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Search results

  1. W_B_K

    Straight razor shave... nothing else like it!

    I just love the way my face feels afterwards, like it got a massage! :thumbup1: I was reflecting on this a bit last night after shaving. My first straight razor shave was in 2005 at a barber shop (best shave I had up to that point!) but for some crazy reason I did not start using them until a...
  2. W_B_K


  3. W_B_K

    Ouch, don't shave like this!

    I was watching "Resistance" with my wife last night and got a chuckle out of this. The guy is shaving with the blade 90 degrees to his face. Needless to say I don't this this was a sharp razor! :thumbup1:
  4. W_B_K

    Allen Edmonds "Chester"

    Hey folks... anyone else out there with a pair of Chesters and what is your opinion? I have had this pair for some time now and it is about due for a heel replacement. Overall I have been slightly disappointed with this model. Compared with the other AE shoes I have/had, the finish on this...
  5. W_B_K

    My incredible shrinking... feet!!

    Has anyone else's feet shrunk through the years? I always thought they would get a little bigger if anything? :huh: 20 years ago I wore a 12.5 to 13. 10 years ago it was 11.5 go 12. Couple of years ago I started having to buy 11 which now is feeling a bit loose. Went and got measured and sure...
  6. W_B_K

    Aww crap... layoff notice!

    Just got a 30 day notice this morning... wasn't expecting this one! :blink: Not sure how they will function with only one IT guy as he usually only handles the phone system and doesn't know much else. But since I'm a contractor and not an employee, I get the boot! Just wish it wasn't around...
  7. W_B_K

    LaToja AS is some good stuff!

    Finally got around to trying some as I picked up a bottle on the BST. It has been a long time since I have had razor burn but I suspect if I did manage to give myself some, this would be an excellent splash for it. My skin already felt great after shaving with Cella, but this took it to another...
  8. W_B_K

    What should I do with this?

    Picked this up a little while ago. So far I have established it is old. :001_rolle How old, I don't know, but I am guessing 1870ish. I am torn between doing a full restore of both the razor and case/strop or just cleaning it up a bit and honing it. The blade is in good shape with just heavy...
  9. W_B_K

    Still usable?

    I picked up this straight but it has more hone wear on the spine than I figured it would have. The blade is a bit under 5/8 at its widest. I'd like to make it into a 4/8 to match a 4/8 round point I have. Anyway, is the hone wear on the spine going to present a problem when honing? It has...
  10. W_B_K

    Wade and Butcher's "Blank for Concaving"

    Got this "late model" W&B from a local antique shop. Anyone know the story behind them? Were they wedges that were reground? Were they actually sold as blanks and ground elsewhere? It is more hollow than the W&B Celebrated Hollow Ground and W&B Bow that I have; this one actually sings.
  11. W_B_K

    Belgian Razor Hone

    I haven't really gotten into honing as I haven't needed to. I've only had to do minor touch ups using my Chinese 12k. I also have an old red barber hone which I suspect is aluminum oxide or something of that nature but haven't used it. So my question is, what do I have here in this photo? Which...
  12. W_B_K

    Finally got my "Greenie"

    Been searching for a green handled brush for a while but I always seem to end up missing them. Really wanted a Drake, but came across this Simms on the BST recently. I think I like it a bit better than the Drake even :001_smile. The top on this thing was HUGE! After a some minor surgery and a...
  13. W_B_K

    Tekto... wha?

    Next up for a restore (pretty good looker I think!), but not sure what brand this is... any guesses if that is an R or P? I'm betting TEKTOP, but wondering if anyone else has one of these and knows for sure...
  14. W_B_K

    eBay starshavingsupplies strop...

    Has anyone bought/used any of these strops? I searched on the forum but haven't see anything. It's nothing fancy, but for the price I was thinking of picking one up to try out, mainly for the felt component: Click Here.
  15. W_B_K

    Brush ID help...

    Any ideas? This was my grandfather's brush. I am not sure if he purchased it in the US. It may have been purchased in Brazil, or even possibly in Austria. The top is wood, the bottom I'm not sure about. Maybe plastic? Even if you have an idea as to vintage, that would help. :001_smile
  16. W_B_K

    Caribbean West Indies Bay Rum

    The menthol one... where to get it? The only place I saw was classicshaving but now it says "item you are looking for no longer exists". EDIT: Nevermind... looks like it's back!
  17. W_B_K

    Teach them young... teach them well

    I like weekends! :thumbup1: Weekdays are so busy that it is usually around 11pm before I get a chance to shower/shave. On weekends, I sometimes get the time to shave in the afternoon with my straights, but most importantly my little guy (almost 3 now) gets to watch! :001_smile He picked out GFT...
  18. W_B_K

    Well, I hated to do it, but...

    ...had to give this little stinker a haircut. It was a NOS Ever-Ready with a boar knot but for the life of me I could not get it de-funked. Tried everything and while the smell got a little better, it never went away to a tolerable level.... I couldn't even place what it smelled like. Not normal...
  19. W_B_K

    Plating in black nickel

    Anybody know someone who does it? I'd like to get a razor plated with it.
  20. W_B_K

    The "infamous" GEM MicroMatic OC....

    Picked one up a little bit back as I wanted to see if its reputation for being a bloody razor was justified, or at least in my case (the whole YMMV thing). That is probably what most people are expecting to see :laugh: However, I am happy to report that is not the case. But please read...
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