I.. And this IS getting re-plated. I am debating on what to re-plate this in Gold, Rhodium, or Nickel High.....Your opinions on which metal to re-plate it in would be appreciated!...... I.E. WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE?
  15. Bit2

    Make your own shave soap

    Has anyone here, besides the vendors, tried to make their own shave soap? The wife and I are going to give it a shot in the next few weeks and see how it turns out. Nothing ventured nothing gained. If nothing else, it should be an interesting experiment. I will keep this post updated as...
  16. Bit2

    Questions about refinishing a Ever-Ready Brush...

    I bought an Ever-Ready brush off the bay for $8.04 shipped. It looks like a beater of a brushand I won't know until I see it it. I was thinking of refinishing/restoring the handle and replacing the knot with a good badger hair. My questions: 1) Should I take care sanding not to eliminate the...
  17. Bit2

    Newbie Check in

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am not "new" to DE shaving. My first shave back in '79 was with a DE Gillette. I now wish I would have taken that from my father at the time. Since then, I have been using the multi-blades and getting inferior shaves and neck rashes. I am tired of the high...
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