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  1. media

    What Shaving gear have you “Stocked up on”?

    I used to stock up on creams and stuff I liked and had a huge hoard, but I switched to a beard for like 7 years and all of it just kind of collected dust under my sink during that time. The creams and aftershaves turned and went bad for the most part. I would trim with a DE, but I only needed...
  2. media

    Several vintage Gillettes, FB, Slim, SS, Tech plus more

    pm incoming on the krona
  3. media

    FSOT Red Tips, 40's Super speeds, New Standard and more

    Funds sent for last red tip, pleasure doing business
  4. media

    How important is having a container top for your shave soap or grated shave stick?

    I've burned through many pucks in my old spice mug which does not have a lid. I haven't noticed anything off whatsoever in the couple years I've used it.
  5. media

    Anyone use just one?

    For the past year I only used a Super Adjustable, Red Personnas, Semogue 1305, C&E Sandalwood Soap, and either Old Spice or Bay Rum. Recently changed it up and got a Slim Adjustable and restored an ever-ready brush with a nice grade A silvertip knot. Going to change it up and use AOS Lavendar...
  6. media

    Your favorite part of the shaving process?

    Aftershave. It will be your first impression the rest of the morning.
  7. media

    Most overrated shaving product.

    Scuttles are definitely overrated. As is adding your own glycerin/making uberlather. All you'll get from either are odd looks from your significant other. Not to mention, the 3+ pass shave is highly overrated. 2 is all that is needed. It's shaving your face people, newbies take this stuff...
  8. media

    Goodbye Trumpers

    I always thought the TOBS scents smelled pretty cheap. I got a Trumper sampler and it didn't really drive it home for me either. I have been exclusively a soap guy for the past year. I recently have come back to creams all due to an Art of Shaving sample. That seems to be the best, easily...
  9. media

    Old Spice Talc

    Does anyone know if they stopped making the Indian Old Spice talc? I cant seem to find it anywhere anymore. Thanks! Nick
  10. media

    What Lavender cream should i try next?

    I was in Sephora with my wife and asked for a sample of the AOS Lavender Cream. They gave me enough for about 5 shaves and the stuff worked great. Sold me on buying a jar and bought a new grade A silvertip knot from TGN to restore a brush I have to use with the cream. I've been an exclusively...
  11. media

    What do you do when you don't have time for your usual DE or Straight shave?

    after you've been using a DE for a while, you can get it done in 5-10 minutes as usual. It doesn't have to be a massive ritual.
  12. media

    Brian Eno fans out there?

    HUGE Eno fan. I collect vinyl and try to grab anything with his name on it. My favorite album of his is "Before and After Science", my favorite album he produced is Talking Heads "Fear of Music". I really like the first couple Roxy Music albums also, but Bryan Ferry is such a douche. Phil...
  13. media

    Mama bears xfer to new container ... Mill or melt

    I melted some of her Aged Spice into a Old Spice Mug that I use every day. It didn't lose any scent.
  14. media

    Shave soap discovery

    Regular soap works well sometimes. I've been known to use Dove in a pinch. never had any cuts or anything.
  15. media

    shaving soap vs. shaving cream

    To me, it's all the same in the end except that soap lasts longer. Either one takes me 30 seconds to face lather. It doesnt really make a difference, but soap is more bang for your buck.
  16. media

    Corking ?

    Yeah, that's what people mean by corking. I wouldnt say it's at all necessary. It dulls the blade as well as smoothing it. So if the blades arent working initially, just switch brands. I dont understand why people do this, it's overkill.
  17. media

    Self lather soap...?

    Were those pics taken in the Applebee's bathroom?
  18. media

    My Guess... 3017

    I've only been using a bowl of C&E Sandalwood for the past 4 months, shaving every two days, and I am just now hitting the half way mark. I was expecting more progress :mad3: This thing cant make it 8 months, can it? I've sold all my soap except The C&E Sandalwood, Cade, Palmolive Sticks...
  19. media

    Monsavon – Bol à Raser

    I've come to the conclusion that monsavon kind of sucks. I never get a slick lather from it. It's like 1 euro in france, you kind of get what you pay for. Not worth the $10-20 to get it here in the states. I liked it when I was a newbie for some reason, I just hadnt used anything worse at...
  20. media

    Snurdle or not?

    When I hear the word snurdle I see red and then completely black out. When I awake, everyone around me has a black eye.
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