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  1. SpaceCadet1

    Aqua Velva Musk

    Picked up a 3.5 oz bottle yesterday at the drug store. Love it possibly more than Ice Blue! Another after shave added to the collection. I'm really starting to stockpile, but I love 'em all!
  2. SpaceCadet1

    From DE to

    I received my first straight razor today--a "Spike" vintage. I ordered it as a "sight unseen" mystery straight from Larry at Whipped Dog, and it came shave ready. Looked all shiny, sharp and ready to go. I lathered up some Tabac and got down to business. I had about 2 days growth on my face...
  3. SpaceCadet1

    Preferred brand or line of khaki pants

    Hi all, I'm looking for a decent but affordable line of khaki pants for work (business casual). I end up buying about 4-5 pairs every year or so. I got IZOD last time. These tend to fray at the bottoms in the front where the pants are rubbing up against boot laces all day, and at department...
  4. SpaceCadet1

    Thinking about taking the plunge

    Thinking about ordering a Whipped Dog 'sight unseen', a strop, and a 1/4 set of Norton stones for honing (all items from the Whipped Dog site). Good starter kit? Anything lacking? Anything that should be substituted out? I'm patient, and I have DE's to use if I mess something up and have to...
  5. SpaceCadet1

    Noodler's Polar Blue

  6. SpaceCadet1

    DIY Liquid

    I got tired of buying 30ml bottles for $16 and up at the local B&M, so I took the DIY plunge. Starter kit: 1L VG .5 L PG 125 ml of 100mg/ml nicotine solution in a 75/25 pg/vg ratio TFA Flavors 30 or 15 ml each: Orange Cream, Strawberry, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Island Punch, Dragon fruit...
  7. SpaceCadet1

    What works for me (DE)

    I have been pretty inactive on the boards lately in part that I feel I finally found my 'groove'. My desire to experiment and try new products has declined greatly. I figured I would stop by and say 'thank you' to the community for all the helpful information and answers and share what I...
  8. SpaceCadet1

    Razor Heft/Adding Weight to Gillette NEW

    Hi friends, I have noticed that I can bring extra life out to my blades if I put them into my Red Tip Super Speed. Less skip and jump on those tough patches of whiskers, presumably due to the heft. For example, I had an easier time shaving with a Red Tip SS (blade on shave 8, 65 grams) than a...
  9. SpaceCadet1

    Replacing Sump Pump Today

    This was not a very fun project. At least I got to it before another heavy rain and basement flooding. The previous owners had some kind of pint sized battery backed pump which wasn't working any longer. It didn't sit on the bottom of the pit once I got the new sump pump installed... so I had...
  10. SpaceCadet1

    First Try with an Old Type

    I recently bought an old type ball end for a reasonable price. I took out the black Gillette blade it was loaded with, which was complete with rust and brittle hair, and I gave this razor the once over with some hot water, dish soap, and a soft bristled tooth brush. I was skeptical at first...
  11. SpaceCadet1

    Veg has arrived

    My wife stopped home on her lunch hour and found the package with Lilac Vegetal. Her initial response seemed mixed. :laugh: Not all bad, but not good either. Her thoughts: "It smells specifically like my grandparent's blue bathroom. Just like old timey bathroom cleaner, old man smell, and...
  12. SpaceCadet1

    Accidentally got aftershave on the cat

    My cat was crying inconsolably while I was in the bathroom, as he often does in the mornings and after work in the afternoons. I picked him up after putting on some Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue. He nuzzled up against my face a few times, which I didn't even think about it at the time (usually I...
  13. SpaceCadet1

    What to get next?

    I enjoy using these, but what should I try next? Looking for a different experience. Maybe something adjustable or aggressive? Maybe I'll ask my wife to get me something fancy this winter. Any recommendations? What are your favorites? Josh
  14. SpaceCadet1

    Manual vs Automatic

    I have a theory that a lot of people at B&B have or have an interest in driving vehicles with a manual transmission. Manual vs automatic transmissions seem analogous to DE/straight vs cart or electric shaving. Just an idea. If this has been discussed before, I apologize. I was having...
  15. SpaceCadet1

    Wife's first DE shave on legs

    I convinced my wife to try out my 40's Super Speed for leg shaving. After her shower, I worked up some lather for her and showed her how to handle the razor. The shave went very well; no nicks or irritation, and she got a pretty smooth result (for just one pass). Her only complaint is that...
  16. SpaceCadet1

    Hello (new user)

    Hi, new user here. Josh, 31 Male Now that the Iowa winter's over, I decided to shave again. My wife got me a best badger brush and some shave soap for Xmas. I finally decided that cartridge shaving was not for me. The price is high, and the results were so-so. I found some mantic videos...
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