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  1. ironfisted

    Need help to ID a brush

    I made my first in the wild score today. After hitting several antique shops in the city, I found one who actually had some shaving gear. His prices were outrageous (user grade Techs for $50) but among his brushes I found one interesting piece that I was able to talk him down on. It's a vintage...
  2. ironfisted

    Cherries - Give me some ideas

    Well folks I have two cherry trees in the backyard and it looks like they will be putting out a substantial crop this year. Since A) there will be more than we can eat and B) one of the trees is showing very blemished cherries that my family won't touch, I'm looking for something to do with...
  3. ironfisted

    Why Acqua di Parma?

    I have a tub of AdP that has been sitting in my den for about a year now and every so often I dust it off and give it a lather. Generally, I forget that it's even there, as it doesn't excite me the way that many of my other soaps and creams do. I'm a fragrance junkie, but while I very much enjoy...
  4. ironfisted

    Fusion Cartridge Deal on Teambuy.ca

    Yes, I realize that it's practically sacrilege to promote the multi-bladed monstrosities, but for the benefit of our members who do enjoy wet shaving with a cartridge, especially my brother head shavers, this is a very good deal. Teambuy.ca just posted an offer on Fusion 8 packs for $16 and 16...
  5. ironfisted

    Well.ca 10% off plus Burt's Bee's 15% off

    Just a heads up to the Canucks out there....well.ca is running a 15% off special on Burt's Bee's products, and I've been sitting on the fence humming and hawing, because I just wasn't sure how badly I wanted to try out the BB shave cream. Well they just did an email blast today that gives 10%...
  6. ironfisted

    Noble Shaving - anyone tried them?

    I recently came across Noble Shaving on ebay but I can't find any info on them (other than their website). I'm wondering if anyone has tried their brushes. I really want to get a badger brush but I'm on a limited budget and I'm wary of the Chinese product. Any feedback is appreciated.
  7. ironfisted

    Mystic Water appreciation PIF - Part II

    Well it's been a couple of weeks since I received my wonderful PIF from Cochese2323 and I want to spread the love and PIF the remaining samples of Mystic Water on to the next lucky individual. I received the following: Bay Rum Cedar & Sage Lily of the Valley Marrakesh Prospect Creek I love the...
  8. ironfisted

    BCAD? Is there such a thing?

    I just stumbled across this barber chair on Kijiji. I was looking for a simple Barbicide jar, but now I want this. I guess it doesn't serve much purpose unless I can also afford a valet or a butler to shave me while I recline in it...
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