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  1. totorlekiller

    Splendid razor, honing nightmare

    So I got this custom razor in France over the Christmas break. It is massive and beautifully crafted in Damascus steel wrapped in Ebony scales. First disappointment came when I tried to shave with it. It was supposed to be shave-ready (just strop it). I stropped it, a lot and it did not shave...
  2. totorlekiller

    FS CV Heljestrand MK 10 thumbnotch

    I have a few too many razors and I think this one would get more love in another house. The MK 10 is similar in size to the iconic MK 32, but has a thicker grind (about 1/4 hollow). The width of the blade of this one is 1.8cm. Scales are the original black plastic ones and are in pristine...
  3. totorlekiller

    Back in the U.S.S.R.

    @powwowdancer recently posted is shave on the SOTD thread asking for others experience with Russian steel. Here is mine. A Trud Vacha. Not a looker. I got it to provide and adequate shave, but not one that I am looking forward to in my rotation. It felt even harsher than a French razor made of...
  4. totorlekiller

    Le Grelot 14 at long last

    I got this mint Le Grelot #14 "Alesia" about 2 years ago and did not bother to hone it as I found its original white plastic scales very inappropriate for such a blade. Tonight I finally addressed the situation and rescaled it in walnut Next step honing
  5. totorlekiller

    Friedr Herder in Horn

    I was going to keep this one with the original scales, but they were plain white plastic. What changed my mind was that at closer inspection, it was obvious the plastic showed some sign of aging discoloration. Also, it turned out the cursive capital F that was on each side, did not seem that...
  6. totorlekiller

    Synthetic Rhino horn

    Apparently some startup duplicated the DNA of Rhino horn to produce it on demand. http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/21/tech/pembient-rhino-horns-mci/ It does not seem to be available commercially yet, but would be neat for scales. Especially since they are talking about 3D-printing it. Someone...
  7. totorlekiller

    About ivory sources

    The other day, Arne (Polarbeard) mentioned something about Swedish razors that got me thinking. He said that Swedish maker favored function over look and thus the style of their razors are very minimalist. However, my experience hunting for blades tells me that the razors from Eskilstuna seem...
  8. totorlekiller

    The Sweeney Todd challenge

    So I dug up the Sweeney Todd I had bought last year and got working on it. Some obvious observation: that thing was not designed to be honed. The geometry of the blade is weird and more importantly the spine is about 1/2 the width it should be. So just putting a few layers of tape won't cut it...
  9. totorlekiller

    Exotic French find

    Of the P Hospital Brands (Le Grelot), some are pretty common, others seem to have vanished. One that had previously eluded me was Ninus. I finally track one down, and it turns out it is a #14, and with wrought spine.
  10. totorlekiller

    Imperia la Roccia

    I had my first shave with a razor finished on an Imperia La Roccia and here are some observation. First the honing, so far I have only tried to use the stone with no slurry and as a finisher, either after a Shapton 12K or a Shapton 16K. That particular stone was sold as 12-15K and that does not...
  11. totorlekiller

    It turns out it is not broken

    I was wondering who would sell a razor like that as new, until I realized it was not meant to shave.
  12. totorlekiller

    I figured out a rotation strategy

    I finally cleared a second hidden shelf in my closet to put my razors on. This way I can take razors from one shelf and then store them on the other one after shaving. This will ease the rotation strategy. With my single hidden shelf, there were many mornings when I gave up looking for the razor...
  13. totorlekiller

    Shout out for the Post Office

    So a while back (over 6 months ago) I bought this Opinel from a French Antique shop and it never came. I wrote it off a long time ago. Well, never until today. It was dropped in my mailbox in a protective zip-lock back and the content is mostly intact. It looks like the post office is not...
  14. totorlekiller

    So about those points

    Discussing with a fellow member the other day, we noticed that most French are round point. However, I do have a few that are French point, which one would be a reasonable assumption to make. Some old wedges or near wedge and some old Thiers Issard, like this Gnome here Now, I have never...
  15. totorlekiller

    Humbling failure

    I am traveling this week and took with me a set of Japanese razors I just received thinking I'll have time to hone at night. I took a minimalist honing kit with me: a small dmt 600, a ruby (3000), a jade (10000), and an agate (15000). Whenever I got a bevel on the Dmt it broke when I moved up. I...
  16. totorlekiller

    Lapping an Obsidian

    In the spirit of experimentation I got a few more random stones to try them out as hone. So far, my best luck have been with Agate and Jade. Synthetic ruby has been working great too. For Onyx, I am still working out the impact of impurity. Anyway, I found a large flat black obsidian. Well...
  17. totorlekiller

    A non-scientific poll

    So cartridge is 60%, electric 22%, DE/SE 12%, Straight is a tad under 1%. Not sure what other (4%) is in this case. To be noted, the 1% that still go see a barber
  18. totorlekiller

    Kamisori honing

    I just received a folding japanese razor that has a Kamisori style blade. Is there some special precautions to take or is it basically like having a hollow ground on one side and a wedge on the other?
  19. totorlekiller

    Serendipitous Quasi Robbery

    So a guy I met at an antique store gave me a rendez-vous today near the train station to offer me 2 razors. The guy never showed up. But nearby was an open market. One guy was selling a very Kabrand for way too much, but nearby a young lady with a Chihuahua had a different loot. The 3 14 are a...
  20. totorlekiller

    Best Brand razor - I give up

    So I bought one of these, figuring it was cheap enough (about $20) for an experiment. Since it is all stainless steel, I figured if it honed up nice, it would be a good razor to travel with as 1/ it would not rust in proximity to a moist toothbrush, 2/ if the bags get lost or TSA confiscate it...
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