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  1. PGrevie

    Northern CA and SF Bay Area

    Is there anyone within driving distance of Sacramento or the SF Bay area interested in a meetup? We can figure out a central location depending on who is interested. Feel free to chime in or PM with locations, suggestions, etc.
  2. PGrevie

    Raspberry Pi

    Has anyone ever played around with a Raspberry Pi computer? I got one a while back to tinker with. I'm learning a little bit as I go. I have it set up to run Retropie for old games. I found some old DOS games I used to play as a kid and added an emulator to run them. I would be interested to...
  3. PGrevie

    My Gift Exchange Contribution

    My wife's extended family has a gift exchanged at Christmas where everyone picks a gift from the pile in turn or steals from someone else. I decided to make part of my gift this year. It turned out great. My photo skills are a bit lacking. Below the pen and case is a journal. The cover is...
  4. PGrevie

    Noodler Charlie

    I bought a bottle of Noodler Heart of Darkness ink that came with a free pen. The pen that was included is called the Charlie. I really like this pen. It's a cheap pen and has some scratchiness, but for some reason I just like it. The problem is that it tended to leak a drop of ink...
  5. PGrevie

    Summer Sausage First Attempt - Success

    I made some summer sausage for the first time. It was kind of a last minute decision, so I just used what I had in the freezer. The seasoning I used is called "Backwoods Jalapeno Summer Sausage". I made a 5 pound batch using 2 pounds pork loin and 2 pounds of beef chuck. I trimmed off all of...
  6. PGrevie

    Wismec Theorem

    I ordered and received a Wismec Theorem atomizer earlier this week. I'm really enjoying it so far. The airflow is unbelievable. One of my complaints about most atomizers is the lack of airflow. On the Theorem I have the dual flow insert in, but I have it closed down to about 75%. I wasn't a...
  7. PGrevie

    Board Game Suggestions

    I recently got a couple of guys together to play some board games. We are going to try to meet up every couple of weeks pending spousal approval. I'm looking for board game suggestions as I'm kind of new to them. We played a game called Dixit, which everyone loved. We also played King of...
  8. PGrevie

    Lost Wedding Ring

    I lost my wedding ring sometime after Thanksgiving dinner. I got up Friday evening to go to work and my ring wasn't with my watch. I usually take it off and leave it on my dresser. My wife and I looked all over the house to no avail. I got home from work and continued the search. I got an...
  9. PGrevie

    Does anyone have a specific flavor for the holidays?

    After a couple months off, I brought out my vaping stuff and also bought a new box mod and addy. I immediately went to my previous ADV and have been using it exclusively. Today I switched it up and went with Smooth Vanilla by Mac Sauce. This stuff reminds me of sugar cookies. It got me...
  10. PGrevie

    Honey Nut Cereal flavored Juice

    I got a bottle of juice as a free sample from Vista Vapors. I only paid $1.99 for shipping as part of a promo I saw on a vaping blog. There were a handful of flavors to choose from, so I got adventurous and chose the Honey Nut Cereal flavor. I figured I would try something out of the ordinary...
  11. PGrevie

    No more cigs for me

    I've been using a vaporizer for almost a year now. I started with an ego setup that my cousin sent me. Shortly later I added a mini Protank 3 and extra evod battery to my arsenal. A buddy of mine gave me an Evod Twist battery not too long ago. The original tank cracked soon after I got it...
  12. PGrevie

    Mini Pro-tank 3 leaking

    Has anyone had problems with the mini pro-tank 3 leaking. It seams to be leaking from the coil. I had a problem with it leaking bad before I found out the store sold me the wrong coils. With the correct coils it still leaks a bit. Has anyone else had this problem?
  13. PGrevie

    Heine's Blend Question

    I have an old tin of Heine's Blend tobacco that was my grandfather's. There are also some old pipes (kaywoodie, medico and yello-bole). The stamp on the lid is from August 1954. There is still some tobacco in the tin. I know practically nothing about smoking a pipe. I'm thinking about...
  14. PGrevie

    Vintage Boker American Line

    I stopped by an antique store today and picked up a razor. The guy told me he could do better on the price. My jaw almost dropped when he told me the new price. For $20 I couldn't resist. The scales split in half at the wedge. The razor has seen better days, but I'm happy. At least until I...
  15. PGrevie

    Looking for someone to hone

    I have 6 straights and would like to get some of them honed. Four of them just need to be honed. One of the other ones has a slight frown to it. The sixth one has an uneven edge that I may try to work on myself. I want to try rescaling it also. I've tried honing two of them myself and have...
  16. PGrevie

    First honed edge

    I honed my first straight today from start to finish. Killed the edge on ceramic tile. I honed through a progression of lapping film that I received from isi07734 in a generous PIF. Progressed about 50 laps each of 15, 12, 9, 5 and 3 micron films laid on top of my Cnat stone. I did 10 laps on 1...
  17. PGrevie

    Getting Started Honing

    I took another step towards being able to hone my own razors today. I have an inexpensive Cnat stone that I picked up from Woodcraft. I have been trying to hone blades on it using a Tomonagura (I hope I'm using the correct term). I have been able to hone two of my razors to almost shave...
  18. PGrevie

    My first "new" straight

    I received my first new straight in the mail today. I haven't been able to find much about the razor yet. Unless it's a really good fake, it is NOS and doesn't show any signs of ever being honed. I picked it up on the bay for $22.50 including shipping. This brings my total of straights to 5...
  19. PGrevie

    Third Straight Shave

    I had my third full shave with a straight today. I have done partial shaves several times in the past. I have only shaved three full shaves with a straight; twice last week and once today. I got a haircut today; haircut day shaves are my favorite. I went a little outside the norm with my...
  20. PGrevie

    First Shaving Brush

    I made my first shaving brush today. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but I'm still happy. It still needs a little bit more finish sanding and a CA finish. The knot is a 20mm badger and still needs to be set. The finish should bring out the wood colors better and show the contrast...
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