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  1. Bit2

    Medical Prep Personna

  2. Bit2

    Medical Prep Personna

    I'm still using these Personna medical-prep blades from Robbins. Great shaves and last the week for me. They are still my go to blade. Bit2 PS. I can send a sample or two if needed. Send a PM.
  3. Bit2

    What are you listening to?

    Once in a while a modern song is actually pretty good. Bit2
  4. Bit2

    Above the Tie - Above the Crowd

    I am looking into the stainless steel open comb. Unlike most, I haven't bought a new razor in years! My last 3piece was a set from the late craftsman Cooncatbob, RIP. God I miss his talent. Anyways, I have saved my pennies and the cost is not an issue. I am just debating on buying just the...
  5. Bit2

    Shaving in the Summertime

    I use menthol year round. Mama bears and the Shave Den, menthol lime, menthol lemon, menthol peppermint, plus Mama Bears has their awakenings version. I get soap from Mama Bears and creams from The Shave Den. I love Super Lather! Bit2:001_cool:
  6. Bit2

    Can I switch to DE after 25 years with an electric? One man's dilemma

    Welcome to the wonderful world of wet shaving !:thumbup: Ask questions and you'll get solutions, opinions, and some arguments i.e. DE vs. SE etc learn from Mantic59, his videos got most of us hooked. His technique on soaps, lather, prep is very important. I have mainly been a wet shaver and...
  7. Bit2

    You choose which se to use

    I voted for 1912 as well but would say it has to be Damaskeene!! Bit2
  8. Bit2

    Brush (See Post #4012)

    Received mine.
  9. Bit2

    Brush (See Post #4012)

    Why thanks, I was wondering when I would get them. USPS? Bit2
  10. Bit2

    Brush (See Post #4012)

    I just ordered mine. Figured I should since I bought the prototypes in the Sue Moore Auction. it gives me a unique set. Bit2
  11. Bit2

    How To Break In A Brush & Get The Funk Out

    Looks like I won two prototype brushes in the Sue Moore Auction so once again, I will get my chance to get the funky smell out using Ambrose's proven method.:thumbup: Bit2
  12. Bit2

    B&B Essentials Brush: The Prototypes Lot# 66

    I bid $100.00 US Bit2
  13. Bit2

    Robert Smith CooncatBob of Bob's Razor Works

    My condolences to Bob's family. I will miss Bob and his expert craftsmanship. I have several handles and a special brush made by Bob. He made handles for my DE razors, my SE Damaskeene, and he made me a custom Atra razor with Bull Mastiff handle. His work was, is impeccable. Fair Winds and...
  14. Bit2

    What cartridge razor would you use if you couldn't use a safety razor?

    How were the Schick blades for the TracII/Atra? The ones I sent you? Bit2
  15. Bit2

    Any updates to the PILS rust issues?

    I have had mine for almost 17 months and no issues yet!
  16. Bit2

    Four months in, found my favorite razor - and am surprised. Should I be? Comments?

    Congrats on what's you think is your favorite razor/blade combination. When a year passes and your technique gets better (using multiple shave angles, better prep, watching more mantic59 videos) go back and try the razors you dismissed. You will be pleasantly surprised. I also have a heavy...
  17. Bit2

    Auto strop razor

    Please not Lawrence Welk.:yikes: I wonder if his estate gets anything from all those reruns. Tom is right, that is way too high but you can haggle for a lower price. But if you had to look up Lawrence Welk, you may need to look up haggling as well. Auto-strops work great with Feather SE...
  18. Bit2

    Is PILS a Stainless Russian Ikar?

    It looks similar. Just like the Yugo resembled a car.:laugh:
  19. Bit2

    Does Alcohol=Barbicide?

    Actually, Sally Beauty Supply sells it locally and online in the US as well as other barber sites. Since it is mixed with water and not used straight the cost is minimal. If you spend enough and you need to order it online, free shipping is possible. I generally shop locally. One ounce makes...
  20. Bit2

    Got me a Damaskeene

    Used it today with the Feather SE blade in the GEM stem. SMOOOOOOOOOOTH!!
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