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  1. VintageBlades

    An Important Anniversary has Passed Unnoticed

    On October 10th, my dear friend Sara Bonnyman, known for her Moss Scuttle among other things, celebrated 35 years of pot making in the quiet little community of Tatamaqouche, Nova Scotia. Due to an unfortunate pressing family matter, I was unable to travel north to help celebrate this event...
  2. VintageBlades

    The Plissons Are Here

    OMG are they beautiful. As soon as Erin and I get the day's order picked and packed, I will start on some pictures for the site. I just don't know if I can do them justice. I also don't know if I can overcome the temptation to keep about a dozen of them for myself. OMG. I know. I already said...
  3. VintageBlades

    Rooney Finest

    Much to our surprise, we were able to come up with a few more two-banded Rooney Finest brushes just in time for Father's Day. We have a good supply of 1/2's in Ebony and Horn, 2/1's in Ivory, and 3/1's in Horn. If you particularly like your Rooneys with big knots and tall lofts, you will love...
  4. VintageBlades

    Plisson Now at Vintage Blades

    Plisson Shaving Brushes Are Now At Vintage Blades We are pleased to announce that Vintage Blades is now a source for one of the most recognized names in shaving brushes, Plisson. Our range of brushes will include not only those with their luxurious High Mountain White and European White...
  5. VintageBlades

    New Rooney "Specials" Just In - New Colors - Pure & Super

    As you may know, we have had a special line of brushes created for Vintage Blades by R.A. Rooney for our safety razor and straight razor sets. We call these our Rooney "Specials". These brushes are Rooney Style 3 Size 1 (Small) brushes that are different from normal production brushes only in...
  6. VintageBlades

    Shavemac Silvertip Brushes 39% to 44% Off

    Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a Shavemac Silvertip brush at an unbelievably low price during our Inventory Reduction Sale. All brushes are being sold at discounts ranging from 39% to 44%. This sale is limited to quantities on hand. The sale is scheduled to run...
  7. VintageBlades

    New Limited Edition DE's

    We are pleased to announce that we have received the first shipment of our Limited Edition DE's with beautiful hand turned handles. They include the following: o The 34C in Amboyna wood o The 34C in Quartz and Gold o The 34G in Amboyna wood o The 37C in Amboyna wood o The 37G in Amboyna...
  8. VintageBlades

    Last Days of Our Spring Sale - Many Items 25% Off

    This is the last weekend of our Hurry Up Spring Sale. Yes, I know that Spring is officially here, but you would never know it by the weather here in Maryland. Anyway, Erin and I hope that you will take advantage of the many savings opportunities that we have listed on the site. As a reminder...
  9. VintageBlades

    D.R. Harris Pink and Milk on Sale

    As part of our Hurry Up Spring Sale, we have special pricing on the 150ml sizes of the D.R. Harris Pink After Shave and the After Shaving Milk. Also, during this sale all order of $100.00 or more receive free shipping.
  10. VintageBlades

    Hurry Up Spring Sale - Shavemac Brushes Plus

    Our "Hurry Up Spring Sale" starts today with a number of Shavemac Silvertip brushes reduced 20 to 25% off our regular prices. Also on sale is our well reviewed Vintage Blades Brand Triple-Milled Shaving Soap, available in both the 100g. refill and in a beautiful wood bowl. These items can be...
  11. VintageBlades

    Discontinuing Shipping to Canada

    It is with regret that I announce that as of March 1st we will discontinue our service to Canada. With the decline in Canadian sales due to the increasing availability of online retailers with similar product lines, as well as the increased cost and administrative burden associated with fewer...
  12. VintageBlades

    A New Variation of the Emillion Has Arrived ... and other Rooney goodies!!

    It has taken us quite a while for us to deliver on your request, however I am delighted to announce that I have just taken delivery of a limited supply of a larger version of the Rooney Heritage Beehive. The specifics are: Overall brush height: 102mm Handle height: 50mm Brush Loft: 52mm...
  13. VintageBlades

    We're Celebrating Erin's Birthday - FREE SHIPPING for Order's of $100 or More

    Well, it's the lovely Erin's birthday. And here she is ...... So, starting with all orders received after midnight tonight, the threshold for FREE SHIPPING will be lowered to orders of $100.00 or more. This offer applies only to shipping via UPS Ground Service. It will apply to both the US...
  14. VintageBlades

    English Fern Shaving Soap Now in Stock

    Several of you had written to ask about the availability of Penhaligon's English Fern Shaving Soap. Well, we have finally been able to obtain a good supply of the 100g./3.5oz. refills and should have same in their wonderful wooden bowls in a day or so. Other items, like the talc and aftershave...
  15. VintageBlades

    Penhaligon's Now at Vintage Blades

    I am pleased to announce the availability of the complete line of men’s fragrances and shaving products from Penhaligon’s at Vintage Blades. A few items are still due in, but all the colognes and EDT’s are now in stock. You may view our current offering from Penhaligon’s at the following link...
  16. VintageBlades

    Feather Artist Club Razors Now at Vintage Blades

    I am pleased to announce that Vintage Blades now offers the Feather “Artist Club Series” razors. Our initial stock includes the “RG” model in Solid Brass and the “DX” model in solid 316 Stainless Steel, as well as the Pro-Guard, Professional, and Professional-Super blades. These products may be...
  17. VintageBlades

    The Gentlemens Refinery Now at Vintage Blades

    Vintage Blades is pleased to announce the availability of the complete men’s grooming product line from The Gentlemens Refinery. Founded by Perry Gastis, former Master Barber for the Art of Shaving and most recently Executive Barber for Truefitt & Hill (NA), the product line is formulated with...
  18. VintageBlades

    40% Off All Floris Products

    After having enjoyed our relationship with Floris of London for several years, we have just been informed that their new US distributor will no longer ship to us due to our lack of a “brick and mortar” establishment. Accordingly, our remaining inventory of Floris products is being sold off at...
  19. VintageBlades

    DMT Dia-Sharp 8" Diamond Stones Now at Vintage Blades

    I'm pleased to announced that I have expanded my offering of sharpening stones to include the 8" Dia-Sharp line from DMT, including the popular D8EE - Extra Extra Fine - 8000 Grit. So with the Norton Waterstones, my 6"x2" & 8"x3" Belgians, and now the 8" DMT diamond stones, I think I am going to...
  20. VintageBlades

    More Rooney Heritage Emillions Have Arrived

    Well almost - they are still sitting in Louisville waiting for the law enforcement branch of US Fish & Wildlife to give their stamp of approval. However, I am giving you a "heads up" on their arrival. I will change my store this afternoon to reflect them as being in stock for those of you who...
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