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  1. Slash McCoy

    Anybody Tried Taconic Injector Blades? Any Good?

    I saw these on fleabay and I was wondering how these stack up against the Chinese Schick blades. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Taconic-Shave-Injector-Razor-Blades-60-Count-Compatible-with-Schick-Pal-More/352949520541?hash=item522d6e489d:g:qaEAAOSwGqFfqbKI
  2. Slash McCoy

    Heel Repair Video

    This was discussed over on SRP and I thought I would throw a quick vid together to illustrate this method of fixing a heel prior to honing. It will take about 3/16" or your edge out of play, but will make honing of most razors a lot easier. Template is a nickel. Feel free to use a different...
  3. Slash McCoy

    Cheapie Oriental Razor Shootout!

    I have decided to put my money where my mouth is. Or isn't. Most of us here are familiar with the Gold Dollar's pros and cons from actually using them. To me, the worst characteristic of the brand is that the bevel angle is too wide. Then ZY430+ came out, with an even fatter bevel angle. Not too...
  4. Slash McCoy

    Tis The Season To Be PIFfing! Tra la la la la............

    I made a few strops not long ago and I just now happened to notice that one has a small but very noticeable dent in it where something in the closet where I had them hanging, poked into it. Shouldn't affect the stropping, though, and most beginners will soon have far worse damage on their first...
  5. Slash McCoy

    DIY Microscopes

    I sometimes find a USB microscope very useful, though actually more for demonstrating stuff online than strictly for honing, where my loupe or magnifying glass and a bright light are handier. If I didn't have my Belomo though, I would probably use one of my microscopes a lot more. Some guys just...
  6. Slash McCoy

    Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact: Any OWNERS here?

    https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/springfield-armory-xd-mod2-sub-compact-semi-auto-pistol Thinking about getting one because for all it's faults, I miss my ParaOrdnance P-10 subcompact doublestack .45. I really don't have a practical summertime CCL gun at the moment. All the online reviews look...
  7. Slash McCoy

    The AK-47: So Simple, Even a Monkey Can Operate It!

    No, I couldn't post this in the Guns forum, because it is supposed to be, "A place to discuss the responsible use, care and storage of legal firearms and accessories."
  8. Slash McCoy

    NanoLapTech.com Still in Business?

    Has anybody been in contact with this guy? I have emailed twice with no response and I liked his prices and product last time I ordered film from him a few years ago.
  9. Slash McCoy

    Calling All Titan Experts

    I just got two of these from the GD factory, no markings, and my contact there refuses to divulge the steel alloy or a model number. They look an awful lot like Titan, to me. @rbscebu hope you see this. The scales and spacer are dreadfully heavy. The razor tips the scales at 3.3oz. A GD66...
  10. Slash McCoy

    Anybody Here Ever Made Camel Bone Scales from Scratch? Well, from Camel Bones, anyway.

    I am interested in cutting up camel leg and shoulder blade bones into razor scales. Anybody here doing that? Looking particularly for answers from someone who has actually cut these bones up into scales already. I am pretty sure the leg bones will have a large pithy core but I am thinking I...
  11. Slash McCoy

    WTB: Gold Monkey 666

    Looking for a Gold Monkey 666. Unhoned would be nice, but it's not a dealbreaker. Anybody got one?
  12. Slash McCoy

    Gold Monkey Brand Origins, Back Story?

    Okay, so we all know that Gold Monkey razors are made by Gold Dollar in their Ningbo factory. I was interested in the backstory of the brand. I even reached out to the company with a list of questions and they only replied that "Golden Monkey is also our brand". The scales are imprinted with...
  13. Slash McCoy

    PIF: Used GD66, Sanitized and Re-Honed

    This Gold Dollar 66 was returned to me by someone who just didn't catch on to how to use it. Damaged goods? You decide. It has been re-honed to Method standards and sanitized in genuine Barbicide. This PIF is open to straight razor newbies who: 1. already own a usable strop and can post a pic...
  14. Slash McCoy

    The Pull Stroke Explained

    I am a serious proponent of adding "Pull Strokes" to a honing progression and especially to the finish stage. I am often asked what that means, and sometimes it is obvious that someone doesn't catch the meaning at all. So let me explain here. In normal honing or stropping, the razor is stroked...
  15. Slash McCoy

    Review: Gold Dollar Model 92

    I was looking at Gold Dollar on AliBaba and ran across this razor, one that I had not yet seen. It looked like a step in the right direction, design-wise, from their other models. What I was forgetting was that first of all, nobody at the factory actually knows anything about razors, and...
  16. Slash McCoy

    Feather Black Label vs Feather Yellow Label? Any Difference?

    I was just wondering if there is actually any difference between the original (black) and new (yellow) Feather Hi Stainless DE blades.
  17. Slash McCoy

    Master Shifu Must Have a Sense of Humor

    So I ordered a few W59 from China. Pulled out the first one to hone it. Hmmmm... kinda sharp already. So I went straight to the .5u diamond balsa. Getting nowhere. Sharpie test... ink is completely intact at the edge. Treetops a little, but no hone contact at the apex! Master Shifu must have put...
  18. Slash McCoy

    What's for Dinner at Your House?

    Fresh baked bread, red top meat loaf, home brewed amber ale. Sammitch time!
  19. Slash McCoy

    Review: Kai Non-Folding Disposable

    Not so long ago I was looking for something at the Fendrihan site and ran across this for $4.50 https://www.fendrihan.com/collections/japanese-kamisori-straight-razors/products/kai-disposable-straight-razor-5-pack I had already shaved a few years ago with a knockoff of this throwaway that...
  20. Slash McCoy

    PIF: Gold Dollar 66, Stock/Unmodified, Shave Ready, Cracked Scale

    Up for grabs is this unmodified GD66, Method honed. One scale is cracked at the pivot but is so far still holding together. First time I have ever seen a GD66 scale crack. They are ugly but tough. This PIF is open to established straight shavers and also newbies with at least 20 posts on the...
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