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  1. lancre

    Astra SP PIF

    A 100 blade sleeve of Astra SP blades drop-shipped from Maggard. Closing date is next Wednesday, May 19. To qualify, say "I'm in!" and give me a winning idea for an anniversary gift later this month for my OL. It's a milestone anniversary, so suggestions of flowers, candy or jewelry do not...
  2. lancre

    For every blade there is a razor.....

    But why are they all made in England? For most of the last week, I've been shaving with one of the original (Black box) Rockwell blades in a #58 Gillette. No drama, effortless DFS+ Merkur blades seem to love an English Aristocrat Jr. I may have to dig around for a VDH blade to try in my...
  3. lancre

    Back in August I Kicked a Twig down the road...

    OK, I ordered a Twig razor on Kickstarter. It just arrived, and I threw in a Derby Premium to try it out. I liked it pretty well. My usual 3-pass + buffing routine gave me a BBS- . Not as idiot proof as my OneBlade Hybrid, but close. What I liked: Easy to load Very...
  4. lancre

    Schick Repeating Razor issues

    I just received a Schick Repeating Razor from the large auction site. I bid assuming that it needed a good cleaning and that the finish was less than stellar, but that it was in good working order. When I unpacked it, it was open, and I tried to close it. The slide moved easily for maybe...
  5. lancre

    What did I do wrong?

    Somehow I went through Black Friday and Cyber Monday without a single shave related purchase. I must be sick or something.
  6. lancre

    Satinex 2000 Blade rePIF

    Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive a sleeve of 200 Satinex 2000 blades from @Space_Cadet. 200 blades go a L O N G way. Since they don't seem to be widely available over here, I'd like to send ten blades each to ten B&B members. To keep mailing costs down, rather than send them in...
  7. lancre

    I don't want to say anything, but....

    This wouldn't give me a good feeling about these blades.... https://www.walmart.com/ip/Wilkinson-Sword-Double-Edge-Razor-Blades-10-ct-Pack-of-1-Curad-Bandages-8-Ct/609384402
  8. lancre

    Stainless or carbon steel?

    Does anyone here know what these blades are made from? I recently acquired a Schick Eversharp injector razor and some blades to go with it. I was seriously underwhelmed by the performance, and I wonder what the blades are made of. Vintage stainless steel blades are usually fine, but carbon...
  9. lancre

    Reluctant MMOC in the wild

    Here's a question for the brain trust here: Today I ran across a MicroMatic Open Comb for $10.00. Cosmetically, it looked good. Mechanically, I'm not so sure. When I twisted the TTO knob, it went maybe a full turn and then stopped. I could flip the top up with a fingernail, so it would be...
  10. lancre


    I just received a Rooney brush handle re-knotted with a Golden Nib best badge knot. It's a nice brush, and I'll be using it tomorrow to help celebrate Imatabor's 51st birthday. But I got to thinking: (no jokes about smoke detectors going off, please) What should I call it? I always...
  11. lancre

    Durham Domino shavette from the wild...

    Are shaving blades available for this razor? I know half of a DE blade doesn't work. Googling doesn't find anything except tourist info and pizza.
  12. lancre

    July PIF

    With july 4th behind us, and as I approach my 1K message in this forum, I'd like to offer a PIF. PIF to consist of a Single Ring clone (German?), a 200N nylon Rubberset shave brush, a tube of C.O. Bigelow shave cream and a tuck of Parker blades. You are responsible for any cleaning needed. To...
  13. lancre

    A Taxing PIF

    Well, it's that time of year again. Taxes. :cursing: Micro Touch 1 razor AOS starter/travel pure badger brush C. O. Bigelow Cream 5 Astra SP blades PIF ends at midnight on Saturday, April 14. Just say "I'm in". No other requirements, although I'd love to hear of any IRS horror stories...
  14. lancre

    Polar BEar PIF

    We're coming up (Feb. 11) on our annual Polar Bear Plunge to support the Special Olympics, which seemed like a good excuse to run a PIF. Up for grabs is a vinyl travel set. It includes a 1970 Ball End Tech (P4), a tube of Colgate brushless shaving cream, a toothbrush, and a few DE blades. I...
  15. lancre

    January PIF

    PIF includes brass shaving stand with matching brush, Trac II handle and a tube of C. O. Bigelow. The handle was pretty bent when I got it. I straightened it enough that it can mount a Trac II cartridge, but didn't try to get it perfect. This PIF will run until January 13. Shortly after that...
  16. lancre

    New R41 Head

    Mail call included a Muhle R41 head from Maggards. Now I have to decide what handle to try it out on. I've got an Ikon 90mm, a Merkur 23C, Maggard MR5, MR8, and MR11, and a long, heavy generic barber pole to choose from. Suggestions, anyone?
  17. lancre

    Does Maggard source their 2-band badgers from Semogue?

    There's a definite family resemblance.
  18. lancre

    Bent Fatboy

    This week, I found a 1961 Fatboy (G1) with display case for $10.00 in a local antique shop. The case cleaned up nicely. The razor, after I finished cleaning it, looked like it had been dropped and was a little bent (See pictures). I'm posting the pictures here for advice. Just for the...
  19. lancre

    I just had to try the legend

    Having heard so much about them, I just had to try the legendary Graham-Fields Prep blade. Thanks to Jaidmaster for the PIF. Day 1: Gillette Slim Adjustable (1963 I1), Pacific Shaving Natural Cream, Semogue 830 My first impression is that it's not a very good blade, but nowhere as bad as...
  20. lancre

    What about this razor?

    I just acquired an unusual razor. It just says "Mond" on the underside of the baseplate, and on the case. It does not say Rotbart or Extra anywhere, no markings or engraving on the shaft of the handle. Instead, it looks like a ringer for the Gillette 1917 Old Type 460-B shown on Mr.-Razor...
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